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My 86 year old father went into the AT&T and was convinced to purchase Direct TV. Not understanding the terms of the contract and not needing a new cable provider he signed up with them without understanding the contract or cost per month. Upon me learning of the cable change I called to terminate the contract. I spoke to Manger Jamie (who refused to give me his last name) (JB972V) to advised me that it was Direct TV's policy not to provide a refund or waive any of the cancellation fees - UNDER NO CIRMCUSTANCES. Jamie, says the technician should had advised them of the contract. After I fully explained the situation, I asked him if he had senior parents, he said no, or ever had a customer who was calling on behalf of their parents, he said no. He went on further to ask me why my father signed up. I explained again my dad is 86 and had NO knowledge of what he was doing. I am beyond disgusted with Direct TV - there lack of compassion and understanding is really beyond my comprehension. I will continue to fight this matter - I hope to hear from Direct TV


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    don't hold your breath waiting for direct tv / at&t to care or do anything
    they are only concerned about being paid and they will make sure they get every penny owed
    if your within 30 days ( may be 2 weeks as it varies ) than there is no fee in canceling any contract done
    I would file a complaint with the better business bureau

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