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Let me start with regardless of what your issue or complaint is if filed such as through Better Business Bureau this is the canned response:
Better Business Bureau,

Direct Express is a program of the U.S. Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service and therefore is outside the mission of the Better Business Bureau.

Cardholder satisfaction is important to us as evidenced by the program's 95% cardholder satisfaction rating. The cardholder may contact Direct Express directly by calling ###-###-#### and they will be happy to work with the cardholder to resolve their issue.

Please note that I have forwarded this complaint to Management at Direct Express to review and reach out to the cardholder to assist in resolving their issues.

***** ******** ******
Vice President
Corporate Quality Process Department
Comerica Incorporated

Good luck trying to find an address too…..thier fraud Dept is in San Antonio TX but cannot find info as to where exactly the rest of this organization operates out of…..?

In September of 2018 it was brought to my attention that someone had been misusing the direct express card of my disabled family member which is also the card that his SSA was deposited onto. This family member is disabled and was taken advantage of.
I called and spoke to a member of Direct Express Fraud Dept initially and explained what had been going on and that possibly more than $900 in unauthorized charges. The team member stated that he would send out a Fraud Questionnaire so that a claim could be started.
In the mean time I investigated the best I could regarding the charges in question…to include filing a police report with our local county Sherriff Office. In this time I found that $236.77 in charges were made to various online companies and were not the actions of the family member in question.
The initial provisional credit that was applied to his account was in the amount of $248.53 (I have no idea where this number came from?) then we received notice that a merchant refunded the charge too, which was only ethical to allow Direct express to also take back that amount from their credit $24.99.
The bigger problem is that there seems to have been more reversals that I cannot find any letters or correspondence to because the payee account address was not changed after the SSA appointed me as Payee…as also noted in the police report the mail of this family member had been intercepted on many accounts and he did not receive any mail or further communications.
I have made several attempts to contact Direct Express as outlined in the letters that I did get, in regards to this claim, and appeals. Attempts were even made to request help from my local SSA office in regards to communicating with Direct Express. I have had no luck and now there is an outstanding balance of $118.89. This does not make any sense to me and since none of the cust service agents on the phone will talk with me on this matter it makes it extremely difficult to assist.
In the current health state of this family member it is easy to see how he could have been taken advantage of and for them to even use his own address.
Direct Express states that they are affiliated with the US Treasury when in fact they are just another example of a lowest bidder for Government Contract. Their actions are sketchy at best. I had one cust service member even ask me for my SSN so that he could "add" it to the account….look I am all about helping a disabled person but I am not going to allow my SSN and credit be tied to this tom foolery.….and then have the Direct Express company come after me and ruin my credit. I called back a couple of weeks later to again try to address this issue after I had also had a meeting with my local SSA office. The first rep that answered sounded like she was overseas somewhere in a phone bank, very unprofessional setting, too loud, so I asked for a supervisor, this person spoke great English and was very nice at first, and made sure I knew that the phone call was being recorded…then again asked me for my SSN when I had all the other data she needed to verify my position….so I asked her directly that if I provided my SSN can she assure me that it WOULD NOT be used in credit reporting on this account that I am only the representative and not the credit holder….She blatantly stated that she could not confirm that. So another scam, especially on line or on the phone is that if you willingly provide your ssn than they can use it for many reasons and it is near to impossible to get it fixed…….
Direct Express is a very Squirrelly operation. I do not recommend anyone using them. Use a bank, or other credit card with proven securities and federally backed.

Please read all of the fine print that is associated with the card there are several various fees that they will also charge you with.

Mar 22, 2019
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      Jun 17, 2019

    i really hope this helps anyone having problems with comerica bank, us direct express. i am disabled on ssi i have had us direct express for about 8 years. and not by choice we were forced into it by ssi. not a month has gone by where money is take from my acct unauthorized. i have filed numerous disputes all ending in the merchants favor. long story short as of last month id had it. us direct express is under the management of comerica bank in texas but have the main branch in miniapolus. the state of texas banking oversees comerica banks policys and procedures. susan schmidt is the vice president at comerica bank in charge of any complaints regarding consumers. that said. i have filed a complaint with the BBB, the state of texas banking, comerica bank, the treasury dept, SSI, you cant complain to us direct express because youll never get a fax email, address, anything where you can send it. i am right now in the midst of an exhausting fight with comerica. but there is light at the end of the tunnel i just received a letter from the u.s. federal reserve who is now looking into my case. they have taken hundreds and hundreds of dollars from me and no accoutability. its worthy to note. comerica is now in a class action lawsuit filed last year for all the reasons i have written. and they were sued and lost in 2014 and had to pay over 145 million dollars for deceptive practices to consumers so i hope this info steers you in the right direction and dont give up its finally coming to light what comerica is doing to our ssi checks good luck

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