Dillard'stried returning a pair of shoes and would not allow me to return them


I was visiting my children in TN and my grandmother was possibly going to pass away. I went to the Chattanooga, TN Dillard's and bought a pair of shoes to wear to the funeral. I returned home to Florida from my visit and my grandmother passed away a few days later upon my return home. I changed my mind basically about the color of the shoes so I went to my local Dillard's here in Fort Walton Beach, FL to just exchange the shoes same brand but for a different color and a little different style. When I went to pay for my new shoes and return the other the sales rep looked at the bottom of the shoes I was returning. She stated she could not return the shoes because they had been worn. I did not wear the shoes except in the store trying them on. I explained that to the sales rep and she did call a manager to get her approval which she also denied the return. I explained that I bought them this way and never would have thought that I a customer would need to look at the bottom of a pair of shoes before I purchased them to see if they had been worn. Someone (Dillard's employee) in the Chattanooga store accepted the return from another customer that they should not have. So I am being punished because another customer returned worn shoes and the dullards employee excepted the return. And I came along and purchased them and now I am stuck with a pair of shoes that I will not wear. I am not sure which now bothers me more wearing a pair of shoes that someone else wore and I might get a foot fungus, athletes foot or who knows what and I am out the money for a mistake that a dullards employee made. I could maybe see some skepticism if I only wanted to return the shoes, but I bought another pair of shoes of the same brand just a different color and style. Also, while I was explaining this to the sales rep in the Florida store another sales rep at the next register in the shoe department told me I was fibbing. Well, that is just a nicer way of saying I was a liar and did not appreciate her comment at all. I am very aware of what kind of world we live in but believe it or not we are not all that and there are still some good people in the world. I was totally insulted and hurt. I am on a budget and I go to dullards because I can usually find something nice quickly. I follow the return policies and was in the time frame of being able to return the shoes and because of someone Else's mistake I am stuck and out of luck.
I also called the complaint department and Myra was nice on the phone and she gave me phone numbers of district managers that were no good.
Keith White [protected] - his phone is disconnected
Diane Hard - [protected] - Is a Chevy dealership

I called Myra back and explained the phone numbers were not valid and she gave me another name and phone number which was Donna Moye at [protected]. It was a automated system which none of the choices was what I needed. It sounded like another department store and not a district manager. But I pushed some buttons and left my name and number with someone I believe she said Heather Cart. Have not heard back yet.

So I called back to the complaint number [protected] and asked for the Corporate number. The number I was given [protected]. Also an automated system and it wanted me to provide a name of whom I want to speak with which I did not have a name so I stated "complaints" and its reply was that would be extension 5526. I got that voicemail with no name and also left a message. Have not heard back from anyone yet.

Now I am taking yet another route trying to get in touch with someone and went to the internet and found this website to submit a complaint.

So on top of my original complaint of wanting to return a pair of shoes that I should have not been sold to in the first place. I am not dealing with this frustrating situation of trying to talk to someone who can resolve my problem.

I would like someone to call me at [protected] and give me authorization to return the shoes due to a dullards employee mistake. I can also be reached by email [protected]

This has been an awful frustrating experience and again I would like for someone to contact me and have this resolved.


Karen Adams

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