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not usable complete set of dentures

I went to the Arlington Heights office located at 708 E, Rand Road #26, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 to have a...


I was overcharged at my last visit. They charged me $350 for services that my insurance says that I was only...


Gave dollars for all my crowns three teeth are not right lots of pain on the right side of my mouth .im coming inti the Oregon location for a evaluation. Al my dental work was don at the dental works in Elyria ohio by dr Welsh. I want this problem fixed and yes i will give you more money to fix your faults that dr will never touch my teeth again. I want this pain to stop. This is the worst service i ever had and it willbe fixed.

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    Binky Rabbit Mar 19, 2017

    A dental works dentist in Gastonia, NC did a root canal and a crown and it messed up my whole jaw and my bite was off and I was in so much pain for about 3 years. Had to get 5 root canals and another dentist to fix my bite, I didn't know what was wrong. Had to get an operation (root end resection ) they messed me up so bad. I told my root canal dr and my dentist and both said that when a crown is done it has to be right with your bite and if you grind your teeth at night then it's even worse. A miss aligned bite caused by the Dental works dentist on the crown and I grind my teeth at night caused me about 3 years of pain and several more root canals and crowns to fix Dental works screw up, Over $8, 000 spent. I have learned you get what you pay for, It was an absolute nightmare. I even thought about suicide and dental works didn't help me in the least after they screwed up my bite. Find a good dentist by word of mouth and stick with them.

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no free teeth cleaning as the website promises. false advertising. random people standing in on my appointment

I read online that there was free teeth whitening as long as your app was before 5/31/2016. Well mine was 5/26/2016 and was only informed that this was not offered when i arrived for my appointment. I did not appreciate the false advertising and really suggest that it is taken off the website as soon as possible or given an explanation as to why some offices offer it and some don't. Also there was a random woman standing in the door way to the exam room the whole visit. It was never explained who she was or why she was there. I felt very uncomfortable with her there and I understand that this was an invasion of my privacy. If I have to sign wavers to show my information than clearly this was an invading of my privacy. She should not have been there first, second she should not have stayed without my consent. I will be looking further into the latter end of my complaint. Did not appreciate feeling uncomfortable inside the room.

root canal damage & quote not honored

Went to dental works in knoxville, tn for root canal. Dentist stated that she would do procedure with crown...

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fraud to bank of america as of services completed

This Dental Practice made charges to the Bank of America with fraud statements and charges of service that...

sold me to collection agency

Just got off phone with the collection agency DentalWorks sold me to. I was there in December for my crown treatment. I paid my portion of the bill while they were supposed to claim the rest of the amount from my insurance company. They forgot to do that. I got a letter in April saying that I owe them over $600. I called them up and they admitted that its their mistake. They promised me that they will correct it soon and submit a claim to my insurance company.

They also requested me to ignore the bill. I did. After a month, I got a letter from a collection agency based in Ohio asking me to pay the amount over $600. They have my social, my home address, phone number and all the details. Dentalworks sold them all that information without talking to me or without looking into their own records. I built my credit history over decades. One bad tooth and all my effort has gone waste. Thank you Dentalworks! I am definitely not going there again.

billing service

Worst place to go for dental care. Wait times are minimum of 30 minutes. Absolutely worst place for billing...

wasted 1 1/2 hours of my time

I was scheduled at 12:00 noon, for a cleaning, xrays and exam. When I arrived, I was told that my name was not on the LIST for cleaning. They told me that there was an opening at 1:00pm, I said lets go ahead and take the xrays, when I was to go back for the exam, there was no room available, So I said that I would be back at 1:00 pm. When I arrived at 12:40 pm, they said that they would let them know that I was there. At about 1:20 pm I finally got up and asked if it would be much longer. They said they were cleaning the room. Another 10 min, had passed, when I got up again. By this time I had other places I had to be. They again said that they were cleaning the room. I am so angry I cannot stay. I rescheduled. I just hope this never happens again. Or I will choose another dentist to go to. I have been with Dental Works many years and have not had any complaints. What is wrong with this office????

rude condescending office manager

Have gone to the Dentalworks in Mentor Ohio since 2008. Have never had a problem and really liked my the woman that cleaned my teeth. All had ortho work done and braces at same facility. A few major complaints, first is the wait time for an appointment, normally sat 30-60 minutes before being seen for any dental visit. Then there is the constant reminder calls, hey I am an adult I don't need repeated reminders of an appt., they need a reminder I am coming so they don't overbook as they always do. The major issue is that they insist upon xrays that are not needed so they can bill the insurance company. The office manager there Sonia is a unprofessional, immature girl who should not be dealing with the public in any way. Trying to make money for the company and putting that before the care of patients is wrong. I was denied care because I refused to let them do xrays. I have had numerous and am a cancer survivor and choose no radiation to my head, my body my choice. The manager acted horrible to me and talked down to me, I am a grown woman not a child, she should be fired for her behavior. I let her know what she is and she threatened to call mall security. Its a shame that they have hired and employ such a person at this office. I do NOT recommend going to Dentalworks ever. Their policy is to make money, they couldn't care a bit about the person. They care nothing about their customers.

negligent doctors and incompetent assistants

I was in intense pain Dental Works advertised emergency service so I called them as soon as they opened at...

bait and switch

I purchased a coupon through for "Dental exam with X-rays, cleaning, and enrollment in 'Free...


I had been going to dental works for years, had a couple of partials made there, no problem. Then I had to have the rest of my upper teeth pulled and get dentures. No one ever explained to me what was involved as far as wearing dentures would be like. It has been a nightmare!!! Doc and her helpers were soooooo very rude to me. No "bedside manners" what-so-ever". Needless to say I got my money back for the god awful dentures they tried to push on me. I would not recommend any one to get their dentures there. Go to a real dentist that really knows what they are doing. Shame on you dental works!!!

negligent dentist

Dentist botched a root canal...grossly overfilled the root canal without informing me. Dentist also said that...

insurance fraud

My husband went there for partials and pulling teeth. They charged us and the insurance company. The...

no show

I use DentalWorks for my families dental and orthodontist needs. The orthodontist we see is only in on...

poorly run office!!!

This place has done nothing but cause me problems! They do NOT follow standard dental guidelines that...


I was a patient of the Charlotte, NC Eastway Dr office for several years due to the proximity to my...

price quotes raised for root canal

I went to Dentalworks for work on a broken tooth. I was charged over 300 dollars for a root canal Oct. 2010. I went back Feb. 2011 and it was supposed to be only 256 dollars and they said 518 dollars to start with, then they made like my tooth was deeply infected and I they would have to custom build a post before putting on the crown. The cost ended up being 537 dollars. I will not be returning for them to do anymore work on my teeth. They will cheat you out of your money and tell you one cost, then double it when you go for your appointment.

unprofessional service

To make a long story short one of my wisdom teeth was infected. I had a vacation planned in the next week or so. Dental Works of Garfield Hts Ohio urged me to have all four pulled! I listened as I am not a Dr and thought they knew what was best. They assured me I would be healed and ready for my vacation. Well, I went to my appointment and filled out some paperwork. The orthadontist was Japanese or Chinese not sure- and could not enunciate his English well at all so the assistant had to relay everything to me. Okay, fine I could deal with that. So they give me the gas and pull all four teeth out. One of them gave him trouble and he worked on it longer than the others. He cleaned me up and sent me out to the receptionist area where I had to try to talk and pay for the visit! Why wasnt this done before hand?? My head just got four giant teeth pulled out of it and the gas was still wearing off and my mouth was full of gauze and blood. How did they think I was supposed to communicate with anyone? So I pulled my credit card out and let them swipe it and signed some kind of form so I could get out of there as I could feel my face was swollen. I got out of the door and sat in my car for ten or twenty minutes. I was shakey and a bit out of it. They said I didnt need anyone to drive me. So I tried to pull it together and drove home. Now that I look back I probably should have called someone for a ride but then again I could not talk, only make noises! So a few days passed and everything seemed fine. Well, I get dry socket on the tooth that gave the Dr. trouble. Strangest pain. Extremely annoying too. I get antibiotics to clear it up and the pain was not gone nor was the prescription finished before I went on my vacation! Thanks! Still to this day I have problems with my ear on that side. I do not have a history of ear infections. I occasionally get shooting pains and it feels a bit heavy. Could that be nerve damage?? I dont know I am not a Dr. Maybe its just a coincidence? I still will never ever recommend anyone to go to Dental Works for anything! My experience was unprofessional and unsafe!