Denny'sair conditioning and work conditions

C Jul 17, 2019

I have a daughter in law that works at Denny's in Jeffersonville. Their air conditioning has been down for about 3 weeks. Last night there was no hot water to wash dishes. However the dish washer is broken so the lady has been washing by hand. Customers are complaining and the waitresses are suffering also. This is very unsanitary and the manager needs replaced. She even calls my daught-in-law fat and she has worked there over a year. Jessie Chambers is not fit to be a manager. She keeps changing my daugher-in-laws schedule. She did have Friday and Saturday off for ever. Now she is off Saturda and Monday. So next week she took her off 3 days. God knows what days this will be. This girl is a very good worker and is being treated so wrong. She never had a problem before. Hope someone makes things right for her or I'm going public with this situation. PLEASE!

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