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Delta Airlinesoverbooking

My husband and I had to take an Emergency Flight out to OK City and we had a layover in Tennessee on the way there which was no problems we got there go our tickets and waited for flight. On the way back to Las Vegas we had a layover in Salt Lake City Utah at there Airport... For 1 that Airport set up is wacked never in my entire life have I seen a disaster of an Airport., but anyway we get into the Airport go over to the Delta Airlines section to get our Tickets we purchsed prior to leaving on our flight to OK City. We walk up to the counter to get our tickets to the flight home and mind you this is around 9pm and we were both tired and just wanting to get home from a long trip. We get told " Im sorry Mr. and Mrs. Benitez we have over booked the flight and I can not give you your tickets yet until we have 4 people to willing take the next flight out tomorrow morning, would you both like to consider it and we will see what we can do to help you?" I was gonna rip her a new one but said no I just want to go home and could I please get our RESERVED tickets to Vegas. I [censor]ed all the time that they were trying to get 4 people to give up there tickets for tomorrow morning and we still didn't get our tickets until a little bit before they started boarding. So in conclusion if your flight is paid for and RESERVED online make sure you get there early enough and have proof that you have reservations and they havn't over booked your flight cause as of that insident my husband and i will NEVER EVER FLY DELTA AGAIN!

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