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Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop — defective product - horrible service


Please see below. I sent this letter to Dell head office several weeks ago and finally heard back from someone called Supriya Singh who is supposed to something called an 'Executive Support Resolver'. She was calling simply to let me know that I was out of luck as far as receiving any sort of re-imbursement for the hundreds of dollars (not to mention all the wasted hours) that I have spent because Dell sells defective equipment. She was not even particularily apologetic, I could tell she was reciting from a script as she answered most of my questions by saying and I quote, 'I'd rather not comment' or 'that's not in our standard procedure'.

I work in the IT department of a company employing over 400 people with two Canadian locations and one in California. We will NEVER buy from Dell again as a corporation and as most of the employees have heard my horror stories, they will NOT buy a Dell for personal use either.

Dell is absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with!


January 28, 2009

To whom it may concern:

In May 2008 we ordered a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop as a high school graduation gift for our daughter who has since gone away to university. It finally arrived in July and although it was late, we did not complain. She called home absolutely frantic on September 26, 2008 because her laptop had stopped working - she is in the first year of a Bachelor of Commerce program and most of her course material is online and she is required to write weekly quizzes online as well. Obviously all her essays and case studies must be professionally presented and can not be hand written!

She MUST have access to a working computer at all times!

She called the Dell service number and after navigating the voice mail found someone in technical support that had her run hours of diagnostics - she had to stop to go to class and then had to start the entire process over again when she could get back to her room. Finally the Dell person agreed that it was in fact a hard drive failure and told her to remove the hard drive so she could tell him where the unit was made. She is a seventeen year old girl in a dorm room - she does not have access to tools!!!

At this point she called home again and we agreed to drive the two hundred + miles (with gas prices over $1.00 per litre) to bring the laptop home so that I could deal with it.

I called Dell and went through the whole rigmarole again and because I had a screw driver I was able to remove the hard drive and report that it was made in Korea. This process took hours!

The technician said that he would send a replacement and I should have it in a few days. Several days later a new hard drive was delivered. I was stunned to see that is was made in the same place as the faulty one and even more stunned when I realized that the hard drive was completely empty and that I was going to have to spend hours re-installing all the software that we purchased (installed) with the laptop.

We then had to pay to have the laptop sent FedEx overnight as my daughter had already been without it for more than a week!

When she got it back she had to spend hours re-installing her own programs and files, re-registering her anti-virus, setting up her iTunes etc.

I had already decided that I would never buy anything from Dell again when she called yesterday (January 27, 2009) to say that once again her laptop would not start!

This time I left work immediately and drove the 200 miles (round trip) to her school to pick up the laptop. I called Dell as soon as I got home and spent two hours on the phone running repeated diagnostics until once again the technician conceded that it was in fact a hard drive failure!

He started to give me the spiel about sending a replacement hard drive and I demanded to speak to his supervisor. His supervisor tried to give me the same line and I told him that I wanted the laptop fixed properly and that I was not going to waste my time again.

Finally he admitted that there was a repair depot in Newmarket, Ontario (approximately 20 miles from our home) and my husband agreed to drive over to drop it off this morning. The round trip took over two hours as we are in the midst of severe winter snow storm.

Hopefully the repair depot will fix it properly and not just replace the hard drive again!

When we get it back we will once again have to send it back FedEx overnight and incur another $40.00 charge!!

Why should I have to incur cost because your product is defective?? When I asked the four different Dell employees that I have spoken to in the last 24 hours no one could give me an answer.

I called Dell customer service and spoke to one gentleman who said he could not help me and when I spoke to his supervisor and explained about the hours we have wasted and all the money we have spent because your product is defective he said “that’s too bad” and refused to reimburse us.

Do you actually consider that to be “Customer Service”????

I have never written a letter of complaint before but I have never experienced anything like this – trying to deal with Dell is frustrating beyond words!

I would like all costs we have incurred (approximately $250.00 Canadian to date) refunded. If we experience any more problems with this laptop I want the entire purchase price refunded and we will buy a laptop from someone other than Dell!!!


  • Bf
    Bfreeman Jun 12, 2014

    Dell should be ashamed of themselves for having produced and marketed such a poor computer system.

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  • Lu
    lulukiernan Dec 17, 2010

    oh my gosh, i thought it was just us!!!you spend hard earned cash on a name you should be able to trust and you end up with the most frustrating pile of tat on earth.i have to stop myself from smashing this thing up.we paid extra for customer support because they made it sound like we were getting accidental damage cover so we were even more disgusted at the total lack of after care.i will never buy dell again...ever!!

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  • Bl
    Blitz982 Jul 10, 2010

    I also had these problems with my dell inspiron 1525. My computer worked fine for about a year and then out of nowhere no warning computer wouldnt start. I called Dell and after hrs on the phone finally they figured out it was the hardrive. They sent me a new one and after installing it we found out it didnt even work. So now its been a couple of weeks and i still dont have a computer. Finally they sent me my third hardrive i already knew how to set it all up since ive done with with the last two hardrives. The hardrive lasted maybe 3 months and once again the hardrive. I called dell once again and again they sent me another hardrive. The same thing happened the computer worked for about 2 months then hardrive broke once again. I called dell to complain that this is like the 5th time ive been dealing with the hardrive but they told me they now couldnt help me cause im out of contract and had the nerve to say they were going to charge me for the call. I flipped out and they now said u can buy a hardrive for 60 dollars and then will help you install everything on the hardrive for another 65 dollars. I am now with out a computer, i lost over 2000 songs, schoolwork, songs and all my other files on my computer. I Will NEVER BUY A DELL AGAIN

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  • St
    Steven Richardson Jul 08, 2010

    I completely agree with you all in saying the dell inspiron 1525 is a piece of crap. i bought mine in november of 2008. it ran like a champ, i mean i was playing videogames and getting phenomenal FPS, it was amazing. Gradually, it began to slow down. in july of 2009 i knoticed a ratteling noise and the hard drive speeding up and making a whining noise. i dismissed this to over heating. i opened the labtop. which took a redicolus amount of time, and cleaned it thouroghly, i even went to the extent of useing a led light and tweasers to remove some trash that was in keyboard. in january of 2010 the mic jack on the computer suddely went unuseable and would not responde to any mic. As time went on the hard drive had more and more over heating spells. eventually, a few days ago, the hard drive had another overheating spell while it was just sitting there. i was not able to turn it of in time. it continued to increase in rpms until i heard the hard drive give and the labtop bluescreened. i have re installed the OS 2 times and all the drivers. this hard drive is toast. i want to know why when i can buy this hard drive from hitachi, i get a 3 year factory warrenty but since dell bought it i dont have this warrenty. shouldnt it be the same? i also have had the battery charging issue since august of 2009, it will sometimes charge and sometimes it wont. i am a pretty decent guy, i earn my money like the rest, why do i get shafted with this hunk of junk because dell is too sorry to build a computer that doesnt have a death wish. i WILL NEVER buy a dell ever again and i well everyone i can what a sorry company dell is, i would rather buy an acer than a dell at this point, and acers are known for frying themselves.

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  • Jo
    John Ryan Apr 17, 2010

    I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL PRODUCT. I bought Dell Inspiron 1525 laptops for my daughter and wife and between the two we have replaced SIX hard drives. I

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  • Sa
    saif123 Mar 27, 2010


    i am mr.saif

    i know very well about dell 1525 really is very bad quality from dell .

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  • Fr
    Frustrated79 Mar 19, 2010

    I purchased my Inspiron 1525 about a year and a half ago from Best Buy. I had no idea that Dell didn't acknowledge the Geek Squad and felt they were so inferior to their techs according to them. I bought the warranty from the Geek Squad and it was a good thing I did because the hardrive died within months apart from each other. By the time it happened a 3rd time, I got it fixed by Geek Squad and my warranty expired. Shortly after that my heat sink went and I called Dell, unaware that it was outsourced all the way in India and got transferred a million times until someone bothered to talk to me. I told them all my problems with the laptop, the hardrive failures, the heat sink issue and a few other problems. I asked if they could replace it completely with a new one because it was obviously defective and they refused. They told me to send it to them and they'd THOROUGHLY check the laptop for any problems. They said they'd repair it as good as new. They also said that the Geek Squad techs do not know what they're doing and that I should've went directly to them. I just did what was easier at the time assuming Dell supported the store that sells their product. Apparently, Dell has NO respect for them whatsoever. They were trying to blame the Geek Squad for my issues. I refuse to believe that was the case but I tried to cooperate. I was still under Dell's warranty so I figured it wouldn't hurt to do it. The only inconvenience was being without my laptop for what I thought would be 10-12 days. I sent it with a list of all the problems I was having for them to check but when I got it back like 2 days after I sent it, I knew they chose to ignore it. All they did was fix the heat sink but the other issues weren't corrected. They also sent it back damaged with missing screws and a crack on the corner. Before I sent it, they informed my warranty was expiring and if I called afterwards, I'd be charged $45 to even speak to them. That is ridiculous. I'd be charged to speak to someone just to ask them a question or something? It's obvious Dell can care less about their customers because their customer service is horrendous. I let it go because it was working okay and the screws and crack seemed minor. That was in November. It is now March and the heat sink they replaced is now acting up and my computer is overheating again. I was fed up and reported Dell to the BBB and am now waiting for a resolution. In the meantime, Dell called me to try and resolve it before the BBB did but it ended in a fight. Dell said first I wasn't covered under warranty but I proved I was by going on their website and bringing the date up. When I sent it in, I was covered. When that didn't work for them, they tried to blame the Geek Squad again and said they do not encourage their customers to use them even though the store sells their product. They said maybe the hardrive failures weren't the problem. I talked with the techs at Geek Squad, they knew what they were doing. Dell was trying to blame others for their defective product obviously. They do not stand behind their product and were rude about it. I wrote to Best Buy to inform them of what Dell thinks of them and said that if Dell doesn't recognize Geek Squad as an official repair center, they should not sell their warranty because Dell has issues with them apparently. It's horrendous to think a person pays a lot of money for a product and have the maufacterer play games like this. I researched and found that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with Dell and their products. It's a shame that as consumers we have to deal with this kind of stuff. I think everyone should think hard before buying from Dell. Maybe enough people will realize their products are substandard and get something more worthwhile like Mac or maybe even a Toshiba. Anything is better then Dell.

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  • Kr
    krisn Jan 21, 2010

    I bought my Inspirion from Dell in july 2008. 2 weeks after receiving it, & 2 calls to India, they finally figured that my hard drive was no good. After 2 weeks??? Thank God for Carbonite backup system.
    Now it is Jan 2010, & like the person above, I am now getting "corrupt disc" warnings which is a sign my hard drive is about to crash...again. Now I try to look into buying a hard drive for the 1525 & you cannot order them online at Dell. Are they that bad they stopped making them? And I don't want to call India again.
    I should have liostened to my friend when he said not to buy a Dell. Apple here I come!!

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  • Kr
    krisn Jan 21, 2010

    I bought my Inspirion July 2008. Within 2 weeks of receiving it, & 2 calls to India, they finally figured my hard drive was no good. After 2 weeks??? Thank God for Carbonite backup system.
    Now, just like is Jan 2010 & I am getting warnings of a "corrupt disc" half of my software won't work, and the computer keeps freezing up. (something it always does anyway) So now...I can't even order a hard drive from the Dell wbsite. Are they that bad they don't sell them anymore??? And I don't want to call India again.
    I should have listened to my friend when he said I would be sorry buying a Dell. Apple here I come!!!

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  • De
    Dellhatesme Jan 07, 2010

    I bought my dell inspiron 1525 over a year ago and had no problems with it... untill two days ago (january 5th 2010) when it started coming up with messages saying the hard drive is in danger of failure. Congratulations to me i am now the proud owner of a $1000 BRICK (700$ for the laptop + Monitor + tablet + Game controller etc)

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  • Dr
    Drea28 Jan 01, 2010

    I also made the mistake of purchasing an Inspiron 1525 laptop from Dell april 24th 2008. I also requested 3yrs extended warranty. I have phoned Dell several time with Battery Issues, mine would nevr charge properly, it would say charged 100% and as soon as I unplugged it it would say charged 90%, they told me that was normal and that my warrenty didn't cover the battery. So I basically just kept it plugged on since I could not return it because they said there was nothing wrong with it. Well Fast forward to May 2009, The computer was acting up and I couldn't use it. I was told that my machine was no longer under warranty and that there was nothing they could do to help me! So I was furious!! I told them that NO ONE had contacted me, they said it didn't matter. I asked if I could buy it again they said no it was too late! SO I had a friend who is a computer technician do a factory restore and it temporarily fixed my problem. Then in November of 2009 I started getting start-up messages saying that the computer did not recognize the adapter and tha the battery might not charge, I booted anyways and it worked again for a couple weeks, no since December 2009 the message displays everytime I turn on the computer, and my battery is almost dead from the boot process!! I phoned Dell and after being hung up on 5 times was told the only thing I could do was pay to ship it to them, they would put on a new motherboard for $450 + Taxes, then pay to have it shipped back to me, which would total more than I paid for the damn thing!!!
    I will Never buy from Dell again, the sell defective computers!!! And will do NOTHING to fix them!

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  • Bu
    bucompler Nov 23, 2009

    dell inspiron 1525 sucks caulk

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  • No
    No More! Jul 29, 2009

    I too purchased a Dell inspirion 1525 on December 14, 2008 and 8 months later it died! I sent it in for warranty repairs which they told me wasn't under the warranty because I had physically damamged the unit! They offered me the ability to purchase the complete care warranty coverage for 326.00 to get the computer repaired. I've since talked to 10 people from India none of which were supervisors which I had asked for and kept getting the 'run around'. This company does NOT back up their defective equipment with their warranty. The Limited warranty is suppose to cover hardware and labor for one year but their game is to say that the consumer damaged it which voids the warranty. It's a no win situation. The LCD screen and motherboard need replacing and the way I see it I would of had to chuck it off a cliff to completely damage the entire computer. My research after the fact has shown the I'm not alone with this issue. I wish that I'd done the research earlier but since I've had a desktop computer from Dell for 7 years now with no issues I figured that the laptops would be just as good. Goes to show that research pays off no matter what! DON'T BUY YOUR LAPTOPS FROM DELL!!!

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