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Defective product

I purchase $118 worth of cartridges for my business from Inkgrabber in September 2012. When I tried to use the cartridges on my Dell v305w printer none of them worked. They stated...

customer service

I had a horrible experience with Inkgrabber. I placed an order around 11 pm, but then found a better deal on that would also allow the ink to get to me faster. I cancelled my order within 20 minutes of placing it, but because there are no instructions on the website on how to cancel an order, I used their contact form and sent a message that way. They were closed, so I could not chat with them online, and I knew no one would answer the phone. I called the next afternoon to make sure they had cancelled my order, and I was told they'd already shipped my ink. They are now making me pay to return the ink even though I cancelled my order long before it was prepared for shipping. I was told they didn't get my email because they have so many to read through each day and they just hadn't gotten to it, and that I should have called. I then asked them to match Amazon's price, and was told they couldn't match it (even though I listened to an advertisement - MULTIPLE TIMES - while waiting to speak to a supervisor that said they matched advertised prices) because they only match ink companies and not private companies. If InkGrabber really wanted to keep my business, they would do the right thing - honor the fact that I sent the e-mail before they shipped the cartridges, and pay for the return shipping. Unfortunately, the customer service I received was poor, and I will not use this company again, even with the (typically) competitive prices. I'm sorry the money they'll save by refusing to pay the return shipping is worth losing me as a customer.


My origiinal order for refill cartidages was received, , , but was the wring size. Upon returning cartiages I enclosed the correct model # showing I needed MFC255 for my Brother...

Failure to fill cartridges they send with ink

I recently order two high yield replacement cartridges for my printer. I received the replacements and immediately inserted one of them into my computer. The printer reset then...


This company ignored my request to cancel an order for three days and then answered my email on the day it was shipped to say too late..they had shipped it FEDEX..LIE #1, , I called FEDEX with the tracking number to rerout the package back to inkgrabber THE DAY after they picked it up because inkgrabber told me the day be3fore that even though it was shipped " They did not have a tracking number yet ... LIE #2
On the day it was actually shipped, , , the day after they told me it was, , , my credit card was billed, , this now 4 days after I emailed and tried to call several times to cancel...
I told them in another email to turn the package around after they finally gave me the tracking number "They had just got " and they refused... SO I CALLED FEDEX and rerouted the package but I also found out they had shipped it the day before when they told me "No tracking number" because the package was now already departed from the local fedex terminal.. Fedex rerouted it back to inkgrabber anyway and gave me a confirmation number to prove it..
Inkgrabber let my money sit in their account "until their package was returnded", , and now SEVEN DAYS AFTER THEY RECEIVED IT BACK according to FEDEX ...I STILL DO NOT HAVE A REFUND FOR THIS REFUSED AND UNOPENED>>>NEVER DELIVERED TO ME >>>ORDER THEY CHARGED ME FOR !!!
I send them two more emails and get automated replys and their phone goes to Voice mail ALWAYS.. they never return calls.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ONLY SERVICE THEMSELVES AND LIE. LIE. LIE To Customers and give them the runaround !!!

  • Li
    lizanne1968 Oct 13, 2011

    hire a lawyer dont let this matter go unresolved they lied to you and they are playing stubborn...and they have stolen your money! this is theft!

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No action on non

I purchased a 5 pack of three black inks and two color cartridges from InkGrabber. I emailed them numerous times and the only response I got ("text book") was take out the cartridge, unplug the printer, wait 5 minutes and replace the cartridge. I emailed them back after doing what they said and never got an answer about returning the cartridges. I even told them my printer has an error message right on the screen saying that the ink cartridge was not recognized! The only thing there solution caused my IP address to change on my printer so that I had to re-install the printer on all computers (after going to Staples and buying a REAL ink cartridge). WARNING...if you have a Kodak printer it can't be fooled by these so called "compatible" cartridges. They are not compatible at all!

  • Jb
    jbfirebird Aug 07, 2011

    one problem with some printers is they wont recognize refilled or generic cartridges. this seems to be the issue you have run into

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bad products

after seeing the price of ink cartridges i searched the web for a cheaper product.Big mistake.I ordered from service was much slower then advertised but that is not my real complaint.After sending them an order for ink cartridges they finally arrived.When i tried to fit them in my copier they would not fit at all.I contacted them and a few days later they said they would look into it.Thats all i heard from them.Don't order from them or you to will get burned.

  • Gu
    GUY berado Mar 10, 2011

    I ordered some HP ink cartridges and I just put in the last 2 and they do not print the entire text. They give the impression that there is no ink in them. The print is distorted and cannot be read. I have no more HP 74 (black) cartridges which are the faulty ones. Yesterday I ordered 2 more HP 74's from you. Could you send me the 2 cartridges that were faulty in a rush order as I cannot print until I get them.
    Thank you,
    A loyal customer
    Guy Berado
    [email protected]

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I ordered two refilled inkjet cartridges from in February as I always keep a black and colored one on hand.Well, when I put the black cartridge in my printer a...