Del Tacoservice.

C Dec 08, 2018

8:00pm December 07, 2018.
I have been purchasing fast food, quite a bit of it at Del Taco, for the last 55 years. I have never been denied a request for food from any of these restaurants under the premise that, "If I sell you this I'll get in trouble." I was in the drive thru lane and ordered dinner for two. As I pulled up to the window I saw an advertising poster for one of your deserts. When I got to the window I asked the young man if he could add that dessert to the order as it looked good in the big picture in the window. I assume that is why you post them there. Good advertising and placement. It worked. However, when I asked for the dessert I was told this: "I'm sorry but we can't add food to your order. There is a line behind you (2 cars) . If you want to add something else you'll have to go around again. There is a timer on our orders and if we take too long we get in trouble." Wow. I doesn't take that much longer for me to drive to Taco Bell. I think that's where I'll be ordering from now on. Unbelievable to say the least. If that's the type of customer service you are training these kids to provide you are on the wrong track. I was insulted and will not be returning there.

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