Del Tacofood look spit on and bitten

I Nov 29, 2018 Review updated:

I was in line to get quest loaded nachos and was asked if it was raining outside and it had just started to rain . The guy then said what can I get for you. Something wasn't right when the lady that was cooking the meal came out to see me and made a comment saying is it for this old guy . I'm not that old I just have some gray .i noticed chips were bitten and wet with some kinda saliva or spit throught the chips as if if was rained on and luckily my plate fell in my car cuz it made it easier for me to notice that the chips looked like someone took a bite out of them and the chips look wet not like usual cheese but topped with saliva or something water like that didn't give me a safe vibe to want to eat it anymore . I decided to try it anyways and now I'll let you know if I get sick or not will be my next review because I have a bad feeling about this guy working the drive thru seemed kinda like he didn't like his job and when the lady cane out to give me the food personally i knew they were up to no good when she made a comment in Spanish like oh it's for this old guy which I found it to be very rude of her to do . I am afraid to even touch the food now knowing it could have been comtaminated with some kinda of fluid water or saliva . Totally gross I'm ever coming back to this Del taco again

food look spit on and bitten


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