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delivery order and bad taste

I ordered pizza yesterday at Jabulani Mall around 2 pm and delivery was at 3 pm now my problem is the pizza was too dry and I had a stomach bug after eating it. I thought I was the only one but I have asked few friends and some say they do have a stomach bug afraid eating your pizza, I think there's just perhaps on your ingredients that causes this or allergy. ..I am sick as hell

bad pizza I got and bad service I received from mall of africa yesterday

Yesterday I went to debonairs in mall of africa and placed an order, I waited for my pizza for a very long time, everyone that ordered after me got their pizza before I did, I then went to the front to check if my order was out I was told it was not out yet I have to wait beacause they are still busy making it, well I waited while complaining then after 30 minutes I got my pizza however the pizza I got was not well cooked, the time I wasted waiting for such pizza, we couldnt even eat it couz the flour was not well done, I really havr wasted my money, find the attachef picture to see the pizza I received


My daughter ordered a pizza at 20.32pm-24 November 2016, It was 2hrs later after continuously phoning, I...

delivery not received after 3 hours

I placed an order online. after an hour and 15 minutes no order was received, I called and was told the driver was sent out with the order. after 2 hours I called again and I was told that the order had not been received. I then tried placing the order with them again and the call got cut. I called again and was told that they would call me back as they need to check if the driver is there. I was never called back.

service, incorrect order and the owner, japie

On THE 13TH of November 2015 I placed and order on the iPhone app for a Cherry tomato & pesto rustic pizza and a half&half large pizza (Club + Chicken & mushroom) and opted for the meal option with pop-itz. Shortly after paying via Credit card, I received a call from the Potchefstroom branch, informing me that they no longer sell Rustic Pizzas and gave me very few other choices of alternatives, none of which I enjoy/eat. I was also scolded and handled as if I was stupid and had the nerve and audacity to order something that has been discontinued! When I asked if the lady (Rine, I believe was her name) could duplicate the other part of the order and give me 2 half and half meals, it was met with a sigh and then handing me off to someone else. He answered by asking me what the problem was. After handing me back to Rine, she explained that they would have to cancel the other order and place a new order. I once again asked if I could have 2 of my previous half and half meals (emphases on MEAL). As she read the order back to me, once again she forgot the MEAL part and I repeated myself. She asked what type of pop-itz I wanted and I said want one of each. Clearly, since I ordered 2 meals, I would then want 1 meal with Chutney and 1 meal with spring onion. After repeating myself more than once and she confirming, I assumed that the order would now be right. To my surprise, on delivery they only gave 1 set of pop-itz and 1 1L coke. The receipt also confirmed that Rine only placed an order for one meal. Now frustration is reaching a peak, after being treated like I was stupid and irritating, having to repeat myself to someone who clearly doesn’t listen, having to have previously waited on the sidewalk in the middle of the night for 20 minutes because the driver couldn’t find my street and now this. My patience with Debonairs Potchefstroom was gone. I phoned the store and asked to speak to the manager, who was speaking, and he kindly advised that I could also speak to the owner if I wanted to (which was the nicest thing that Debonairs has done). I was transferred to Japie. What a disgrace to your franchise!!! His attitude was so obscene that it should be illegal! I explained my frustration, or tried to with him interrupting me all the time, trying to justify everything and defending his and his employee’s actions. He suggested that he would personally bring me pop-itz and a coke for my inconvenience. Out of curiosity, and having experienced their “superb” customer service, I asked how much I would have to pay. He actually told me that I would have to pay 50-something, which is even more than the price of a meal upgrade on my original order. I couldn’t believe it. When I pointed this out, he didn’t seem bothered and just said that he would then pay in the difference. He also treated me as if I was stupid for ordering something that they no longer make. I only ordered what was on the app. He didn’t once take the blame, instead he told me an irrelevant story about how they don’t manage the online ordering service and that it goes through an outside company so “it is out of my hands”. When visiting the website, it says Debonairs at the top, not some other company, thus I am from that moment on under the impression that I am dealing with Debonairs or am I understanding this incorrectly? He insulted me by calling me “meisiekind” which translates to little girl, suggested that I was cheap, yelled at me, called me unfair for being upset about having to wait on the sidewalk at night (in this day and age, really?!) and to end it all and top it all off, ended the conversation with “Ek het al 5 keer na jou klagtes geluister en 5 keer gesê jammer, maar jy hou aan en niks verander nie! Wat meer wil jy he?” (Translation: I’ve listened to your complaints 5 times and I have said sorry 5 times but you keep going on and nothing changes. What more do you want?) When I asked him how he, as an owner could speak to me like that he said and I quote “Ek kan nie met iemand soos dit [censored]en praat nie” (translation: I can’t f##ing speak to someone like you) and threw the phone down. Having my family over, my father phoned him. He denied everything, especially the part about swearing at me and throwing the phone down, claiming that he doesn’t swear and that I threw the phone down in his ear. When my father said that he heard the entire conversation, Japie started yelling and screaming and swearing at my father. Stating that he calls his own daughter meisiekind and the he didn’t do anything wrong. He was freaking out when he realized he was caught lying and then threw the phone down in my father’s ear as well. This, coming from a person who claims he wouldn’t throw the phone down in someone’s ear. What a laugh. I expect a written apology from Japie for his disgraceful and insulting action. Arina Potgieter Potchefstroom Order #: 14830

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order never received

My order never arrived after receiving this mail at 19:30. By 22:00 we had received nothing at all not even a call, we called at20:30 to find out what was going on, we were told that our order is on the way and will be there shortly, waited another hour and then at 21:30 called again and I was told they will find out what is going on I gave them my name and reference given on the order, never the less no one called back, at 21:50 I called them again and was told by the first lady that the driver came and was trying to call us 3 times(which is a complete lie because since we were waiting on a call we never used our phones at all, they were on and charging, we even called to the security at our gate which when someone comes to the gate calls us as well and they said that no one came at all) the lady I was speaking to then said she doesn't know now and said she would let me speak to a cashier, the cashier lady then told me that she can't even find my order on their system, (when the lady before her just told me the driver had come to deliver) she then said that they are closing now so what must she do, I then said ok fine ill just call and complain about your service in the morning, she just said ok fine and dropped the phone, This is completely pathetic, it wasn't my mistake it was theirs, and I kept calling not once did someone apologize or anything or say they would deliver now, they did nothing about it at all, Clearly not receiving my order is a complete lie as here I am responding to the email even saying it is received, I got the sms on my phone and on the online site all stating my order has been received and accepted, We have only ordered with the Blue hills branch twice now, as it is new, we used to use the other branch before, but with this level of service its pathetic, and we will be advising everyone to not use this branch at all, for a new branch to have such rude and incompetent people so early on is pathetic.

poor customer service

I ordered my pizza online at 20:45 and it was delivered at 23:15. I called debonairs and the lady told me they closed. I told her i orded two hours ago and she told me there is nothing she can do cause they are closed. She was very rude. I asked for the manager the manager told me the pizza is on its way and i waited, at 23: 05 the delivery guy called me told me he can't find my place i gave him directions, i even went outside and look for him, i called him back till he found the place.He delivered the pizza asked me for the money before he gave me the pizza i gave him the money then he gave me the pizza, when he gave me the pizza the dot was black i told him the pizza is cold and that the dot is black and when the dot is black then the pizza is free he refused and told me he is going take the pizza back if i do not want it. So i asked for my money he refused, i told him I'm going to call the manager he have me my money and left with the pizza. He was also very rude.Their customer service was very poor.Last time i ordered i got my pizza late and it was cold, it didn't taste good. I love debonairs pizza and im very dissapointed

false advertising

Good Day,

Following my recent order at Debonair’s Edenglen, I was again disappointed in yet another large company for false advertising.

Upon presentation of my Pizza, I found that the red dot was no longer red... I turned around and told the driver (Calvin) that my dot is black, your promise is to deliver while its red or else the pizza is free. The driver looked at me and said "well sorry its cold today".

I contacted the manager about it and he kept on trying to get me to accept a change in order - Your manager said these exact words to me "Is the driver still there with you? Can you send the pizza back with him so I can send you a hot one". I told him that this is not what your promise is and if he cannot assist me I will take it up with Head Office. He took my details and called me back in roughly 15min saying "sir, we think the Feta cheese on your pizza was cold that's why your dot was black". The more I explained To him (Tata I think) the more reasons he threw at me for why he is not going to commit to your promise.

Now - The thing that gets me here is not the free pizza. Its that you and thousands of other company's have these false promises and false advertising to draw people in and when it comes to committing you cannot and try find a million reason why the consumer is wrong and you are right. Its Lousy!

I want this attended to.

Inv: 589738
Order 74

To live up to our high standards and ensure you receive the hottest and freshest pizzas, we've created the unique Hot or Not Dot.

When we present you with your pizza, if the dot is red, your pizza's hot and fresh; if it's black, your pizza's FREE.

pizza ordered for delivery

Ordered a pizza for delivery had a house full of kids for a sleep over with my kids waiting an hour and a half and the pizza had not arrived phoned the branch manager who had no redress for me. Terribly disappointed with this kind of service

disgusting service

Ordered take away pizzas @ 7.10pm, was told delivery will be made in 30mins. an hour later no delivery. Another hour later I was told order on the way. 30 later still no food so I drove to the Branch only to find my order iced cold sitting on the shelf. When I queried I was told that no deliveries would be made after 7pm!!! I asked the Branch Manager to call the Owner as he was in the office and passed by me. The owner said "he is tooo busy to speak to me and that I should be given the order for free" thats not the issue I am more than prepared to pay for my food!!! several people waiting at the branch complained about bad service. I logged a complain with the hot line no. Received a ref on the 21.01.2015 & still waiting for someone to revert back to me. So the owners attitude is "to hell with you, I dint need your business"and seems like Debonairs head office has the same attitude!!

Resolved order

I hope that this complaint reaches someone who can give me a bit more than 10% off my next pizza order because that is not gonna happen.
My pregnant daughter placed an order with debonairs columbine avenue on friday night and distinctly told perserverance not to add any of that horrible bbq sauce that you guys plaster on to the pizzas, it is beyond horrible... So after about 50 minutes, we called to find out where our order was and perserverence couldnt understand what we were asking her so she, without saying anything, put the phone on the side and called someone else who was having a good old chat with a customer, after about 8 minutes, this other person comes to the phone and still has the gall to simply say sorry, perserverence doesnt understand you...! So we asked about our order and were told to be patient. An hour had past and we decided to wait in the cold and dark street for our order which arrived an hour and 15 minutes after we had ordered, and the dot on the box was black and not red. I called to complain, but my airtime eventually cut, because we held on and held on and even had turns at home, waiting for our call to be attended to, after it had been answered.
So... Stop misleading the public, saying that if your pizza is late its free or that if we receive the box and the dot is black, pizza is free, because we all know that that never happened and this is not the first time i've complained about your pathetic service. Stop hiring cheap labor at your stores, or people who do not understand simple instructions or questions.
Thanks for spoiling our dinner and for wasting our money and time.
Mrs adams
[protected]... Yes, you will find me on your database.!!!

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    riehette Sep 26, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Found a piece of household mop in our pizza!!! Will never again buy form them, this is a health risk!!!

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Resolved what you order and what you get

on the 05th of June i broke my car key in the afternoon all stressed out i decided to order a pizza, i called in blackheath debonairs pizza which i use all the time, i asked can i have a large tripple decker please, the lady said no problem can i have you cell number which i confirmed having used this number ordering from them many times she asked me if i am a new customer i said no, so she said you order is on its way knowing the turn around time is normally 30 min, 2 minutes later i recieve a call from the lady asking me to confirm my address which i did in a space of 2 min i call this lady to tell her she didnot ask me if i want somwthing meaty or chicken, the pizza arrived at my door within 10min i dont understand how can you send me a pizza which i didnot order, the ladys name is sally i spoke to her and she apologised she did mention i could send the pizza back but on a hungry stomach 8pm at night i was forced to have a chicken pizza which was dipped in maybe 20 bottles of sweet sauce very dissapointed from the branch not sure if i am going to order there anymore

  • Ro
    rose lindeque Jun 27, 2014

    I bought a meaty trippel dekker it was drie burnD with no sous on this is Not tHE standarts I respect from debonairs

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Resolved poor service

Debonairs glen village

Debonairs glen village. yet again some ignorant and incompetent woman phones me from this store trying to get directions to get my delivery to me. what happened to the so called theory 'walk the extra mile' how in * name can you run a business with people that cant look after your business. this is now the 2nd complaint lodged. I need to watch my language when speaking to the people there. unfortunately I did not get the woman's name. but never the less. how the * do you keep your name high when the don't live up to the debonairs promise? I think the expectations is way to high, and the service and telephone ethics is rather pathetic. when I phoned there to confirm that they have received my order. she told me, that she has received it, but I have a firm believe that when you pick up the phone you should be able to be proud of debonairs and be happy and tell me about the promos that you have. weather or not that I placed an online order. this is really pathetic. I will never recommend that my friends or my friends friends know about the rather disturbing yet unfriendly pathetic service. id rather go to romans pizza.

Resolved poor service

OMW... This is now really one of the most pathetic results I have seen in years. The message came trough that they will contact me. But yet nobody has phone to apologise to me on what happened. Really. Come on man. How should I go back to a Debonairs store to make use of them again without proper service. This is not just annoying, but it shows the public how customer service looks like. So pathetic. I will get the word out on how they treat their customers. I have lodged a complaint with head office, no response. I have come to hallo peter, got a response but nobody sorted out my problem. They did not even bother to phone me. I have lodged a complaint on Facebook. Asked me for my number. But yet no response. Come on man. How do you work. Do you take as long as possible to sort out your customers. This is rather pathetic if you ask me. I will get the word out. I am tired of the ### service that I get.


I would like to inform consumers of a situation that my partner (Jacques Engelbrecht) and I encountered at the Sea Point branch on Saturday December 8, 2012.

We are deeply disappointed about the blatant homophobia we experienced on this day.

My partner ordered two triple decker pizzas and while we waited we noticed that certain members of the staff were staring at my partner and I. He asked them why they were staring and they continued to shamelessly do so without a verbal response and the entire staff on duty (including those in the kitchen whom had by now appeared to stop preparing food to watch the situation unfold) started laughing and talking amongst themselves.

We began to feel exceedingly uncomfortable and progressively agitated.

My partner again asked why they continued to stare and it was at this point that who we assume to be the manager, handed us our meal without a word or even so much as an apologetic gesture.

This kind of service is unacceptable and we have spread the word via various social media platforms and contacted Debonairs via their website.


manager accused me of theft & threatened me

Saturday the 20th of February I ordered two Pizzas and PAID for them. Monday the 22nd of February Mr Lategan(manager) called me and said I need to come into the branch and pay for the extra 2 pizza's I took. I told him I only ordered and received 2 pizzas and they were paid for. He then said he has video footage of me taking the pizzas and I didn't pay for it and if I do not come and pay for it he will call the police. I wrote to Debonairs on the 23rd of February and after 12 days still did not receive a response to my complaint. I called numerous times to follow up on the complaint and I was just told that they were looking into it. The manager who called me and accused me was so rude and I was totally disappointed that I didn't get any feedback on my complaint especially after calling to follow up and still not getting a response. I get pathetic and horrific service from a manager and then nobody gets back to apologise. The call centre agent mentioned that their system said the manager made a human error. If rudeness and falsely accusing is a human error then I guess all crime can be classified as a human error!

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and food I received in debonairs pizza

I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and food I received on Friday night (30 October 2009) at Van Riebeeck Park Debonairs!

I had to wait for an order which they made incorrectly 2 times, third time lucky I guess!! Debonairs took almost an HOUR while I had to sit at the store and wait for the pizzas that could not be done properly the first time, and. By the time all the pizzas came and I finally got home, the rest of the pizzas were cold!

I dealt with one lady, leaving one lady at the teller and no one to answer the telephone, The telephone rang constantly and the queue was out the door (in the pouring rain). If this is the service you give customers and expect your customers to wait for, I will not be returning, nor bragging about.

I will never use this branch and tell my friend of the bad service received fro your branch

I called to order a pizza, I order a standard and pay for a standard and they delivered a the real deal size...

I must say, they are the worst by far

Yesterday (6102009), I went to Dabonairs (Sandton City) to buy a SUB and a drink which I was charged R 30.00. 20 minutes later I requested my food. No one at that restaurant could say why my order is delayed, I didn't receive any explanation nor an apology on why my order was not ready. People came in and out of the restaurant as though I was none existed to waiters. I am bitter, Irate and Livid to say the least as I made the order at 14:45 and left 15:20, with no SUB. I bought a drink at Dabonairs for R30.00. I demand my money back and you can keep your pathetic service. i will not spend a cent in that place ever. I have never received such below standard service at any other Dabonairs in the country. I must say, they are the worst by FAR.

we will never go back to this franchise

While we were waiting for our food, we saw the chef using his bare hands to apply toppings onto the pizza. the two pizzas we ordered were not the right shape and not even cut the way it should be. when we got home and opened the boxes, we found that hardly any cheese is to be found on the pizzas and one really has to search to find the topings. the toppings were dry!

After this ordeal, we went back some two weeks later to find that none of the specials were available to us (same as the previous time we were there). We ordered the tripple dekker meaty pizza also to find that the 3 layers, specially the 3 bases that was used were not the same size, were dry, did not contain enough sauce or toppings and were overwhelmed with origanum. We ordered extra cheese on the pizzas but found that this extra was non existant.

We will never go back to this franchise! We are disgusted by the way the owner wants to save money and robbing us of the pleasure of quality food. We are very up to date with how food should be like and this franchise is a disgrace to Debonairs!