Days Inn Moncton New Brunswickoverbooking, overcharging, and safety issues.

A Aug 15, 2018

On June 26th 2018 I called the number to Days Inn Moncton that was advertised on the website while looking at the availability of the rooms on the computer. I booked the Kids Themed Hockey Suite, it was only available for Monday August 13 and Tuesday August 14 so as I'm booking the room I'm texting my husband to take vacation from work on those days. As a family we are not hockey fans but we booked the hockey room because of a few safety reasons...1, the kids room is in the far corner then the main room with a living area space, that means that when its bedtime and we are all sleeping the kids would have to pass our bed to leave their room, because this is their first time in a hotel I was worried they would attempt to open the hotel room door and wander off. 2, the bunk beds in the hockey room has nice high bed rails, as this is the first time my son would be sleeping in a bunk bed I felt safe knowing the bed rail was a great size. We also booked this room knowing that there was a couch and a coffee table so we knew that if we ordered pizza for supper we would have a place to sit while we ate and not have to sit on the bed to eat. This room was the perfect size for two busy young children and us parents, unlike most hotel rooms it wasent just a bed in a room with a chair in the corner. The perfect hotel room for our very first family vacation together. While checking in we were informed that the hotel staff had booked us into the Ocean Themed room, I said this cant be true we had booked the hockey room for several reasons and which I explained the safety issues we had and space issues with the smaller rooms. I mentioned that we specifically took vacation for these days because that was when the hockey room was available. Because the hockey room was booked up for the time we were staying there I had asked her to check to see when those guests had made reservations, because I'm showing her my email of booking confirmation dates June 26th and I said if we had booked first then we should be placed into the hockey room! The lady checking us in said they cant look in their system to see when the other guests had booked the room...okay, that's weird that it dosent show the dates you took all their information and credit card number but what do I know I dont work in hotels. The check in lady continued to tell me that when we called the number to book the hotel, although we called the front desk they have a service that if their lines are busy the call gets taken into their call center essentially and she mentioned that because those people dont physically work at the hotel they make mistakes all the time and this isn't the first time this issue has happened. So here we are paying money for a suit that we dont want and isn't suitable for our family. The lady said because I had booked through the call center place she couldnt help us in any way to adjust the price to give us a discount but she will be talking with the manager and he will make this right by giving us a free two nights stay the next time we come. We took our stuff to the room and checked it out before heading out for supper. Finding a notice in the kids room stating the rules to the bunk beds, the first rule was no child under the age of 6 is allowed to sleep on the top bunk. Your kidding me right! You expect me to have my son sleep with us or sleep with my daughter on the tiny bottom bunk. Wow. Why wasent this information on the website, you can advertise that it's a non smoking pet friendly ect but you cant warn people about the ages for children to sleep on the bunk beds. Even when booking the room I'm asked how old my children are, shouldn't we have been told then the policy about the bunk bed then? I guess the hotel just wants to sell rooms and make money right. Not to mention when we seen the bunk bed the pillow was higher then the railing! Not safe at all for any child to sleep in. Super frustrated we went to supper then back to the front desk to ask if we can be placed into a room with just 2 beds because they had sold us a room that our son isn't able to sleep in his bed. No sorry all booked up. We said well we have a 5 and a 2 year old and a bunk bed that says children under 6 aren't allowed to sleep on the top. The lady at the desk said that she would have a cot brought up to the room...great a least my son has a place to sleep but we dont have much space in the room already! We jammed the cot into the kids room leaving no floor space and having our daughter sleep on the bottom bunk and our son on the cot, wall to wall bed but at least we had walking space in the main bed area. I was taking pictures of the room we were placed in, the ocean themed room, to show my parents the wall decorations ect. When I had stepped into the back corner behind the computer chair I almost rolled my ankle because there was a hole in the floor, the carpet over top hides the hole but you can clearly feel the wooden floor broken under the carpet. Wow a kids room with broken floor boards..nice. The kids were playing on their beds with toys when I approached the little window that we can peek through to check on them and I felt something sharp on my leg, I look down and fond the carpet that is about 2 inches up the wall has let go of the wall showing all the staples. I attempted to hammer them back in with a book but it didnt work so we had placed the suitcases along that side so the kids wouldnt get hurt. No point in complaining now because the front desk staff hasent been any help to us. After a long day we went to climb into our bed after midnight to find the bed sheets had stains on them, gross, again no point in calling the front desk because they are no help so we decided to sleep on top of the sheets and use the putter blanket to cover us over with, peeled that back and I found a few dried up piece of grass. I'll take sleeping with grass over stains. We had breakfast which was soggy hashbrowns and burnt sausages and weird looking microwaved egg...I had an English muffin and the kids had cereal. We left the hotel for the day to see the town. I left a note for housekeeping to not to worry about cleaning the room but to replace the dirty towles, face clothes and toilet paper and to please make the main bed because there are stains on the sheets before we had even slept in the bed. We get back to a note on the bed saying they are out of clean towels but someone will bring some up late or call front desk. I looked into the bathroom and 3 towels were there, great they already brought up the towels for us. Around 8pm we put the kids in the tub, no face cloths to wash the kids. I pick up the phone and hit the button to call guest services and nothing, I tried the other programmed number and nothing. Looked on our check in paper to find out how to call the front desk and nothing. Had to walk down there and wait for face cloths to be brought to us. We turned the tv on to watch something and the tv was cutting in and out along with the sound and all sorts of pixelated stuff coming across the screen, this happened on every single channel both English and French.
When we checked out today we got our invoice for the two nights stay, $384.22 I told her there is a mistake because my email confirmation says our total is $379.50 and the lady at the desk said well that's their price..referring to how we booked through the call center, ugh. Paying more money for a room that we didnt book..awesome. The assistant manager said he was sorry for the mix up at check in but here is a 1 night free stay for the next time we come. I tell him about the condition of the room, the stained bed sheets, and told him that if I may say a suggestion they should be mentioning to people about the bunk bed policy before selling a room. He shrugged his shoulders and left. We left for home, unhappy with our service and how we were treated at the hotel. We will never be returning to Days Inn Moncton, but we do look forward to the next time we go to moncton and stay at a hotel that isn't falling apart and makes things right with their guests.

overbooking, overcharging, and safety issues.
overbooking, overcharging, and safety issues.
overbooking, overcharging, and safety issues.

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