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T Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Made a reservation for Days Inn located at 8217 S I-35 Service Road, Oklahoma City. Made the reservation in July for August 8th-11th, Wednesday-Saturday. We check in late Wednesday night, about 1 am or so, I give him my card and the $194.48 came out of my bank account like it should have. On Friday morning around 8:30 the phone in our room rings and it's the front desk saying that their system shows us checking out that morning. For one, check out is 11, why are they calling the room at 8:30 to see if we are gone? So I go to the front desk to show her my reservation that says our check out is Saturday the 11th. She doesn't even look at the reservation and tells me she will extend us a night. So Friday night I look at my bank account and there is a $54 charge from Days Inn. When we get back to the motel Friday night, I go to the front desk and the same lady is working that I dealt with that morning. I tell her about the charge and she says she will have her manager fix it when he gets there. I thought everything was taken care of. We had been at the event at Thunder Valley Raceway all day so after I dealt with that I took a shower, got out of the shower and the smoke alarm in our room started going off. Scared the crap out of us. My boyfriend went and opened the door and got it to go off. Front desk, same lady, called the room and pretty well accused us of setting them off by doing something we weren't supposed to be doing. Told her she could come look and she said oh no, thats fine. All was good. The next day, we packed all our stuff and checked out. I look at my bank account that night, Saturday, and there is ANOTHER charge on top of the $54, of $77.61. So I call the motel and it took me a couple times of explaining to get her to understand that there was ANOTHER charge because she wouldn't listen to me and kept interrupting. Finally she gets it and says that she'll talk to her manager and that it will get taken care of and she will call me back the next day. No explanation of why I keep getting charged or anything. Look at my bank account today, the morning of August 13th, and the 54 dollars had changed into $131.48 and had posted to my account. Along with the still pending $77.61. So I call Days Inn customer service and she takes all the info down and says that the motel has a week to get back with me. I went ahead and called the property again and get the same lady I have been dealing with and she knew it was me calling and starts to try to explain to me that all the money is being refunded. As she keeps interrupting me, I ask to speak with her manager directly and as he hasn't been available this entire time, she says she will have him call me when he comes in. Have not gotten a phone call on any update at all from them since I talked to her on the phone Saturday. All she has been able to tell me is that it has been taken care of but I have not been able to speak to the manager or gotten a call from the manager confirming this. I am currently waiting on him to call me. I have no idea when this will be since she could not give me a time that he would be there. I am completely fed up with dealing with this property and I have 200 extra dollars they have charged me that I cannot use to pay my bills. This should have never happened and I don't even have any explanation of why its happening. I would really like every penny back that I have been charged from this company. Even the amount that I was supposed to pay. I think that is not a lot to ask since I've literally had nothing but problems with this property when it was supposed to be a nice getaway weekend, not a stressful one it turned into. I think this property needs to be checked out in what they are doing there and who is working there. No one should have this much trouble when they're looking for somewhere to stay on a trip.


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    9wood Aug 13, 2018

    would keep calling until you the manager
    who seems to never be there
    could also file a complaint with the better business bureau
    would also contact your bank and dispute these charges and have refunded

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