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Days Inn 280 North 850 East in Lehi, UT
The room I stayed in had bed bugs. It was too late for me to check out and try to find another hotel. The hotel staff at the desk in the evening did not speak very good English and did not understand me when I complained. I ended up sleeping in the bathtub with blankets from my car because that was the only safe place. I ensured none of my belongings were on the floor. I purchased some bed bug spray from WalMart the next day and sprayed my luggage and the trunk of my car. I placed my pajamas in a plastic bag and stopped at a truck stop the next day to launder my clothing that I wore while in the hotel.
I reported the bed bugs to the management the next day and showed them pictures as well. The staff was not very concerned and one member actually told me, "I should have suspected as we had a customer stay who looked to be a drug addict." Clearly, the staff is not aware of how bed bugs are acquired. Phots are included (one of bed bug on the pillow, one of bed bug in lower right corner of headboard, one of where I spent the night).
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Days Inn
Days Inn
Days Inn

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