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I have been trying to get in contact with someone about being assaulted an held against my will by two employees at the Days Inn Vicksburg, MS location. The employee was arrested and convicted of assault, fired and rehired. The owner/manager at the location will not respond. They have taken every action to avoid providing any information, they've been hindering my case for restitution/liability for 2 years. Please advise.


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    Reece AIexander Nov 19, 2017

    On and the reason that they have their jobs back and the charges against them were dropped was because the police and management reviewed the tapes and said that I insitgated the whole thing and they were just defending themselves. The charges were dropped, and they were rehired and I am banned from not only that Days-inn but other Days-inns as well.

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    pobarjenkins Nov 19, 2017

    @Reece AIexander If the police and management have video evidence confirming that you were an instigator, there is likely nothing that can be done. What information/resolution are you looking for?

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    pobarjenkins Nov 19, 2017

    @Reece AIexander Your complaint states that the employee was convicted of assault, but this comment states that the charges were dropped. Which one is it?

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