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David's BridalTotal Nightmare - Unprofessional, Disrespectful and Dishonest Staff

Our experience with David's Bridal has been a total nightmare. The staff has been completely disrepectful, dishonest and unprofessional.
When my matron of honor went to purchase her gown, she was humilitaed due to her dress size infront of other customers. Turns out the rude person assisting us was the "manager" - or so they claim. After my matron of honor tried on the dresses, we went to order her dress and when asked the size, the "manager" stopped typing, laughed and asked "what size pants do you even wear? I think you need to go up a size or 2", we explained that she had just tried on the dresses and that was the correct size; she continued to argue with us, looking my matron of honor up and down and making facial expressions at the customers in line behind us. Finally, I asked that she continue with the transaction, she rolled her eyes at me and after everything was finished, wished us "good luck with that". My matron of honor left the store in tears, as everyone was not only looking at her, but also heard the conversation with the "manager" in regards to her weight.
When we order my maid of honors dress, we paid for it to be shipped to her house as she is not from the area. After about 6 weeks, I called the store to see the status of her order, as she still had not received it. They informed me it was never shipped out because we did not pay for it. I explained that it was paid for and they said they would have to look into it. I received a sarcastic message from the "manager" (another one, so we're told), stating that they could not find this info in their system, so I will have to come down myself and pick up the dress, as we did not pay for it and they were not going to ship it. When I could back, I spoke to the first "manager" I had dealt with and asked if I could fax over the receipt. She told me no and when I asked why, she placed me on hold and the call was disconnected. I called back and she told me that she did not have the time for me right then, so I asked for the information on the district manager, she responded "um..we really don't have one, I will give you customer service's information". I called them 12/28 and have still not received a call back. Eventually, we spoke to yet another "manager" and faxed over the receipt, and the dress was shipped (almost 2 months after it arrived at the store).
The next time, I made an appointment for another bridesmaid to get her dress, when we arrived we were informed that they did not write it in the book so we would have to wait for assistance. About an 30mins later, I walked up to the counter and asked if one of the 3 employees standing there could help. Once I explained the situation and we were ordering her dress and shoes, the "manager" (and yes, another one) told me that the shoes would be dyed & ready to be picked up when the dress came in. When the dress came in, I called to see if the shoes would be ready too, they told me I could pick up both items on 2/16. When I went to pick up the dress, the shoes were not ready. I explained the sitauation and ANOTHER "manager" told me she would have them ready on 2/18 and best of all, she explained that when I had called before, they meant that the shoes had arrived at the store not that they had been dyed. Funny, because I physically had them in my hands and brought them to the counter - I guess they shipped them out and back to themselves or something. Again, the shoes were not ready. On 3/8 I spoke to yet another "manger" - I had called and demanded to get the district manager information and this one gets on the phone. She said she would look into it and get back to me Mon or Tues. Yesterday, I still did not hear from her, so I called. The shoes were still not ready. She told me that "even if I have to dye them myself, they will be ready tonight". I called today...still not ready. She calims that I told her I am not coming to pick them up...I paid for them, why wouldn't I get them? I told her I will be there tomorrow and they need to be ready...we'll see how that goes.
On top of the shoe drama, 2 of my bridesmaids ordered their dresses on 2/9 and were told they would be in 2-4 weeks. Turns out that they will not be in until 4/10 because the store never processed the order until 2/28, which means that if they need alterations there will be a rush fee.
The whole store is a joke. It amazes me, because every person we have an issue with just so happens to be another "manager" and that they do not really have a district manager. I cannot believe that they are so unprofessional and disrespectful to their customers; especially due to the amount of business each bridal party brings to them. If you want to save yourself a headache and avoid turning into a bridezilla, STAY AWAY FROM DAVID'S BRIDAL.


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    Bditty Apr 05, 2011

    I"m so sorry for your horrible experiance...I too just went through awful trip to the store and am very unhappy with the DIRTY dress they sold me. I'd never give them business again. I hope you're wedding went well all problems aside!

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