Damelin Correspondence College [DCC]diploma and assignments

J Dec 03, 2019

Good Day

To whom this may concern...

I took a course a while back Bookkeeping with pastel and finished my course and when i wanted my diploma i was told i had to do the Pastel, after i was told i am finished with my course, okay i did the pastel and i sent in my assignments as required.

Then suddenly a person from Intec contacts me for the password for one of my assignments so i assume somewhere damelin and Intec work together, I've given him the password for the assignments twice already that he would have given to the tutor for marking and every time I email he will either get feedback from the tutor which he never responds afterwards or the last couple of times i have sent NUMEROUS emails asking for feedback with no response or reply at all. 

This is not the first time i have this problem and i am truly past the point of understanding every time and hearing the excuses, this is becoming a huge problem for me now because my chances of getting my diploma is getting slimmer because of other people's way of doing things. I want my assignments marked and i want my diploma without ANY problems because non off this is my fault.

Please sort out this problem for me because I am past my limit.
Please correspond via email as i want everything in writing.

Student Number: 409990

The person i spoke to at intec is Joshua Mabanga [protected]

Please keep me updated


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