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Damelin Correspondence College Pty Ltd

PO Box 31001, Braamfontein, 2 Melle Street
South Africa - 2017

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 860 616 161(DCC Student Consultant) 12 11
+27 117 492 000(Benoni Branch) 3 3
+27 117 122 556(Johannesburg Branch) 7 6
+27 123 529 111(Pretoria Branch) 3 3
+27 178 112 100(Ermelo Branch) 2 1
+27 137 522 400(Nelspruit Branch) 2 1
+27 136 925 401(Witbank Branch) 2 1
+27 214 241 649(Cape Town Branch) 2 1
+27 437 264 291(East London Branch) 2 1
+27 415 850 922(Port Elizabeth Branch) 3 3
+27 313 749 750(Durban Branch) 3 3
+27 363 525 748(Estcourt Branch) 2 1
+27 333 451 664(Pietermaritzburg Branch) 2 2
+27 514 308 030(Bloemfontein Branch) 2 2
+27 587 131 343(Phuthaditjhaba Branch) 2 1
+27 152 914 323(Polokwane Branch) 2 1
+264 61 308 834(Windhoek Branch, Namibia) 3 1
+27 867 546 786(Enrolment Department) 1 2


Damelin City Campus, 61 Princes Avenue, Benoni, 1500  
Fax: +27 862 020 283
3rd & 11th Floor, Success House. 2 Melle Street, Braamfontein, Cnr Smit & Melle Streets    
Fax: +27 117 122 517
Shop 6, 273 Thabo Sehume (Andries) Street
Fax: +27 123 226 369

Shop 40, Ermelo Mall, 50A De Jager Street, Ermelo, 2351
Fax: +27 178 112 105
25 Brown Street, 1200
Fax: +27 137 526 184
34 Highland Shopping Centre, Albertyn Street, Klipfontein, Witbank, 1034
Fax: +27 865 573 505
Western Cape

Cape Town
64 St George's Mall, Cape Town, 8001
Fax: +27 214 249 526
Eastern Cape
East London (in the DEG campus)
Damelin Campus, 91 Western Avenue, Vincent, East London, 5201
Port Elizabeth
Unit 7 (Ground Floor), Kwantu Towers, Vuyisile Market Square, Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth 6001 
Fax: +27 415 850 933

Educor Gallery, 325 Anton Lembede (Smith) Street, Durban, 4001
Fax: +27 313 010 301
1st Floor, Shop no. 5, Enterprise Building, 74 Harding Street
Fax: +27 363 525 867
Damelin City Campus, 257 Church Street, Compen Building, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Fax: +27 333 451 055
Free State

88 Maitland Street, Bloemfontein, 9301
Fax: +27 864 652 752
Phuthaditjhaba (QwaQwa)
Shop 16, Mandela Park Shopping Centre, 1029 Mota Road, Phuthaditjhaba, 9868
Fax: +27 587 131 352

Shop 4, Spar Centre, Cnr of Biccard and Thabo Mbeki Streets, Polokwane, 0699
Fax: +27 152 911 956


Standard Bank Centre, 7765, Post Street Mall, Shop 32 Town Square, Windhoek
Fax: +264 61 308 691

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] Complaints & Reviews

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / Refund

Jul 20, 2019

My name is Siphindile Rebecca Shezi. I canceled my registration three days after paying the registration fee due to some reason. Two weeks later I phoned the lady that was assisting me to find out what was going on. She told me the course was canceled but she is not sure when I'm receiving...

Damelin / refund

Jul 13, 2019

We registered in January for a course. At Orientation they notified us that they aren't running the course from any of their Durban branches. I was told to fill in reimbursement forms. It took 2 weeks before they could notify that they received all forms. I was told to wait 6-8 weeks for...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / no assistance / incomplete information

Jul 09, 2019

I am having a really bad experience with Damelin Correspondence College. When I wanted to register there was no problem with getting assistance until payment was made. thereafter nothing. I have not yet received my assignment results and they where to be out on the 6 of May. for all 3...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / non received award for 4 months with no correct status about the process

Jul 08, 2019

Im so frustrated and disappointed by this college. I completed my studies and submit my award form on march 2019 until today 08 july 2019. I have never received a correct status on how far is the award. I have been told that I will receive sms that say the certificate is at dispatch last week...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / useless services

Jul 02, 2019

In September 2018 I requested to cancel my studies - someone only deemed me worthy of a response in January 2019. Then eventually after many HOURS holding the cancellation is processed and now the refund is due... Again its taking forever! Refund was approved 21 January 2019 - it is now 02...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / correspondence course

Jun 26, 2019

Good day We applied for a course for my son. We filled in everything and paid the full amount (early bird) . This was on 7 May 2019. Till now we did not receive any study materials. According to the guy that helped me we could go on the portal and study till we receive our books. We can't...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / my course

Jun 25, 2019

My name is Bianca, I am a student registered at damelin correspondence, student number 441414. I registered end of march and thereafter told to pay for the june exams which was R450 per module which I had paid (R1350). Through the duration of these months I sent emails requesting my exam...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / bad customer service

Jun 24, 2019

I have repeated call about the omitted internal exam mark for one of my sons subjects as he needed the statement of results for his external exam registration to write second semester exams. It is over a month since the results were released and since I raised this issue. It is totally...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / cancellation

Jun 19, 2019

I had registered with Damelin in 2015 then i had financial and other issues so i sent an email to deregister in 2016 and also spoke to somebody there. As of today i'm still sending emails and getting acknowledgement emails but nobody is attending to my query. To the point that they have...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / nothing goes right ever!!

Jun 05, 2019

since I have registered with Damelin, I receive good service from all agents well 98% of them that I speak to help me. the problem however is why do I need to phone you all of the time to get my results or my exam guidance letters ( which I have not gotten this year) I paid for exams and...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / no exam confirmation letter received for june examinations

May 29, 2019

Good day, If I had to complain about everything that is wrong with Damelin, this site will probably not be able to contain it. I have registered with this pathetic institution on 31 December 2018, was sold dreams by Xoliswa in Durban. I paid my deposit 2 days later after her pestering me to do...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / lost records

May 27, 2019

Good day, I lost all my study records in the storm we had just over a year ago. I contacted Damelin but was told they do not have any record of my Diploma or other certificates I received. I am currently unemployed and job hunting and therefore need copies of my qualifications urgently. I...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / revolting institution in south africa

May 24, 2019

I could spend an hour writing about all the issues I have had with Damelin in South Africa. The crux of the matter is that you do not get given crucial information out of them: There is never an answer to their help line. They send only generic apologies in emails until you have begged and...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / student number 441570

May 22, 2019

Paid my fees in full when I registered. The student advisor told me to use my ID number as a reference because she couldn't give me my student number until I paid for the course, that was in February. Damelin has been sending me notices that my fees are outstanding. I've emailed the...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / 438638-no confirmation letter for exam

May 22, 2019

I am due to write an External exam next week Tuesday 28 May. I submitted my exam entry form with proof of payment on the 10th of April as this was the last day to submit the form. I have been phoning since last week Friday 17 May to get a confirmation of my exam as I am travelling from...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / results

May 22, 2019

Student number:433039- can i get my EXAM RESULTS FROM 2017 because I don't know what is going on .i emailed assignments to this email still they say they have not received them for [email protected] frustrated I don't know how far i am or which subject to register for...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / refund!!!

May 20, 2019

Disgusted with the customer service. Been emailing constantly. Phoning numerous of times and no answer or dropped calls. No one is simply getting back to me regarding my refund but money is still getting deducted after my cancellation in the beginning of March. Absolutely disappointed and...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / results

May 17, 2019

I'm highly disappointed at the college. I got my December results which stated that I failed a subject because I did not write it which was not true ask them about it they checked and found my script and signature that I wrote. But then they checked in the system it say I did no pass my Dp...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / studying business management and have no results for 2018

May 15, 2019

I am deeply disappointed and unsatisfied with the service I'm receiving from damelin. When I registered for the course, Isabella Mbokane told me that I was getting a discount if I paid for the course in advance. After I did so, I had to pay for the exam fees. When I asked her why I have to...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / study materials and lack of accountability

Apr 09, 2019

Good Day, my name is Limakatso student number 441369, not sure if I can use this as this is the only thing that connects me to DCC. Since submitting my forms on 11 Feb then receiving the student number on 20 Feb, I have not received any study materials to date, the student portal gives an...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / compliant for not receiving refund

Apr 08, 2019

I have send through all relevant information and documentation for my refund on 10 Nov'2018 and received confirmation from Mickaylah Alexander (Student consultant) on 12 Nov'2018 that all documents was in order and that my refund will be paid within 90 working days. However 90 working day...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / result

Mar 27, 2019

GOOD DAY, I have contacted the college numerous times regarding my results not being released. I have written 4 subjects in June 2018 and they only released 3 subjects I have called like a hundred times sent emails and no one has come back to me with my result or why this is not being...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / results are not accurate

Mar 27, 2019

am not happy with the service that am receiving am currently studying HRM with Damelin, student no 434061 and my company is the one that is paying for my fees and I feel like my assignment and exams papers are not marked correctly and I submit all my assignment however I don't get correct...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / bad service and reluctance to assist

Mar 26, 2019

Marlize Luddick student nr 438989. I came here in a desperate attempt to get assisted. I have started my HR diploma through DCC. I wrote my exams and after a long battle I got my results. One of my results was a 30%. Seeing that DCC previously sent another student's assignment...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / unprofessional service

Mar 25, 2019

My son is a 2nd year graphic design student at the mowbray branch. Since day 1 when we registered him we had problems. The student advisor completely hopeless, had to wait for how long for his student card and when he eventually got it they didnt want to give it to him cause according to...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / zero support

Mar 20, 2019

Enrolled waited over 2 weeks to any form of acceptance by Damelin correspondence. Begged for my student card, didn't know how to go about getting all study material. Received student card with details loaded incorrectly. After enrolling, I have to date [2 months] not been able to get...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / outstanding results

Mar 13, 2019

Good day, Student number 426539 I am still waiting on my final statement of results for my last subjects that I wrote in November 2018. I had to resubmit one of my assignments as they somehow either lost the marks or the assignment that was submitted last year August. I am unable to get any...

Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / refund

Mar 12, 2019

Good day, I have sent through all relevant information and documentation for the refund the 13th of July 2018. I was informed this process would take place within 90 working days. However as to yet I have not yet received my money back. They bluntly ignore my emails and the call center i...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / registration number for final online assessment not available/no knowledge of product/no diploma

Mar 11, 2019

My daughter student no. 438249, registered to study via DCC last year February of 2018. Course: Pastel Accounting 14. On receiving the text books and CD's we discovered that they were old stock and the registration number no longer worked. We were able to gain the new number from DCC. On...

Damelin Durban City / service from staff

Mar 05, 2019

Damelin Durban citys reception is highly disorganized, not up to standards, the financial department is rude, they refuse to listen to students requests, they make the students miss lectures just for access cards, being in third year they do not understand the importance of lectures, they...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / lack of respect and unwillingness to help as well as unethical workmanship

Feb 27, 2019

I have been trying to register with dcc for over a week now. At first it took them 3 days to get back to me and when they did the guy said I was phoning the wrong branch so he said he would take my details and get someone to phone me, that never happened... So I went onto the website and...

[Resolved] Damelin College / service

Jan 20, 2019

I'm deeply disappointed in damelin college. I've registered to do a short course in 2015, completed the course paid them in full until today I didnt get any feedback with regards to my poe results. I've been complaining going back and forth battling to get my results. I have...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / my matric

Jan 18, 2019

I am very fustrated with Damlien, and how they go about things I applied to do my matric last year June 2018, And only in Dec 2018, I got sent an sms my material will be dispatched in 21 working day, to date phone calls get put down in my ear, ignored and shunt around yet I've paid...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / debit orders not going off my account

Dec 27, 2018

My name Cecil Ntswana, student no:440176. I have been calling many times regarding my account and no one is taking me serious or willing to help me... I've been calling from the 7th and all I get from the consultants is that they should log in first and then they'll get back to me but none...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / delay in marking department, waiting for results...

Dec 04, 2018

I have registered in 2014 and had 18 modules to submit. they committed to marking books in 30 days, which in my case took more than a year at a time. its 4 years down the line and I am still waiting for my last book to be marked in order for me to write my exams. I have lost out on job...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / incompetence of the highest level

Dec 03, 2018

I have actually lost count now of the number of complaints I have sent through regarding this college. Firstly I write exams in june 2017 and get told in october 2018 that I need to re-write the subjects due to administrative errors (dont see how exactly thats my problem) which to my...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / refund

Nov 27, 2018

My name is Sibongile Sereo. I've been struggling to get my refund from Damelin. I have submitted my forms for refund which it takes 3 months according to their forms to refund funds. In October I did a follow up about my money and they told me that I did not submit proof of payment, which...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / issuing of results and certificate

Nov 22, 2018

My student number is 421977, i completed a course in Diploma:Management in December 2016 however till to date i have not yet received any letter confirming the completion of my course. I've been calling the college to make inquiries regarding my diploma but till to date, i have not been...

[Resolved] Damelin College / lack of support, delays in issuing certificate and lack of adequate feedback

Nov 20, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam, RE: Delays in issuing certificates and non-existent student support by Damelin College - City Centre, Cape Town My son, enrolled at Damelin College City Centre for the Certificate in Marketing in 2017 and to date the certificates have not been issued. I sent an email on 16...

[Resolved] Damelin Correspondence College [DCC] / incorrect registration fee billing since 2017

Oct 27, 2018

Good day My name is Tamryn van Harte I have been liaising with Damelin since 2017 with regard to an R500 that is reflected on a statement for registration that they claim has not been paid. I have sent mails to various accounts staff after receiving calls to get this resolved but as soon a...