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chasing cashback payment

I paid my last installment 1st Oct 2019. I completed the course in August 2019. I requested my cashback on...

no support, no help! shocking!

I am a Stonebridge student, studying the Foot Health Practitioner course. I have spent the last 3 year...

long awaited certificate

I completed my nvq3 in adult social care last November 2018, there were complications with my online student...

ilm level 3 diploma in leadership and management course

I started my ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management course at the end of September 2018 and completed in February 2019.

At first, my tutor I was allocated was fantastic. Supportive and positive comments and very helpful when I referred on assignments. I completed 8 units out of 22 when my tutor was no longer on my contact list and I had a new name there. Nobody had told me this would happen. I messaged to ask if she was now my new tutor or if my original tutor would return. All i was told is that they can change them due to workload or holidays and she never returned.

I received feedback from the new tutor and WOW, what a difference. Her attitude and wording on my feedback was shocking!!! Despite being a 50 yr old woman, she made me feel like I was a naughty child being told off. Some examples include her telling me I couldn't use bullet points...I had used them frequently in the first 8 units and my initial tutor had not mentioned once I couldn't use them! She also had a go at me for my word count. I sent her a message I had received from my previous tutor that stated the word count is only a guide and not set in stone and now she was telling me I had to adhere to them. I replied to tell her I had got ahead of myself and had completed up to and including unit 12 and I would NOT be rewriting them now. Surely every tutor has a list of criteria for marking and they should all be marked the same way?

To cut a long story short, I emailed and spoke to the IQA twice to complain about her (the second time being due to her "threatening" to go the the IQA about me regarding me not using my own wording). I responded that I was referencing where I got the info from so in my mind there should not have been a problem. Not once did she take the time to fully explain herself and as I hadnt studied since the 80s, my idea of referencing was not correct. She could have explained this to me but instead chose to continue berating me assignment after assignment and even went so far as to put several exclamation marks after her comments. Yes, really. I felt like I was back at school. Quite frankly, I couldn't wait to finish the course.

Regarding the actual course, even if I had no issues with the tutor assigned to me, there needs to be much more interaction. Otherwise, you literally read through a unit then answer the assignment all on your own.

Once finished, I was told I would receive my diploma certificate in 8 to 12 weeks. I sent numerous emails chasing up and emailed a third complaint and have now finally heard I should have my diploma in approx 10 days. So, approx 17 weeks after completion.

Finally, on the website it states "the course fee includes the awarding body registration and certification fee (valued at upto £96)" it also states "on completion of this course you will be eligible to join the ILM". Upon completion, I called the ILM to ask for login details to do this. They want a further £75. Really???? Oh and the ILM told me that Stonebridge should have given me an enrolment number last September when I enrolled on the course which would have enabled me to join the ILM for free for 12 months as a student to assist with my studies. I would have had access to online materials etc. Nobody told me about this so I completed the course on my own. Shocking. What is worse is that since finishing and chasing up what I thought was membership for 12 months, I was emailed student login details for the ILM by Stonebridge. How the hell can that help me now I have finished the course? This should have been given to me when I enrolled last year.

It also states you can opt to study via the paper based method for £10 more but when I called and said I wanted this, they told me it is no longer available. The website STILL states this is an option...

I have since enrolled on the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management course with another provider and what a difference. The facilitators (tutors) contacted me before I started and have continued to be very proactive and encouraging as I go through the course. Even the moderators who mark the assignments manage to give positive comments and are extremely helpful. I have already passed 2 units and have 6 more to go. Oh and this course is mapped to the ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management so once completed, I will get two diploma certificates for one. I would also like to point out that we have to use Harvard referencing with bibliography for each assignment as this is an undergraduate level of study and I have had no problems doing so AS IT WAS CLEARLY EXPLAINED with the introduction to the course. So it seems I am not stupid after all.

Thanks to Stonebridge, I lost a huge amount of confidence and felt quite useless at times. Now, with my new course, my confidence has been reinstated and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Edit - the tone of my correspondence DID indicate an issue, hence 3 complaints, for which I am still awaiting a response I might add. I am expecting to receive my certificate in the next week not weeks. Tutors should be supportive and approachable.

Still waiting for a response to my 3rd email complaint...oh and login for 12 months subscription to the ILM website as you omitted to give this to me when I enrolled last September. Looking forward to an email response ASAP.

Edit 12 July 2019
Despite having in writing my course had been passed by the EQA in ILM and my cert was released, now I find out the EQA has left and a new EQA is in place so I have to wait whilst the new EQA goes through my portfolio AGAIN so STILL no Diploma 20 weeks on. Looks like it's going to be several more weeks of waiting. Sort it out. Absolutely disgraceful service.

Edit 19 July 2019
Now have to wait whilst IQA meets with new EQA 31 July to go through my portfolio.
Was told I would get refund for ILM fees I was led to believe were included but STILL WAITING to hear how much, when and how I will receive this because clearly NOBODY believes in contacting students and ZERO customer service. Ignored emails for a month now don't have the decency to call me. DIABOLICAL

Update 23 July 2019
Yes, still waiting for a response. Emailed for the 71st time to chase up only to find person is on annual leave all week and got the out of office response!!! Absolutely fuming!!!

Update - 27 July- STILL NO RESPONSE!!!

hlta course

BEWARE: SWINDLERS! I was charged almost double the advertised, promotional cost advertised for a course. My requests for Stonebridge to address this false advertising and gross overcharge were at first fobbed off, and then I was subjected to an aggressive, condescending verbal assault by Stonebridge employee, James, when I again requested a copy of my original contract yesterday. Needless to say, my requests to close my account without me ever having had the opportunity to complete even one unit of the course I was enrolled for was swiftly processed this morning without any response to my claim of an overcharge, a copy of the contract I requested, or an apology for the appalling, aggressive and intimidating response from James. Daylight robbery - a loss of £780 with absolutely nothing to show for my money.

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no certificate after completing the course.

I have completed the course in July 2018 and until now (27.02.2019) did not received my certyfikate! Stonebrige college doesn't reply to my emails. Every weekend I ring them they say that there is an issue with awarding body (?!) I have contacted awarding body and I was told that they never received my course documents grom Stonebridge so they can not produce the certyfikate. Stonebridge doesnt answers the phone calls. They Ask to leave the message. Over the last 2 weeks I left a numerous of voice messages and they never rang me back. I AM waiting for my certyfikate 8 months Now.

  • Updated by Evim1708 · Feb 28, 2019

    Did you ever write the message on the phone? Have you realised that the phone is changing the words when you use different language on the keyboard? Probably not. Yes, it is my fault that I did not check the spelling before posting.
    They did not fail me. They just never mentioned that awarding body need to audit them before they can certificate any of their students now.

  • SubSquirrel Feb 27, 2019

    Perhaps they failed you because you can’t spell certificate. To earn one you need to know how to spell it.

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  • Ev
    Evim1708 Feb 28, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Did you ever write the message on the phone? Have you realised that the phone is changing the words when you use different language on the keyboard? Probably not. Yes, it is my fault that I did not check the spelling before posting.
    And they did not fail me. They just never mentioned that awarding body need to audit them before they can certificate any of their students

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 28, 2019

    @Evim1708 I proofread my texts. My iPhone often guesses at a word and gives the wrong one.

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stonebridge won't refund my £200 'holding' fee!

I started a Web Design and Development course online in March 2017 and didn't hear from my tutor at all. Then there were problems with the Student learning loan and there was a delay in starting . I contacted Stonebridge and they said I can still start the course, but didn't explain if I couldn't obtain a loan, so I felt obliged. When I got the loan I carried on not hearing from my tutor Susan Richardson!, nor any explanation about having to complete a minimum of 2 modules, otherwise the course is unavailable to access. Because I wasn't well on 3 occasions and I was promised a reset of my course, it got cancelled in September 2018. I was told this on the phone on 30/11/18. I asked for my £200 back and was told that the Learner loan isn't supporting my course anymore and can't be restarted. I requested a refund again and it was refused.

register of foot health professionals

StonebridgesCollege is, quite frankly, useless. I contacted their Register for Foot Health Practitioners (An...

course cancellation

Stonebridge College are forcing me to pay for a course I cancelled, after having submitted a cancellation request last year November 2017. I have not logged in once to study, because I changed my mind within their 7 day cooling off period, and as I said submitted a cancellation request.
I am constantly harrassed via text, email and letter and now am being told that they are going to issue a CCJ against me.
As a college, I am surprised at their behaviour, seeing as students change their minds about courses/colleges everyday.

  • Ka
    Katie Perry Jul 23, 2018

    As long as you have proof that you cancelled within the "cooling off" period then there is no way they can make you pay anything.
    I would send them a letter recording delivery telling them to stop harassing you. If they then persist then take legal advice about it.

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course materials not been sent, no communication, poor quality

I enrolled in two courses: dog grooming professional level 3 and dog grooming professional advanced level 4...


I am a disabled student and have furthered my education by studying at an online college and subsequently have managed to attain four diplomas all at distinction level - this was indeed a magnificient achievement, and one that I was very proud of. I decided to take a fifth diploma, but after receiving the online lessons I discovered that this was not the course for me, I wrote to the college asking for a refund and was told that I was not within the seven working days cooling off period and therefore was refused a refund, but I could subsequently transfer to another course - after reading through the online prospectus I found one which would have worked perfectly with my existing qualifications, I then wrote to the college again and they informed me I would have to pay not only the extra cost of the new course but a transfer fee of £40 - this meant the new course would be costing me another £100, as a person who is relies on disabled benefits this was not ideal. So I perused once again the courses on offer and found one priced at £179.99, this meant with the transfer fee of £40 - the college then owed me £18 (as the price of the first course was £237.99.) I have today received a letter today to say they will indeed waiver the transfer fee but will not refund me any money, which means I am now out of pocket by the sum of £58.00. I telephoned them to speak on this manner and was told a number of times they could not hear me and was there a problem with my phone, this is my main phone and nobody else has a problem with hearing me. I feel like they are taking advantage and have no idea now what to do, they also told me they would waiver the transfer fee if I undertake a cheaper course but if I was to do one nearer the sum of £237.99 they would then charge me the transfer fee. The whole situation has been going on since early December 2012, its making me very stressed which in turn effects my neurological disorder. Please help as I am now at the end of my tether.


I registered with Stonebridge College to do Human Resources Management, I paid the deposit and signed up for instalments, the next day my father passed away and I email them on 21st September how to cancel my course, I had no response. On 24th September 2012 I again emailed asking how to cancel my course and the reasons why. I did not receive a reply until October stating that I had to send my request in writing. Which I did, explaining my reasons, I got a standard letter telling me it was passed the seven days and I was not entitled to a refund and if I wanted I could change my course.

I wrote back with all the evidence of the emails I sent and the email response I received, again I received a standard letter stating it was to late to cancel and I had no legal rights and I could change my course.

I then decide if I had to I would consider changing my course, so I decided on one £100 cheaper but was then informed I would still have to pay the same as the previous course.

All I want it my refund of the monies I have paid, to pay for my fathers funeral as stated.

Please can someone advise me what I can do.

Thank you,

  • Ja
    Jackie Smedley Jul 27, 2018

    Hi, Lesley,
    This may help you ;

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cancellation of course.

i am complaining about stonebridge college, as i tried to cancel a £1800 course which was to be paid in £438, monthly installments, i phoned the college (after the 7 days cooling off period) and they told me to write a letter giving a reason, for my cancellation of the course, in the letter i wrote that due to financial difficulties i could not afford the £438 per month and would like to pay just for the online course which is £480 as i have already paid 438 i iam more than willing to pay the extra £42 for the course, buti recieved a letter stating that i could not do this and that i have to pay for my 2 weeks educaton and digs in bude anyway, which as you can imagine i find hard to believe as i havent recieved this. its not booked and well i find it hard to believe this is not illegal, can anybody help.

  • Ka
    Katie Perry Jul 23, 2018

    If you cancelled AFTER the "cooling off" period then it looks like you are still liable for the cost of the course. However, I don't see why you should have to pay for the digs as they could rent them to someone else.
    I would would get advice from the Citizens Adevice Bureau.

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  • Em
    Empress Divine Jul 15, 2019

    I applied for a course with Stonebridge Associated Colleges, had not started the course, but lost my job shortly after enrolling on the course, which was after the 14 day cooling off period. I phoned Stonebridge to explain my problem and told them that as I had no income I wanted to cancel the course, to which I was told that it was after the 14 day period and that I had to write to the cancellations department and to send the letter recorded delivery. I sent the letter the next day, but forgot that I needed to send it recorded delivery and sent it by first class mail. I think I gave it a week or two, and when I had not heard from them, gave them a call, and guess what. They said they had not received my letter. How convenient. I do believe that this is a ploy used to keep harassing me for money. Are they so desperate for money that they have to going to these lengths?

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Refund of initial course payment

I decided to do a Level 3 Nail Technician course with Stonebridge and phoned up and made the initial payment of £49.99. Due to a change in circumstances I cancelled the course within the 7 days and I received a letter this morning stating that they had indeed cancelled the course but due to damage of materials I would not be refunded my initial payment. The 'damage' as they put it was I sent the 2 course papers (just a few sheets on each one) in an A5 envelope so they had to be folded in half. How on earth is this classed as damage...just a poor excuse to get out of refunding me. I can't afford to lose that money and to not refund me for such a poor reason. Any advice would be greatly received thank you

  • Do
    DONTRLYCARE Jul 21, 2012

    well i stupidly signed up at 8pm last night, saw all the things about it being dodgy and cancelled at 8am this morning, they said no they wouldnt refund me without me returning the course materials! (it was paid and cancelled within 12hours!!) now refusing to give me my 49.99 deposit back, even tho im entitled to it by LAW! distance selling regs!!! DISGUSTED!

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  • He
    Helena Z Sep 16, 2012

    Dear members of the forum! My name is Helena, I'm from Sweden. I've found this thread by Google search and came to tell you that Stonebridge Associated Colleges has proven to be a scam.

    I was seriously robbed by these scammers - they refused to refund my money for a properly cancelled course, and I'm already fighting for my rights with the help of UK European Consumer Center. Don't be afraid to claim your rights too, if you were treated badly by this College! Just go for it! Altogether we will prove that such institutions should not be fostered in EU.

    The College has been running this campaign called "Stonebridge Superfan" where people are supposed to get points and win prizes. One of the conditions is writing a positive review of the College here:, so that these reviews are many and potential students don't have a clue on what its nature really is. On the top of this page you can see a note from the Review Center which confirms the forceful nature of these positive reviews.

    Read here how you can claim your consumer rights, if they refuse to refund your money:
    And please-please-please, like the page, so that as many people as possible know what this College is really about BEFORE getting into trouble and wasting their precious money.

    I wish you all the best of luck!

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  • Ja
    Jackie Smedley Jul 27, 2018

    This may help you ;

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Very poor tutor support

This so called college offers 100s of different courses but it looks like the same tutor marks everything! I...

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