Dairy Queenbad service at drive thru

Review updated:

I get the same order 99% of the time. Single biscuit w/gravy, no sausage. 1 scrambled egg. 1 large tea light ice. I know what it should be.
My order was rung up wrong then cashier had an attitude when I questioned why my order price was almost double. She said she rang up what I asked for... "you just said biscuit w/ didn't say you wanted half an order".
I've specifically use the words "single biscuit" because that is how the MANAGER told me a year ago to order it. Her attitude was not necessary.

side note...
* the inside drink machine has been broken for MONTHS. So long that the out of order sign is faded and barely legible.
* the drive thru register tape is NOT legible and has been like that for over a year. I've been going to this location for over a year & it has never been fixed. I can make out the left side just enough to "guess" the info. I can only ASSUME it is correct.

Dairy Queen

Sep 18, 2019
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