Dairy Queenviolence/ assault in the restaurant

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My 16 year old daughter, Mycah Reiland, is an employee at Dairy Queen in Muscatine Iowa. Recently, while at work, she was physically assaulted by another 16 year old female Dairy Queen employee, Gloria Neda. Gloria ripped Mycahs headset off, grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the floor. I have photos of scratches on Mycahs neck and bruises on her hip and knee. After learning of this, I made multiple attempts to contact the manager there, Phil Pattel. Finally, days later, he returned my call and informed me that he was aware of the situation and they've had problems with Gloria in the past being rude to customers and staff. He informed me they cannot allow this behavior in Dairy Queen and were letting her go. However, days later, Gloria was still working there. Again, I contacted Phil. He told me they were allowing her to finish out the week, and then she was fired. He also stated Gloria was not accepting her termination and Phil was going to have to contact his uncle, the owner of the franchise, to have her fired. I accepted and believed this information to be true. However, weeks later, Gloria is still working there. I'm not aware if he is paying her cash illegally or if he never took her off the payroll. I also find it concerning the manager has this special attachment to a 16 year old minor. Dairy Queen handbook states there is zero tolerance for violence in the workplace and if any employee resorts to violence, he/she will be immediately terminated. Assault is a crime. Please remedy the situation, or I will have to file a criminal complaint against the juvenile employee, the manager and Dairy Queen corp. Thank you. Respectfully Submitted, Jennifer Middagh


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    Common sense Jul 28, 2018

    You should have filed a police report the day it happened.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 28, 2018

    Threaten instead of doing is a cowardly thing. Your child should come first. Report it to the police and corporate office.

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    sorryassdairyqueen Aug 05, 2018

    It isn't to late. Go down and file a complaint with the Police Department. Dairy Queen has gone down hill. We used to love going there, but now they have rude and mean employees like Gloria and screw every order I get up. Dairy Queen should be ashamed for not handling the is situation. I hope Gloria get fired and probation time from the court. Good luck.

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