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T Aug 05, 2018 Review updated:

My husband, five children, and I were traveling through Stanford Ky when we stopped for ice cream. While we were dining inside a gentleman at the counter got very upset. He witnessed while his dessert was being made that the banana was handled with bare hands plus a the servers finger went in it. All he wanted was his money back. The general manager working was African American and started to argue with him. She was very very rude to him. She accused him of making racist remarks. Which we all witnessed that he did not. He only said it didn't matter what color that wasn't sanitary for fingers to go in food. That he doesn't know where her hands have been. We totaled agree with him. I work in the health field and there is too much hepatitis c and a outbreaks lately in Kentucky. The cashier did apologize to him after giving his money back and told him have a nice day but we heard the general manager tell her not to tell him sorry. The way they treated him was awful and we lost our appetites and left. If he calls corporate then we witnessed it. Today's date is 08/05/18 545 pm EST.


  •   Aug 05, 2018

    “The general manager working was African American

    That explains everything. I wonder why they hire these monkeys in the first place?”

    You have got to be kidding. Monkeys? What are you, a member of Aryan Nation? Or just a member, member another word for [censored]? Why does color matter? Media reports caused you to think ALL black folks are bad?

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