Dairy Queenhorrible food, terrible customer service, no refund or resolution

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I visited the hope hull, al store, received my food and it was the worst I have ever had. I have been filing complaints, I tried calling the store but they have 1 number listed that says "this number has been disconnected or is out of service" and the other number is a fax line. I have filed complaints with the bbb, dq hq, and filled out numerous complaints online. I have posted negative reviews online urging customers to stay away from this location and all dq's in general because they ignore customer complaints, have faulty customer service and customer satisfaction policies. They are all privately owned so corporate does not get involved. They only "pass along" your complaint. I am urging everyone on the internet to stay away from 1122 tyson road, hope hull, al, 36043 dairy queen and all dairy queen's in general. I will be filing more reviews online with rv dealers, the rv park nearby to warn all patrons not to go to that dq. I will also post negative reviews online with the bbb, consumer affairs, trip advisor, passport america, good sam, facebook, and any other web site I can find to post negative reviews about this store, the owner and her lack of customer service and satisfaction and all dq's in general. Maybe if sales start to decline dq will take a more serious stance on addressing all customer service complaints and resolutions in a timely manner. It took 3 weeks just to get an acknowledgement email that my complaint was received. It has been over a month now with no resolution!!

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen


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