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S Aug 01, 2018

My name is Sharique Sheikh. I was a customer on 7/31/2018 at middletown, ny location around 6:30 PM. I came across a very uncomfortable situation. While I entered a non-busy store to order a strawberry banana smoothie. My friend with me had given his order first and then I was asked for my order. The cashier, who didn't think to ask if it was a separate order, then asked me what I wanted then was told its separate. She then disregarded me only assisting my friends order and not even acknowledging my existence. She could've guided me towards the other cashier who was readily available and who also kept his mouth shut the entire time, even watching the situation and not asking to help with an order. The initial cashier then even had management constantly assisting her and she not even once told the manager about my existence. My friend had to tell the cashier that I need to order. Does my friend work at dairy queen?
I had to wait 25 minutes to receive my order of a strawberry banana smoothie while other customers were in and out with their orders who ordered after me.
I had the worst experience in my entire life here that I've never experienced in a restaurant before. I deserve a better customer experience.
The management even gave a nasty look and only one time asked her staff if they worked my order . I even politely asked for an upgrade to large because of all the disappointment towards me but again I was disregarded not acknowledged.

Thank You if this even read,

Sharique Sheikh

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