Dairy Queencold food, abominable manager/store owner

B Feb 06, 2019 Review updated:

I went in to Dairy Queen on 1/24/2019 at 2:36 pm an order the 3pc chicken lunch basket deal, I specifically nicely asked for my chicken tenders & french fries to be cooked freshly hot. When I got my food it was cold so I took it back & asked for a refund due to I was scared they would do something to my food, so the girl was really nice about it but since I paid some with cash & the rest with card the girl told me it would all go back on my card so went to my bank to let them be aware my bank told me it would take 5 to 6 business days, but still yet to this day 2/6/2019 I haven't gotten a refund. Therefore I went back to the store to try talking with the manger about the little issue that was going on so he reused to give me a refund even after I showed him my bank account & recipes that's when I had to call the police to get them involved although they couldn't do anything about the situation. Therefore I am reaching out to you guys for help.


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    Mike Evst. Feb 06, 2019

    You called the police over a DQ refund? Wow. I bet you even went as far as to call 911. What is wrong with you? You should have contacted Corporate.

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  • Mrs Bean Feb 06, 2019

    another one who insisted on free food. just go back to the counter and say you want it HOT!

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  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 06, 2019

    You really need to work on your grammar before you call grown women girls. Maybe you can get an ten year old to help you so you avoid run on sentences. Not to mention calling the police and wasting their time is childish. They have bigger things to worry about.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 06, 2019

    The police?? OMG. They aren’t busy enough so you give them more work? Over a five dollar lunch?

    Intelligent people would email the corporate office. Intelligent people know not to expect custom food at a fast food place. Intelligent people ask if it is fresh and feel the bag.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 06, 2019

    The same five people post in disgust at posts like this. Same thoughts, same shock and same disbelief

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  • Mrs Bean Feb 07, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Perhaps we five are the only ones who have graduated from KINDERGARTEN!

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