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N Oct 04, 2019 Review updated:

I never write reviews but today is that day. I called to have a cake made for my sons 2nd Birthday and got absolute garbage first off it was not ready when it was stated it would be. So they rushed to put something together as if I would not know. But the worst part once we got the cake home and was ready to eat there was hair everywhere inside the icing. [censored] really!! And I payed $30 dollars for the stupid thing so straight to the trash that went. Unbelievable!!


  •   Oct 04, 2019

    Is dairy Queen known for ice cream cakes?

    Carvel is. And Baskin Robbins.

    IDK. There's a pop up dq in Manhattan and that's the only one around.

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  •   Oct 04, 2019

    You “payed” thirty dollars and didn’t bring it back?

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  •   Oct 05, 2019

    You still paid (payed 😂) for it regardless of how they made it. Paying for something equals accepting it. You paid for it therefore you accepted it as it was.

    Welcome to your fault.

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