Dairy Queencake for a child’s 1st birthday.

B Oct 21, 2019 Review updated:

I had ordered a cake from DQ in Spencer, WV. And was very annoyed at this cake. I simply asked to write Happy 1st Birthday Autumn with Minnie Mouse in the middle. They had told us that their projector wasn't working at the time, which was fine because they said they'd free hand it. When picking up the cake, we were rudely told that nobody could draw Minnie Mouse on the cake, and the cake looked terrible part of the cookie was still showing from where they didn't put enough icing on it, the cake just looked terrible over all! I feel that if something should be done about this! I'll never recommend anyone to this Dairy Queen again. Very very disappointed!

cake for a child’s 1st birthday.


  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Brittney! It's very difficult to draw with icing! I expect that you would have been even more upset by a very poor drawing of Minnie Mouse than having no drawing of her at all. Was the cake as delicious as it looks?

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  • Aa
    aag123 Oct 27, 2019

    delicious as it looks? It looks like a 5 yr. old did it and they probablly would of done a better job! That is the worst cake I have ever seen, I would not have paid for that, she should of at least been compensated with some vouchers so she could of brought her daughter in for some ice cream on another day.

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