Dairy Queenbad food - ice cream cones not right


Yesterday, 10/15 at about 4pm, my roommate and I got swirl cones at the Hillsboro, OR (4961 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro, OR 97123)

The ice cream was not ok - my roommate and I are very tolerant - but the cones were fizzy and tart/sour - they tasted like someone had carbonated the ice cream and slightly tasted like root beer and sour yogurt. We were worried that we would get sick from eating, so we pulled over on the way home to throw the cones away. I'm concerned that someone is going to get very sick form these cones. Please have someone check on the ice cream at this location - and if possible it would be nice to get a refund or coupon to get another two small cones to make up for the ones that were not edible...

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