Dairy Queen4 piece chicken basket soaked in gravy.


The Dairy Queen I go to 2 times a week for lunch break with my coworkers is in Valparaiso Indiana on calumet ave. Today 7/27/17 at 1240pm I ordered the 4 piece chicken basket with orange Julius. When I got back to work and opened it the gravy inside had been put in the box with the lid off it. Everything was soaked in gravy and it was soaking into the box bottom. The fries were then not only soaked in gravy but also cold. It was like trying to eat a fries and chicken soup. The other great part of your service was an employee who wasn't even working the window. This greasy fowl lady comes up to the window with what I hope was chocolate on her face and proceeds to [censor] at me. She opens the window and with no introduction or explanation complains at me you can't smoke by the window put it out now. Then slams the window shut. Now I have no problem following rules but who puts a 6x4 inch sticker on the window you pay at stating no smoking. My question is how the hell could I predict your company would proceed to infringe on my rights in my car and attempt to dictate my life at the last stop of the drive thru. I would like to know why you don't block out semi exhaust from your store too it's more toxic then cigarettes. So today I was attacked by your employee who [censor]es out windows instead of telling people about your discriminatory intolerant rule like a normal person would, then I received sub par food that your rude fowl employee couldn't even prepare properly but at least she knows how to [censor] out that window. I request refund or coupon for another 4 piece basket.

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