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As a frequent customer I was taken aback when I drove up to the drive through window today and saw your employees appearance!
I, for one am not comfortable having a person with Blue hair and nose rings handling any part of my prescription process, I am sure there must be Some Kind of dress code in handbook.
It is just not a professional appearance.
This happened at you 21st Street store in Newark Oh

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    Dress code!Attendant at your store working the drive thru came to the window and I was taken aback Blue Hair and nose ring, Not a professional appearance,
    I am not comfortable with such handling any part of my prescription process
    This happened at you 21st street store in Newark Oh


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      Jun 23, 2019

    For the dress code, as long as he is clean and hygienic. and his dress code does not interfere with his performance he is not doing anything wrong. If you are going to be judgemental shop online. I am sure that anywhere you go you will find someone not suited to your expectations.

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  •   Jun 28, 2019

    One could say you are a lazy ass who can't be bothered to get out of the car.

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  •   Jul 02, 2019

    But this is CVS. No hot food is prepared or served here.

    This complaint is nowhere near equal to "the reason Ralphie Mae had his own special coffee machine" in terms of grossness. The attendant was handling medicine in bottles/tubes/ vacuum sealed packets/ whatever. HIS coffee maker had a crusty, dusty, ratty dreadlock dangling mere centimeters from his uncovered coffee. And the dude was stirring it! Ralphie understandingly freaked and police were called. The barista got a health citation and Ralph got a do not return order which I thought was assinine.

    In any event, people need to think about the big picture and if is a matter of health and safety it their prudence.

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