Curves for WomenScam and cheating!


I joined Curves in August 2003 for a years membership. The cost was $78 up front and $29 per month. After a year I did not renew my membership. In checking my account recently I noticed a $29 monthly debit to my checking account. Calling the bank I found that this had been going on since the time I joined Curves. Needless to say this adds up to quite a bit of money. In calling Curves I was told that unless I canceled my membership in writing they continued to charge the monthly fee. At no time when I joined was I told this would be the case. (Yes, I know I should have been more vigilant in checking my bank statement).

This is bad business and believe me I will warn everyone I know to stay away from Curves.


  • Ga
    Gayle Levison Feb 05, 2008

    The problem wasn't that you didn't check your bank statement. The problem is that they do a big "talk up" and unless you take the time to read the "fine print" on their contract, you lose, no matter what you do. There is a box to check that says "No automatic renewal" or words to that effect. EFVERYONE should know to read the contract and check that box!!! Alternatively, insist that they give you a letter in writing that assures you won't have an automatic renewal.
    But, utlimately, I agree----stay away from this group!!!

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  • Gl
    Glenda Hales Jul 24, 2008

    This same thing happened to me with Curves here in Oregon. Yes, I should have followed through. However, at the time I signed up I specifically asked if they would stop the withdrawals at the end of the contract and also asked if there was anything specific I should do at that time and they told me no, nothing was needed by me. They indicated that the contract would end as would the withdrawals. That was not the case. This was a hard lesson to learn for me, to not trust those you have known all you life in a small town. I have yet to get this resolved. Has anyone you know of gotten their money back?

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  • Mk
    mkrizka Aug 12, 2008

    Same with me & I'm currently in the process of getting this info. out to as many folks as I can. Professional thieves is what they are.

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  • Mi
    Minny Sep 21, 2008

    It isn't on the contract in fine print. It is in regular print. It clearly states that it automatically renews unless you give a 30 day written notice. No one explained it to me and I saw it clear as day. Sorry this happened. But, live and learn. It is NOT Curve's fault - I don't think it fair to act as though they cheated you.

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  • Cr
    crue Aug 31, 2010

    It is curve's fault. I cancelled my membership via fax in April 2006 and here it is August 2010 and they have been billing me ever since. To the tune of $2500. Curves is a horrible business and I have just been screwed by them. I cannot wait until they go down.

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  • Br
    Brenzy Apr 21, 2011

    This happened to me too! I joined in August 2009 with a friend. She had this same expereince at an earlier time with them. The day that we signed up again (I had previously been a member and after my friends experience had cancelled by a letter sent certified mail, return receipt) We were told by an employee (agent) that this was no longer how you had to cancel that at the end of 12 months our contracts wouyld have to be resigned to be renewed. (This was an out and out lie) she said if we cancelled during the year we had to pay $10.00 for every month we had been a member and pay the remainder of the contract.) I quit going b/c I just hated in february 2010. I did not pay close attention to the checking account b/c we quit doing the bulk of our business with that bank but kept the account. For 9 months they have continued to draft the account. Today to get out from under Curves I have had to close a checking account that we have had since 1985! There contracts are misleading and the people that own the franchise could care less if you come as long as they get your $38.00 a month! I wish one of the Class Action attorneys would go after every Curves in America for misleading contracts!

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