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L Aug 02, 2018

On June 18, 2018 I sent the following email to the head personal trainer Josh at the Glenside location in Richmond VA:
Good morning Josh,
My name is Lacie Truslow. You and I meet I want to say 4/5/18 to talk about personal training. When we spoke you set me up with a gentleman, charged me 60 for the hour we were there and discussed that I would be billed 60 bi-weekly for training. You had me sign electronically that I understood that if I didn't give the trainer enough notice that I will be late or miss a class I understood that I could still be charged for the class and also giving you permission to charge my card for the classes. Well I missed my first meeting (called in advance and everything) and never heard back. I want to say late April early May I noticed I was still be charged. So I called and spoke with the GM I believe his name is Shawn or Sean, or maybe Shane. He informed me that I had signed a contract with you and that I was locked in for the next 12 months. You can imagine my shock, as I was unaware of these terms in the contract that I signed. My fault because I should have physically read what I was signing then just trusting what you said. So I asked that a trainer would be contacted so I can at least get what I am paying for. Now it's June 18th, still being charged and not getting any training. When we (I brought my husband this time so if I had questions he could explain it better) came in and spoke to Daniel at the front desk. He said we had paid for 5 out of 23 sessions. So I am trying to figure out everything and what we can do since I have not received any calls back.

Thank you,
Lacie Truslow

To which his response was:
Hey Lacie,

I apologize!! I was unaware you were not working with a trainer. Thank you for reaching out. We are going to fix that ASAP and get you in here working hard with a trainer. Let me know your availability and I'll have it scheduled up.


To which I replied:
The issue isn't the lack of a personal trainer, rather the lack of communication and explanation. I was not expecting to be spending $120 per month on something that I wasn't intending to use that frequently but rather as needed. I would rather sign up for sessions or classes on a case by case basis. The cost is too great considering my availability and workload caused by my Full-Time job, my Part-Time job, and the Event Planning business that I run. I just cannot commit to personal training sessions as well as everything else that I have happening now.

All of this happened on the same day. It is now Aug 2nd, no one is calling me or following up with me which has been the issue for day one. I am going to have to cancel my membership due to I am quitting my full time job which was near that location and staying near now where I live so I can't get out there anymore. So is there anything we can do to fix this?

Thank you
Lacie Truslow

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