Credit One Bankfit firm phyto ceramide eye solution and jws*lifesvitalyserum


on 9/29/17 I ordered an eye serum and a face cream. The advertisement was on Facebook. I ordered with the understanding that they will only charge the shipping of $4.95 and it was a free trial. There were no indications that you would be charged $89.95 twice after 14 days. Now they have access to my credit card and I am very upset. I called Creditone office and they claimed that I have to send a hard copy of the complaint. This takes too long and it will cause me more bills! I had to search for this complaint form on line because your website does not provide such service. If I had used my PayPal card, they would take care of it in one day and meanwhile put a stop to this party getting anymore money. They would not waste time asking for hard copies. See attachments. I need this stopped ASAP, as I learned that this is a fraud that has happened to many!

Miriam Tierno
2983 (last 4 digits of card)

Credit One Bank
Credit One Bank
Credit One Bank

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