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REF#18-002771 SC- 6/12/18 & 7/31/18- On May 3, 2018, I filed a small claims report for security deposit not returned. I hired Mr. bennett for processing service to serve former landlord court papers. I went to court 6/12/18 and 9/25/18 without the former landlord being served. Mr. Bennett claimed that " He's paid to try to do his job." The only time you're paid to "try to do your job"-is when you're in training. After a # of years you should know how to do your job. Mr. Bennett refused to issue a refund. An officer was finally able to serve the former landlord, we had court on 9/25/18. Any other company.. any services not rendered, you get a refund. An officer should not have had to do Mr. Bennett's job :( - This situation is no different -should get refund for services not rendered!!!

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    still waiting for refund

Oct 01, 2019

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