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listing removal: vita mix 5200 blender onwers - free drawing for sound enclosure

Maybe we didn't get it right. Every time we advertise competitively on Craigslist, like you can:

- buy a Vita Mix 4500 TurboBlend Blender with sound enclosure for $ 399.95, or
- if you own a Vita Mix 5200 Blender you qualify to enter a free drawing for a $ 100 free sound enclosure for your own Vita Mix 5200 Blender
- Blendtec blenders are noisy and we offer a free sound enclosure with it when you purchase the Blendtec HP3A blender for $ 399 from us

Somebody removes or requests the removal, or reports our adds for removal from CraigsList. Where is the complaint? As you know, eBay owns Craigslist. Craigslist is equally poorly process engineered. Anybody can simply report any competitor for whatsoever and they remove the ad.

It does not cost anything to advertise for example a Vita Mix 5200 Blender Review Comparison with The Vita Mix Vita Prep 3 hp 1005 blender, or the Vita Mix 4500 Turbo Blender. But somebody out there, an affiliate marketer for Vita Mix, or another blender dealer, or even Vita Mix themselves, of Blendtec, etc... find offense or something wrong, justifiable or not, and your hard work goes to the garbage.

It is just bothersome. Time is money. Where can we advertise effectively? It is true that times are tough. Competition is harsh and mean, rude, and Craigslist supports this behavior, just as eBay does. On eBay, if you are seller, you constantly have to fight negative or neutral feedback with customers. Customers have all the recourse, but sellers have none to make a customer give you a better feedback. So the competition buys your cheap products and gives you the worst kind of feedback. This ranks you poorly and your listings show up on the bottom instead on top. This is the kind of company, the same, Craigslist.

Is it worth advertising on Craigslist? Yes it is. Why? When you place an html-based link or URL on your listing, it will rank your listing very high, even within top-10 on Google within a 1 week's time. This is great. But it is just frustrating of having to fight the removal thing.

Thank you for listening. I hope this helps a little.

  • Le
    leticia_bey Jan 15, 2010

    you may be having your ad flagged for removal because of using someone elses (ie: vitamixes) trademarked name

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Don't send money orders to individuals selling stuff on Craigslist you may never get your item bought as I did. I bought a cheap $25 Game Boy Micro and was promised it would be mailed to me before 8/2007. Never got the item. The seller was from Ocala, Florida by the way. I negotiated with the ### and never got what I bought.

I pray someone poor stole the $25 from him and helped them out!!

  • Bi
    billy pro Oct 08, 2009

    It is not Craigslist's fault. They are constantly saying to only buy locally. Never trust anyone that you can not meet with in person.

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  • Bi
    billy pro Oct 08, 2009

    both of you are idiots.

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  • Th
    thecyberpresident Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Craigslist is the cyberghetto. I don't shop at the ghetto in my State so I guess it doesn't make sense for me to shop at an online ghetto either. I have a problem with the fact that craigslist enters into the online community through public means but dodges moral and ethical responsibility via the private sector umbrella. It's a difficult concept for me to get through my head, all the public vs. private internet laws but someday I'll get it and when I do, websites like craigslist will only exist in a "private" cyber world.

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scam and rip off

I am a single mother with a 13 years old. Since all the changes in the economy and I have been strugle to pay my rent I decide to rent my room. A couple of people approach me and I decide to take this girl from canada she She told me she was interested in the room for just 10 months which for me workout fine. I was always Communication with her until 2 weeks ago she send me a email stating that her boss sent me a check for 4250 but it was a mistake. she said cash the check. I thought this was real because the check has the name of a company called international organic accreditation which I found on the internet. I deposited the check and the amount was in my account when I went the next to the back the check she told me to go an send her the rest of the money which was 3250 to her boss but since the check didn't clear I didn't take any money. then I deposit the check the second time and I had in my account 500.00 PLUS 4250. I made a transaction of a 1, 000 dollars it seems was 500.00 from my money and 500.00 from the check. the bank now close my account because they think I was doing fraud. I have been with this bank for the past 10 years and this is the first time something like this happen to me. I even told them that I didn't know the check was a scam but they don't care I have the copy of the check and the emails between me and her also I have the address and name for the male she wanted me to send the money

UPDATE: I just received an email from the company stating that it is fradulent. The only thing I don't undestand how these people can get hand to a check with even the logo of the company and even so how they know this company exist.

Somehow it was my fault to trust these people but before I try to cash the check I try to verify online if the name of the company was legit. I google it and I found it therefore I thought it was all true.

  • Sc
    Scam Breaker Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed identical personal postings in Craiglist throughout various cities. In fact, I have found three different postings in various US cities. I notified CL and gave my phone number so I could give the specifics to CL. Instead, I am finding CL themselves are playing games with me. Sending me canned responses like their terms and conditions and saying I am the one overpostings. The problem is an individual can not overpost yet somehow some individuals can. I suspect it is CL themselves for some unknown reason and now they are trying to scare me. They have picked the wrong person to try to scare. Today they suspended my account saying I was overposting which again is impossible unless you are CL or have some type of software that allows this. I gave them two days to repond to my latest message or I will declare war and take this complaint as high as I can.

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craigslist scam

Scamster wanting me to ship the goods to her in another state. Anybody that is offering you extra money to ship goods to them via paypal etc is a scam on craigslist.100%.

From: Judith Damian [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 20 September 2009 08:46
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: RE: Canon GL2 3CCD with free tripod - $1000

Thanks for the mail...Am really interested in your posted item and i will like to make the payment via PayPal and i will be adding $150 for the shipping fee so get back to me with the PayPal invoice for the prompt payment or your PayPal email id if you are interested in PayPal or sign up for a PayPal account at

  • Po
    poly Sep 24, 2009

    Another one that tried to get me on the same item.

    [email protected] : thomas ann

    from thomas ann <[email protected]>
    to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    date Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 9:33 AM
    subject Re: Canon GL2 3CCD with free tripod - $1000

    Thanks for the response i am out of State i would have come to give
    you the cash, do go to and set up an account with your
    email address once you do that just get back to me with the email
    address you use to set up the account so that i can make the
    payment, paypal if free secure and safe

    On 9/20/09, xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > Hi there,
    > Sorry but local pickups only.I cannot ship the item or use paypal.Cash only.
    > Thanks
    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: thomas ann [mailto:[email protected]]
    > Sent: 20 September 2009 08:10
    > To: xxxxxxxxxxx
    > Subject: Re: Canon GL2 3CCD with free tripod - $1000
    > Date: 2009-09-19, 11:52AM PDT Reply to: [email protected]
    > Hello,
    > Thanks for the prompt response and i will like you to withdraw the
    > advert from Craigslist, i don't mind adding an extra $30 for you to
    > take the advert down from Craigslist so that i can be rest assured
    > that am in hand of the item.I'm interested in the immediate purchase
    > of this item i will be paying you a sum of $1200 i will want to
    > complete the transaction in a very
    > timely manner and i will like you to ship out the item through via
    > USPS EMS SPEEDPOST .if you can do this, email me with your paypal id so
    > that i can proceed with payment right away.let
    > me quickly say that i will be sending this unit to my son in UNITED
    > KINGDOM(LONDON), he need this item urgent for him as a GIFT, i will be
    > happy if u can email me back now.
    > On 9/20/09, thomas ann <[email protected]> wrote:
    >> Is your item still available?
    >> --
    >> Is your item still available?
    > --
    > Is your item still available?


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  • Po
    poly Sep 24, 2009

    Aaand another one on a different camera i tried to sell.This one was probably from Nigeria. "Mrs Jane" lol.
    [email protected], [email protected]

    On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Mrs jane charter<[email protected]> wrote:

    Thanks for your response, I would have come to pick it up myself but
    am out of town at the moment, am buying the camera as a birthday gift
    for my neice who is in west africa she works with the W.H.O there, i
    will like you to help me deliver it to her before her birthday, and
    will be adding $120 for shipment expenses through postal service
    (USPS).Payment will be through paypal, just send me paypal money
    request to ([email protected]) so i can make payment immediately
    and if you dont have an account go to paypal website and sign up, its
    Mrs Jane

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  • Je
    JennLaw Sep 24, 2009

    I have enjoyed CL in the past, but you do have to do your homework and be careful, although that may be true with many sites such as CL, ebay, and such.

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  • Beware of AAA Discount Movers in Houston, TX. You will get robbed but they can actually get away with it. They quoted me a fair price and said it was a flat rate and no hidden fees. They make you sign some papers, but please read the fine prints before signing anything. I was too trusting and gave them the benefit of the doubt. A $300 quote cost me $3, ooo. When it was time to unload, they wanted their money upfront before unloading and demanded $3, 000. I argued with them, because I thought I signed an agreement to pay $300. They took out the papers that I had signed earlier. I was about to die. I didn't have the cash to pay them. Cops were called but couldn't do anything because the agreement was binding. They refused to provide identification so I can use for future references. As a result, I forked over $1, 000 and had to give them my brand new 46' Sony lcd + my laptop as payment for the balance. I was robbed! These guys are crooks! They drive a white truck, kind of like a u-haul with no company logo on the car. There are 4 men. Most movers have their logo on the truck. I should have known! Anyone looking for movers, please do not go on Craigslist. They're theives. I 've learn a very hard and painful lesson.

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  • Gr
    greatguy2009 Oct 30, 2009

    I had the same experience with these same rogues. They quoted a very low price over the phone (never believe movers who quote on the phone) and then charged me 10 times over.
    They made me sign papers which I trusted and in the end quoted over $1000 and paid them in hard cash. They were the same AAA movers who came in the same white truck with no logo

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  • Sa
    sad_victim Nov 02, 2009

    Hi greatguy2209 & the one above,

    I just had the same terrible experience with the same people on 31 OCT, 2009. They quoted on phone $125 and in the end I had to pay them $1986. I'm going to sue them, can I get assistance from you two also? Please contact me at [email protected]


    a victim of AAA DISCOUNT MOVERS

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  • Iw
    IwillSCAMyou! Nov 30, 2009

    [email protected] you are a idiot. both those e-mails are obviously scams via too much personal info and unrealistic shipping offers. truth is there are plenty of legitimate people in rural areas who have a hard time finding local deals and will pay a few extra for shipping. your certainty that every offer involving shipping is 100% a scam is ignorance, and your ###ing over honest people trying to save some money by spreading your inaccurate opinion. i have got sellers to ship out of state before using paypal and it was a smooth transaction, so to any seller reading this if you get obvious scam offers like the example used delete them, no harm no foul. but if you get an offer that sounds legitimate but asks you to ship take a little time to get to know whos offering before you use this persons advice to discredit them. talk to them on the phone, see if they have a myspace, facebook, ect., cross reference info, its not nearly as time consuming as you think and if they arent legit you will find out pretty quickly. SO USE GOOD DISCRETION AND RESERVE SOME JUDGEMENT THERE ARE HONEST PEOPLE OUT THERE!

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craigslist scam using fake tnt shipping service

Internet fraud using craiglist and fake TNT shipping service. This has been reported elsewhere and...


This address 214 Bowery St. in Wolverhampton is a Craigslist scam. The person copies the TNT delivery service emails to pretend to check out and ship the item.

tried getting me to mail him an item

Here's my yahoo messenger conversation with him.

Jen: you were interested in buying my cell phone?
Bynum Mark: yeah
Bynum Mark: how much do you wanna sell this?
Jen: asking $185
Bynum Mark: ok
Bynum Mark: i will add $100 for the shipping via USPS as i want to buy this for my Reverend father
Bynum Mark: who traveled abroad for his missionary journey
Jen: my paypal address is [protected]
Jen: y $100 for shipping isn't that high?
Bynum Mark: i told you iwant this shipped internationalyy
Bynum Mark: i want it shipped to him via USPS
Bynum Mark: to the west africa
Bynum Mark: Nigeria
Jen: what's the address?
Bynum Mark: ok i will send it to you soon
Jen: ok
Bynum Mark:
Name:Akin Yinka
Address:JD 7, Odi-olowo street,
Zip Code:234036
Phone Number:+[protected]
Bynum Mark: Statesun
Bynum Mark: osun
Bynum Mark: i will also send that to your mail
Bynum Mark: ok?
Jen: are you sending the payment now?
Jen: once i receive it I will mail it out today
Bynum Mark: am about to send it
Bynum Mark: i will like you to mail it out as soon as you get the notification from Paypal
Jen: Is that enough for shipping? I've never shipped internationally before. do I have to fill out any customs forms?
Bynum Mark: the shipping should not be up to $100
Bynum Mark: if you go to usps
Bynum Mark: Can you tell me more about the condition of the cell phone?
Jen: it was only used for about a month. in pretty good condition. looks brand new. not sure if I should continue this since you won't be able to test it
Bynum Mark: you will continue
Bynum Mark: just want to know
Jen: my mom said it should work with anyone who has a sim card
Bynum Mark: am about to send the money
Bynum Mark: PayPal will send you a notification on your PayPal e-mail
Bynum Mark: My money has just been deducted
Bynum Mark: Hope you get the confirmation letter?
Jen: I'll check
Bynum Mark: check your mail
Bynum Mark: you get it?
Jen: got the email. im checking my paypal
Bynum Mark: Great
Jen: nothing yet in my paypal
Bynum Mark: but you get the confirmation?
Jen: yeah but I can't send anything without seeing it in my paypal account
Bynum Mark: You are to do as paypal instruct in their mail sent to you
Bynum Mark: PayPal will surely accredit your account as soon as you send them the shipping tracking number
Bynum Mark: ok?
Jen: sorry i have to wait
Bynum Mark: You are to mail out the item and send them the tracking number in their data base admin
Bynum Mark: at [protected]
Jen: sounds like a scam
Jen: usually if paid, it goes directly to my account
Jen: not having to submit a tracking number
Bynum Mark: what does that mean?
Bynum Mark: my money has been deducted from my account
Bynum Mark: and am new to all this things happening
Last message received on 7/17 at 12:29 PM
Jen: Mark BynumAre you also a victim of the Mark Bynum? Submit a complaint to help other consumers to be educated and Don't let them get you! -
Jen: y are u not responding?

  • Iu
    IUGIRL2010 Jul 23, 2009

    Mark Bynum also tried to get me to mail an iPod Nano to his 'Reverend father'. We traded emails ONCE before I recognized his scam. He offered to pay $40 extra for the shipping. Bogus! DO NOT SELL TO/BUY FROM MARK BYNUM! His email at the time was [email protected]

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Childcare scam

I posted an ad for childcare on craigslist and I had a response from Dr. Harrison Smith, this was his story...

14 comments Mount Horeb Other


So I've gotten a substantial amount of positive feedback
from candidates I've placed in the last couple weeks. So
much so, that our recruiting department had to put
together a free information kit that will answer all the
questions you may have, based on the frequently asked
questions we have compiled.

Despite the overall situation in the US economy, the demand
remains strong in this industry right now, so just get your
information kit and give me your feedback after checking it
out. Feel free to get back to me personally after you do and
I will try get back to you within 2 business days.

Application processing and placement is generally a time
consuming and sensitive process that needs to be done just
right, so you’ll be placed on a first come first serve

Therefore please get your kit right now.

Any and all questions including compensation should be
answered within the kit, but if you have more, AGAIN feel
free to contact me.

Pick it up on this link.

Keegan Diaz

GCS - Internal HR Dept.

charges 1.95 fee +

$450 / 3br - Rent to Own Inventory Call and See Homes Today Bank Owned

Reply to:mailto:hous-nfxq6-[protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-06-03, 1:47PM CDT

1-4bd homes available from $199/mo!

75 houses must sell in the next 30 days at any cost

Low interest Rate programs available to all buyers

We are standing by waiting for your call. Emails will not be replied to. You must call.

For local listings in Minneapolis call [protected] ext.0031

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: [protected]

  • An
    Andrew R Dove Oct 12, 2010

    my name is Andrew Dove and their is a scam currently running on craigs list automobile service. I was taken for 1500$ by someone calling himself luis peterson in london england . he shows you a photo of the car then he sends you to

    Hello Mr. Andrew,

    Right now i will forward your full name and address to eBay.
    I will initiate the transaction through Ebay and they will contact you with all necesary information about this transaction (terms, buyer protection, payment instructions, invoice, etc.)

    Hello Andrew R. Dove,

    Please tell us if You received the invoice for your transaction. Once we will receive the fax from you with the payment details as explained above, we will instruct the seller to start the shipping process. We will hold the payment until you send us your confirmation that you are satisfied with the item received. As soon we have your confirmation we will release the payment to the seller. You will receive further details regarding the shipping process (courier information, tracking method, expected delivery date) after the payment confirmation.
    *NOTE: It may occur that your e-mail doesn't support HTML language and that is why you haven't received the invoice from us. Please check your bulk/junk/spam/ messages, the invoice may end there because of increased filters of the e-mails providers.

    Thank you for using eBay.
    Vehicle Purchase Protection Program

    I've received a letter from eBay that they have sent you the invoice for the car.
    Just wanted to be sure, that you received it and if you understood how to make the payment, and how to confirm it.
    I have one request for you when you are going to make the payment. Please inform the Western Union agent that you are sending the money to a relative or a friend of yours in London, United Kingdom cause otherwise when i will receive my payment i have to pay 15% from the amount to the state here. I really appreciate if you can do this for me. It will help me a lot.

    Thank you and look forward to doing business with you.


    You have to know that the 1994 Lexus ES300 I am selling is 100% working and great looking, no flaws or dents, no scratches or any kind of damage. The title is clear. It has 96, 860 miles, automatic transmission, leather and many options. This vehicle engine runs very very smooth. No electrical problems on this beauty. This detailed vehicle makes the exterior look like it just came off the assembly line. As I know that my current situation is pretty special I want the deal closed only through eBay's Buyer Protection Program in order for you to be 100% protected. You will make the payment to eBay and they will hold the money until you receive the car. ONLY AFTER you receive the car and inspect it (for 10 days) eBay will release the payment to me; in this way we are both protected. Anyway i am sure that if you won`t be satisfied with the car i will surely find another buyer in your area and there will be no need for you to ship the car back. I am located in London, United Kingdom and I was sent here to improve the military relationships between our country and United Kingdom. One month ago, my wife moved here with me and brought the car with her, but now we have to sell it back in the United States because we are unable to register this car here because i would have to pay very high import/custom taxes. My final price on it is $ 1500. If you will take it for this price, I am willing to handle the shipping. It will be shipped from here by plane with US Air Military Cargo so it will not cost me anything. You will get it to the nearest airport in your area and then it will be trucked forward to your place. You will receive the car in about 4 days. Please get back to me asap if you decide to buy, and include in your e-mail your full name and address where you want it shipped so I can start the deal with eBay. You will receive all the transaction payment and shipping details from them.

    Thank you and have a nice day,
    Luis Peterson

    P. S : You can view the pictures here :

    I followed these instructions and lost my money this add remains on craigs list today why?

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I live in Missouri. Craigslist here is loaded with nuthing but crap. I gave up using them as a job source...

Resolved fraud and cheating

Everyone out there, watch out for the convincing sales add on CRAIGSLISTOPTIMIZER.COM who will rip you off for $97 and more expenses incurred as you run a zero to none profit affiliated website using there templates. Basically, this website promises you to make your money back in one day of setting it up. Well, setting it up completely takes more than one day because you have to wait for approval from ebay affiliate partner. Amazon partner was no problem, and so was google adsense. It took me 3 days to finish and upload my affiliate website and of course I did not get the approval from ebay to partner with for no apparent reason like the website claimed could happen. However, they promised that all I need is the approval from amazon to be successful and that I can just turn off the ebay store side of my website when referring people through my product listings.

Well, the main function of the program is to start emailing advertisers on craigslist to see if they are interested in buying products listed on amazon or ebay, which less than likely not because most of those people advertised wanted things either dirt cheap or for free or trade which makes this affiliate business less than demanding. And when I ask for their 100% guarantee refund promise, I get a flat out cuss word of out them insulting me on my lack of success and disclaimed what they had claimed on their website and don't even refund my money at all or even emailing me back to make their case. They did tell me give it 90 days to get result on my first email requesting my refund. Logically, why that long? Well, 120 days later, I had one sale on amazon that is around $5.00 purchase that I earned 20 cents commission on after long days emailing people and paying all those domain registration and hosting fees. What a rip-off this company is.

Oh yeah, when you don't get approved from ebay partner affiliates program, you can't turn off the ebay store part of the website like they claimed also because I test it out myself by emailing it back to myself and guess what, the ebay store is still there and if and when your advertiser even would go through ebay bidding process, you would have to wait for some time (days or weeks) in hope that the person would win the bid and you make money off that 1 to 2% commission off a sale. That is also hoping that the advertiser stays on your web-link to continue the bid (chances are zero because they now can just go straight to ebay and logging into their ebay account, so there goes your commission link hopes lost).

So don't even fall into their lame business advertising, keep your money and time well spent on something else. And any website promoting this website is also a scam. Trust me, I've tried them too.

Resolved for sale / vehicle

This is not really a complaint towards Craigslist but for someone who is claiming to be selling a 2006 Infiniti G35X for $4400.00. After emailing back and forth with this person he suggested we use a "3rd party" such as eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Program. This person even gave me a VIN of JNKCV51F56M615917 so I could run a Carfax report. After researching this found it to be a scam!!!

For anyone who can help the email ([protected] was used in the ad, luckly I was able to catch this before getting scammed and want to make sure I did what I could to prevent someone else from getting scammed.

If there is anything else I could do please let me know

George H.
Mobile [protected]

  • Ym
    ymmyvstar Feb 24, 2010

    these guys do this over and over and over when they get flagged they change gmail adresses and start over

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  • Lm
    LMAO Dec 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "2006 Infiniti G35X for $4400.00"

    ???? and you were stupid enough to believe that???? you can't even get a 2006 KIA for 4400..

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scam and overpayment fake checks

We received an email stating that this person wanted to buy a rug from us. They told us they were hearing impaired, and just moved into a new town and had movers delivering their things. Then we received another email after making a deal, that their bank accidentally wrote out their check to us for a much larger amount ($2, 450.00). They claimed that they were desperate for their money to pay the movers. They told us that the cashiers check would be delivered via UPS. They then asked if we would take the check to our bank, cash it, and then wire it to their fake moving company. Well we did what they asked because we felt sorry for this person due to their disability and just wanted to help her. The money was wired Western Union as per their request. They would pay the WU fee and for the rug (which was only $150.00). We cashed the check and wired the money. It was about 24 hrs later when we realized that this was a total scam! We received another email from the same person (Jessica Spencer) [protected] asking us if we would please help her buy a car, her bank accidentally cut the check to us, and she wanted us to wire the money to the seller so she would not sell the car to someone else. At that point we emailed them back and said no, to stop payment on the check because we would not do it.
Since then, we have had to cover ALL of the lost money ($2, 450.00) + some, and have been to our bank, the police, called Western Union, and filing complaints wherever we can. Please do not fall for this scam. These people are terrible and pray on kind and innocent people. Thank you for allowing me to write about our situation. My hope is that if we get the word out, these people will be arrested for their crimes.

Mark and Jane keller

  • Ch
    Chrissiann Aug 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They tried that with me, but as soon as they said that the secretary "accidentally overpaid" me (I was selling for $200, they sent me $3, 000 fake check and asked me to hurry and deposit and wire them the extra via WU) I knew i was on to a scam.

    the scammer was on gmail so got into my contact list and was telling me how "he" "trusted me" that i would make good and send him the overpayment for his daughter who needed the money for her school needs. HAHAHA He thinks he's gonna trick me with my own honesty? I don't think so...

    so i told him that i will just return the $3, 000 check to him and he can just send me another check for the correct $200 amount, and i need his mailing address. :)

    he said no, do not worry about that, just hurry and deposit the fake check and quickly wire him the money. he gave me an address and WU #. So i looked up the address and told him this address did not exist. he said that uh, his "shipper' gave him that WU address, not to worry about it, just wire it to the account #.

    I would just love to break his/her neck! the whole lot of 'em. May they all perish in the lowest pits of hades.

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  • Wh
    whatever2 Feb 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got one of these fake checks this week and these people are scary and creepy. I destroyed the check and blocked the email.

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  • Ch
    Chrissiann Aug 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    also the "person's" name is not jessica spencer. they are nigerians who are using "american-sounding" names and typically use, etc since those are free accounts and they can open them quickly.

    as long as they get the victim to wire money western union, they get off scott free bc you cannot track these things.

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  • Jo
    john333 May 31, 2012

    Okay I am in the middle of a transaction right now. I am waiting on the check to arrive. What happens if you try to cash the check at the bank?

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This is a list of the scammers off of craigslist that tried to send me bogus checks this month



















  • Jo
    jon Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This guy is a complete IDIOT, I wanted to send him a US postal money order and wiat for him to cash it even or pay with pay pal and he could ship the item after the payment had cleared all banks. DO NOT DO bussiness with this lunitic. You can check out my ebay socre of over 500 sold item and see I caryy a 99.1 rating. Thanks thanks for reading this. John

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  • Ch
    Charles Stein Mar 25, 2009

    I would like to add another peson as a scammer on craigslist. Dayton Lanphear of Sisters Oregon his e-mail is [email protected] I purchased a used Stihl rototiller from him that I found out had a worn out gearbox. After trying to contact him by email and receiving no response I had to call him. He nervously "skirted" the issue and lied about the whole problem. As a business owner I am shocked that he would treat people this way. Do not trust this man!! He will rip you off!! People like him are a bad example of a human being!! He has a wood sculpting business that he alone operates.

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  • Da
    daveonm May 11, 2009

    Apex Mystery shopper job opening sent my daughter a money order for 800.00, the Anaheim Police have it now, money laundering scam. she got it off of craigs list.

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fake name

I saw on craigslist an offer for a 2003 toyota corolla S for 2497$ do i contacted the seller and he told me...

deleted postings without notification

Craigslist has deleted nine of my consecutive postings under their services section even though I provide a...

Fraudulent cashier check issued

My client located in London, England, whom I'd secured through a posting, agreed to forward payment for services to me via USPS. served as an agent to transfer his London currency to USD & sent a cashier's check payable to me in the amount of$3400 USD. After depositing the check, my financial institution advised me the check was a fraud (confirmed via their investigative services). Meanwhile, I have over 10 NSF fees to my personal account (which drained my account) & no funds to eat this month!

  • Ka
    KAthy Jul 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a room for rent and everyday I receive these request for Londona nd Nigera stating that they are coming to the Untied States wanting to froward a cashiers check for down payment. The on one request, they wantedme to cash the $3000. check keep the depost for the place and thn wire the extra back to them to purchase their plane ticket to the US...its all a SCAM, i did not respond i thought it was odd and told them to lose my email address.

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  • Fo
    foxxxy Aug 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received this after responding to the original request for more information on the item I was selling on craigs list.

    Email from [email protected]

    I will like you to know that my husband has mailed out the payment and shipper are currently in united Kingdom pickup some items, so i will like you to kindly stay at home to sign the package, the tracking is (1Z48R89V0195602172), after cashing the check kindly deduct you fund plus $30 for compensation and kindly have the remaining sent via western union money transfer to the shipping agent so that they can come for the pickup, here is the shipper information below,

    Name : Denis Collins
    Address:56 Fortescue Road, Colliers Wood
    London SW19 2EA

    So as soon as you get the transfer done, i will like you to contact the shipping agent and email the transfer information to the shipping agent so as soon as they have the money picked up, they will be coming for the pickup asap and you can arrange the pickup schedule with them, Email them on :[email protected]

    Beware of any email that has any of this information in it, the check was held at my bank for 8 days before it was returned as no good!

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  • Bl
    blah blah blah Aug 19, 2008

    Please don't you ever think of buying any of her property because shes a thief, she stole my $1, 850 and never released the car, here is her address get FBI and get her:

    Stephanie Ramirez
    3300 S Decatur 10442
    Las Vegas, nv 89102

    Please don't fall for her.


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  • Bl
    blah blah blah Aug 19, 2008

    Her email is [email protected], she a smart scammer.

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