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T Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Two years ago we attempted to purchase a VW Camper for $6, 300. The seller stated that he was in the Military and the vehicle in storage. he would shipped the vehicle one monies were received from a wire transfer. Vehicle never shipped. We realize we weren't going t get our money back, but were determined to catch the guy.

Last Thursday we saw a similar ad and as luck would have it it is the same guy. Although likely fake, his name is Marc Skarshinski. His Cell # is [protected] and his email is [protected]

He telling my wife the same story (Military and the vehicle will be shipped). He want us to transfer money to PS Express Logistics Phone # [protected]. They Referencing an/their order # of [protected]??? NOTE: Since been flagged for "removal"

His response contact e-mail was: nxm4p-[protected]

Anything you can do to catch this guy will be greatly appreciated.


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    mzjkbee Nov 16, 2018

    This is a TOTAL SCAM.

    I was in touch with "Marc" over the last two days in response to a recent posting (Nov 2018) for the same red 71 VW bus/camper. The story goes he was a military guy who had to sell it quick because he was being promoted and moving. Hmm...

    We exchanged several emails and all seemed fine. But when I asked to see the car as it was listed in a nearby city, he said it would be shipped via Ready Express Logistics who was handling the invoicing and transport of the vehicle at his expense, full refund after 7 days for any reason. Little red flags going up everywhere.

    So I finally did a search for this company that was supposedly in Minneapolis. No such company exists. No such person exists -- or he exists but his real name isn't Marc Skarshinski. See the FB profile attached.

    Thanks to some good people for posting this complaint and the FB message, I was not duped and sent no money.

    Craigslist: you need to crack down on these scams. We were seconds away from sending the funds and waiting for a car that would never arrive.

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