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joke site

Craigslist was not a bad site in the past, it was easy to find a job or rent an apartment, but now Craigslist...

Here is the link to a very seriously disturbed individual. A supposed "mover" who kept calling to make sure I...


Do not buy anything from, there are many fakes on this website! And also I don't recommend...

how can craigslist get away with selling illegal products on their website?

kelowna > personals > casual encounters post account 1 hidden reply x prohibited[?] Posted 3 days ago...


This was for a house for rent. This person on the email asking for a Drivers license, check stubs and annual...

making a post

I'm a business woman. That's all my post consist of or roommate situation. Craigslist should be under...

simon rincon "handyman"

I was scammed by a guy named Simon Rincon. He posts work on Craigslist about insulation, duct cleaning, finish carpentry, painting, and general labor. I paid him $1100 up front in cash to do some drywall, painting and carpentry. He did about 25% of the work, terribly I might add. He caused more damage with his shotty work which costs me more money. He ended up taking off with my $1100 in cash and the key to my home. He will not return my calls, money or house key. Needless to say, I paid to have my locks changed. By spreading the word about Simon, I have been contacted by others who fell victim to this same man. The phone number that Simon uses is [protected]. I hope that nobody else falls victim to this man.

using my address for everything listed in my area

craigslist uses my address for everything listed in the Jefferson, Oregon. the map that goes along with the listing list my location and address.
i'm tried of getting all these trashy people coming to my door looking for items they have seen on craigslist.
please correct this problem, let me know that it will be taken care of.

Mike Piesker
2763 Robison Rd.
Jefferson Oregon

housing service

A few years ago I had no problem finding safe housing on Craigslist. In fact, I successfully found two apartments in the past. Now, just a mere few years later, the site has become flooded with scam after scam. Everything ranging from people trying to have you send money without seeing the space, to reposting word for word and asking for a credit score (efreescore). In my opinion Craigslist has become unsafe and unreliable. They do offer warnings, but they should be actively assisting in sifting out scams as well. It makes them lose credibility and users. If they don't care enough to filter out these posts then why should we care enough to use their service. I have been searching for apartments and have run into several people trying to ask for money without seeing the place, shady pictures, asking for credit scores, and posts that are word for word the same. It's ridiculous.

flaggers flagging incidents people on here please help them

There is a person that is flagging people in cedar rapids iowa area on there pets and cars and houses that...

blocking policy

With the best intentions I tried to advertise a wheelchair free for anyone who might need it. I made the...

flagging system is corrupt

I've been advertising on craigslist for 5 years. We have a vacation home we rent from time to time and...

discrimination against bbw in personals

Craigslist (daytona) discriminates against bbw posting on personals I'm a bbw trying to post on cl for a guy...


[Resolved] profane language in e-mail from craigslist user

On Jan 13th I posted on craigslist truck for sale, I received an E-Mail today 13th from craigslist user...

flagging/removing legitimate ads

I'm a musician and posted an ad looking for a band in my area. A few days ago, I noticed it had been...

lorismel matos mendez

This was a classic CraigsList scam. I should have known better but after speaking with Lorismel Matos Mendez...


faulty / broken treadmill

I purchased a treadmill from Mr. Thompson on Mother's Day, May 11th, with the monetary gifts that I...

fake ad entered with my address

I answered an ad on Craigslist for a handy man to build a wall. He gave me an estimate and had a small child...


I was stalked, threatened, harassed. I had reported it to Craigslist and IC3 and nothing was ever done, the same men who preformed this are still active, destroying another countries culture, promoting prostitution and pre-marital sex, when i tried to defend against them, they used flagging software to block my posts and committed the acts above.


I answered an ad from craigslist for a personal assistant after 1 email response I was told I had the job however I dont even know the name of the supposed employer as well I was told tat I would be receiving a check in the mail and to keep 10percent and to send the rest forward by way of western union smells awful fishy, just wondering if there are any others out there that have had the same experience

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    liberty1776 Feb 25, 2013

    It is a complete and total scam and if you do this your bank account will be drained by these crooks.

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  • Brenda* Feb 25, 2013

    Classic bovine scatology.

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