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Resolved ripped off and poor service

This company is continues to push the envelope on the absolute worst provider in history. If you want to be ignored, overcharged, and treated like crap, then i think this is your provider of cable TV, Internet, and phone.

Not only are you guaranteed to receive the run around and the worst customer service i have ever seen, which is sooooo typical of larger companies who have little completion in their respective markets.

The actual services they provide are consistently unreliable and marginal at best. Cable TV is poor, with constant problems that are blamed on anyone but themselves...their excuses are endless...its the house wiring, its the internal cable wiring, its your TV, its your problem. Internet is spotty and also problems are blamed on someone else to deal with.

If you held a gun to my head, I would still not agree or say yes to using Cox Communications ever again.

I would prefer to watch grass grow, and communicate by smoke signal as deal with this company ever again.

Resolved fraud issue

I had a fraud issue with my bank account in June 2007 for which I had to close my bank account and open another one. Part of that was getting all my bills that are automaticly debited from my account swtiched over to my new checking account. The day I closed my account, Cox tried to debit my closed acount for the bill amount, which for obvious reasons didn't go through. The day after my checking account closed, I cancelled the automatic debit from Cox and set an automatic debit request for the new checking account I just opened. The next week I got a very nasty letter from Cox stating that not only was my bill past due but I had to pay it in cash at their office upon receipt of the bill.

I'm not hurting for money, and paying the bill in cash wasn't a problem, but I'm a doctor and finding the time to to go by their office to pay it was a problem. But to make sure I took care of my end, I scrambled find the time during business hours the next day and paid the bill at Cox's convenience. Thinking this was a one-time issue, I didn't think much of it the whole thing until I got my next bill from Cox and got the same "your payment is late and it's due now in cash."

I called customer service to see what the issue was and was told by customer service that my automatic debit was cancelled due to a closed checking account. When I asked the Cox rep what happened to the automatic debit agreement I set up for my new checking account, I got the usual run around with the customer service rep dening that such a thing had never been done, then when she realized that she was miskeying some info and that there really was a request to set up a new automatic debit, she didn't apologize and she told me that I had to be in good standing with my bill, which meant I had to pay my bill at their office. So I again scrambled to find the time and paid the bill. This time after paying the bill, I asked the customer service rep who was assiting me at the Cox office if I was in good standing and if she could ok my automatic debit. She said she couldn't ok the automatic debit, but that I was in good standing and assured me that I wouldn't have a problem with my next bill.

I called the next week just to assure that the automatic billing was set up, and was told "it was not a problem." Wouldn't you know it, the next bill arrived stating the same thing like the previous two, that there was no automatic debit in place, that I needed to pay in cash and it was due now.

Now I have been a customer of Cox Commications in the South Louisiana in some capacity or another for the last 7 years and never had so much as a late payment until now. By now, I am confused and incensed since I was told the automatic debit was not a problem twice. So I call customer service for a third time, get the usual run around again and am told I am not in good standing with my account and that to get in good standing I would have to pay my bill at thier office.

By now, I am a little suspicious of what is going on and the Cox's ability to get this solved correctly as it seems to be an ongoing problem, but not with me as I am consistently doing what they ask me to do when they ask me to. So I reported them to the Better Business Bureau of Baton Rouge for this issue, thinking at least I'll have some record of this whole mess happening.

When I paid the third bill for which I again had to scramble to find the time, I insisted on having someone at an upper level help me. I had the pleasure of having Angel who although provided excellent customer service, managed to perform it such in a way as to insinuate that I was making an issue out of nothing, when I came to find out that the problem was Cox not telling me that I needed to pay not only the money that was due, but also the next month's bill to attain good standing and have the automatic debit request be accepted, and that was discovered only after I insisted on having Cox put the automatic debit in place while I was present at their office.

The worst part about it was that I never heard an, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" even after I explained numerous times what was a true inconvenience this whole mess was. It took them two months to respond to the BBB complaint saying only that it had been resolved with an insinuation that I had made a premature complaint.

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    And the problem is? Jul 07, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sniff...Sniff... We are all sorry we lost part of our lives reading this. All companies make mistakes, if you want a "I am sorry" for everything every company does wrong, you would never get away from them all.

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  • Jo
    Jojo Jenkins Sep 26, 2013
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    Verified customer

    My current situation is not exactly the same. I hope people will read this.
    What has happened to me was this.
    Clled cox last night to see if we could get an account. They said yes but I had to pay a deposit as I have no credit history with them. I can understand this.
    So my wife decided to go to the store and pay it this morning. They said they would be by the next day for installation.
    So now she comes home around noon and gives me the info.
    Then around 4pm I get a call from the store. They are saying I owe a past due bill for aroun $90.
    Now in no way could I have been a cox subscriber. I lived in a comcast and verizon area. The address they gave me for the past due account is from a neighboring state. The state is a cox state. So I explain this to the gentleman.
    Now they want me to provide proof of residency and a police report to clear my past bill.
    How is this even possible. When on the phone last night and in the store their was nothing said about said past bill. Also why would they take my deposit and then tell me of this hours later.
    Now my installation is on hold! Hell I even have the modem at my house for next day installation.
    I will try calling the office tomorrow in the morning and see what can happen. So far it appears they have "stolen" my money.
    Maybe I can get a manager in the billing dept.

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  • Au
    Austin Manahan Aug 11, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Here's one for you... I go into the cox store to upgrade my Modem.. (but since I had purchased my own modem they would not swap it out... I had to pay for it). In the store one of the guys seemed very honest and said we could buy a better modem elsewhere.. my wife loved that idea, but me (always wanting to get it done and marked off the list), I decided to just purchase the modem at the store. We went across the street and my wife did some research and decided we could order a better modem through - prime. So, I returned the modem just an hour or so after purchasing it (and supposedly would be credited back - even steven). Well, here we are in August and my cox bill is bigger.. so i call yesterday and the gal at cox said that she saw that I had purchased and returned the modem, but that two days later we purchased another one. So, I chalked it up to my own bad memory and said ok. Today I ran it by my wife (who remembers everything - good and bad- since the beginning of time) and she pulls up the receipt on her phone. ugh.. So I call Cox back.. and the guy was insistent, no matter how many times I told him that we did NOT purchase a modem through them... Finally after the 3rd time I told him and the third time I was on hold, he came back and told me that there was a mistake and that they would take care of it. The funny thing is, .. they (Cox) showed the second 'Modem' charge on the same day that we received it from Amazon and hooked it up. I'm usually not suspicious (and have NEVER written a review before) but I don't want someone else to be falsely charged. Overall my service with Cox has been ok.. some gray area here and there.. and some so- so service at times - but that's what I'd expect from a big company. However, .. this seemed a bit sneaky to me. And by the way, .. the first time I called the gal (yesterday) she knew the exact modem I had .. and i read her the serial number - and she said 'YUP' that's the one you purchased from us. So, beware, .. once you hood up a modem they know exactly what it is and might 'accidentally - through a glitch or 'wrong code entered' charge you.

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poor billing practices

Cox is perhaps the worst in the industry when it comes to billing. I signed up for cable/internet/phone services. After 3 weeks of problems with the cable, I get a disconnect notice in the mail for non-payment (really, it was 3 weeks). I called and was told that they had sent a bill (which I had not received) so I paid over the phone. The same thing happened the following month. And the 3rd month. When I spoke to customer service I was told that they were sending the bill via email, but the rep could not give me the email address that the bill was being sent to as it was confidential. The fourth month I cancelled the service.

Resolved unreliable company

I was lied to by a rep at Cox Cable that said my phone line would not be cut off this AM on 4/24/09. I informed the rep that I had to work 2 1/2 hrs this morning from my home and need the phone line. She stated that the service would stay on until 5-7pm this evening. I had to release my hrs and am in jeopardy of losing my income over this. I need to be compensated for this!!

Resolved billing error

I have been on the phone so far with 4 customer service reps for a total of 3/2 hours and yet to have anyone that can help me. Every time I call I also get a different answer and they say the previous person was wrong. They seem to have a system when you ask for a supervisor they hang up on you. I have never been able to get to a supervisor they must not exsist. I also found out all these customer service reps work from home so no wonder we cannot get answers! Cox used my credit card twice to pay someone else's Cox Account and they told me yes they see they did it in error but not only will they not give my my money back but they want me to still pay my bill now! They told me they would only transfer the charges to my Cox account after I sent them a copy of the Transmital report from Chase Bank. I have been to the bank now 3 times in person and no one at Chase knows what that is and even the Chase fraud department doesn't know what it is. They said Debt Cards don't have transmittal reports. So Cox won't help me and the bank won't help me. I am out so far $258 and they want another $200 out of me. I also have to cancel my debt card and spend hours more contacting all my other auto pay accounts to change it. I work in customer service myself and I have never in my 26 years seen such incompetence and Cox can do whatever they want when they want to and no one can stop them! BUYER BEWARE!!! Everything is okay unless you have a problem and I would NEVER set up easy pay EVER!!

  • Mj
    mjames702 Apr 23, 2013

    They have the worst billing department ever. They can not get one bill right then you cancel their service they send you a bunch of bills which are all wrong then send you to collections with a different amount then you owe. They still can't get the billing right even after . Then they say they only sent one bill at the end and destroy evidence . When it was like 5 in total. They are horrible and I would stay away from them.

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  • Ge
    Geremia Feb 21, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Cox's billing "mistakes" are outright lies. The "total due" online often doesn't reflect what is actually due.

    Look at my attached picture. I even called a few reps, and they said I didn't owe anything on Feb. 15, and that their system would update it with the right information. At the top of the page it says " Total Amount Due: $0.00 Payment Due By: Feb 15, 2015" Yet, at the bottom, it says "Total Due by Feb 15 2015 $66.99"! Which is it‽ It's really neither. The rep I spoke to about downgrading my service said I'd owe $40-something (he prorated it)! I'm willing to be what I really owe is the bottom, and they'll charge, as they've done to me before, late fees, and I'll call them and tell them they told me I owed nothing, and they'll say they have no record of it!

    Cox are a bunch of liars and cheaters.

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Resolved nothing but problems

I have been using COX HD services with no problems for over 3 years until end of February 2017 when first problems occurred (-> loosing HD channels).

After a few technical attempts to fix - no results. With CABLE card in "analog" Channels (below 100 except for 95) do not work - HD channels (> 700) are ok. Without Cable card the "analog" chanels are ok but HD channels do not work.

COX is unable to fix this and claims that I should get a Cable Box. The Cable box is more expensive ($10/m, and introduces unnecessary clutter instead of a Cable card tht is inexpensive ($1.99/m) and simple to operate (no additional wires or remotes.

COX customer service is unable to solve the problem, does not return any calls and makes it difficult if not impossible to escalate the issue that would lead to a successful solution.

  • Ri
    Richard Wallen Aug 20, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We relocated from LA to TX where Cox Communications does not have service available. We held the same service with Cox since 2017. I accessed the website and left a message last month requesting email forwarding service so I could continue using and PAYING for the email service once I transferred out of the state. No problem one entity told me we can take care of your service needs. They actually called and led me through at least 6 different people before I was sent to someone who told me NO we don't offer that service. So instead of allowing me time to make a transition, as soon as the account was closed all service was terminated even though I was billed through the end of the billing cycle. Not recommended, use EaTEL instead as they have a much better customer service support system.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Reed Aug 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here we go AGAIN! This goes on ALL the time. Yesterday, MONDAY, the computer and T.V. through COX Communications in Tulsa was completely off. Today, the t.v. goes on for 2 seconds, then freezes for 5 seconds. When you call the "technical support" team down at Cox, we are supposed to believe they are "upgrading" the system. I'm fed up with the constant "upgrades" and having to pay for the "upgraded" bill. This is just a lie, from my experience, to cover for their poor system that they will NEVER repair. This is the worst cable system I have ever seen.

    When you ask them to adjust your bill they lie and say, "of course". Then you get the bill and nothing has been done. I'm about ready to shut everything off. This is more frustrating than NOT having service. Dial up computer would be faster. High speed my ***!

    Has anyone seen the commercial where the Cox Executives hand a large check over to charity? I love that one. They take TOTAL credit for donating money but never ever even once, acknowledge where the money came from. OFF THE BACKS OF HARD WORKING PEOPLE that they continually raise rates on and lower standards of service. Cox is TRULY an EVIL company!!


    May there be a special place in Hell for this corporate thief!

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  • Ac
    Ace11 Jun 19, 2009

    I've just recently had internet service turned through Cox communications after shopping around for service, as I use to be a Cox customer in the past. And I should of never came back to their horrible service, but we here in Las Vegas have little choice as Cox has most services monopolized. So I returned (unfortunately), I signed up for a promotion of 8mps DSL for $29.99 for the first 6 months. But of course the internet speed doesn't even run close to that, not even half. The only way they can fix it is send a technician, which of course I have to pay for and negets the savings from the promotion. The only other solution is to downgrade service to slower internet speeds, but I'm sure those won't be what they promise either, so where does it end ? The customer service is the worst by far of any support lines, very unhelpful, and unpleasant to deal with. This service is not worth it.

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  • Be
    Bentley13 Aug 20, 2009

    I have been trying for almost three years to receive even adequate service from COX. They have the poorest service and poorest technical support of any company I have engaged in the Phoenix area.

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  • We
    WeddingMan Jun 21, 2010

    Cox has shut-down my bulk emailing (to clients) without notice or message. The "service" has
    been down for 5 days now. I've spoken to 2 people on the phone over the last four days, and had online
    contact as well. No explaination, no help whatsoever. I was forced by Cox to switch to a more-expensive
    business program (explaining that I needed to email a lot of people). I was assured that would not be a
    problem. I highly recommend you choose another company if you want business service.

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  • 05
    0508 Sep 03, 2010

    I received my bill today and there was an on demand purchase made on aug 16th for 15.99. I asked my husband if he ordered any movies this month and he said no. So I went back in my calender and realized that that was a date that we were both working and the kids were over my mother house for babysitting purposes. So noone was even in my house. So I called cox and asked what the charge was from and the rep said 'an adult movie' and gave off the name of some movie. I told him no one was home that day/evening and he said 'well someone ordered it. '
    I told him this was rediculous because I have paystubs to prove that noone could have been in my home that knows the pin code to order, which he said was endered in on the box.
    He told me sorry but there was nothing he could do. I just resigned my services aug 10th for another year so I was curious if someone elses account got crossed with mine. He kind of laughed. I was so mortified to be fighting over an adult movie, one that we didn't even order.
    Finally he decided to credit our account back, but told me that this never happens. I am happy with that result, but I asked what happens if it goes on my bill again? He said we will just have to pay it. I asked if there is a way they can see if someone is stealing cable off my line, and that maybe that happened. He said they don't investigate that. It's my responsibility to know where the lines are going!! Whatever. Just keep an eye on your charges.

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  • Ba
    bad service from Cox Communication Mar 25, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    An appointment was set up 5 days prior to installation, an appointment was set up from8am to 8pm- missed worked so I can be home for the installer and it came to find out my order was not even in placed, I've wasted all morning because of this!!! So disappointed, I don't deserve this!!! Gave me a confirmation number but didn't even have the courtesy to call me or anything, what a waste of my time!!!

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Resolved never again

Cox Communications may well be the most offensive cable company I've ever dealt with. Within two weeks of doubling my monthly rate to $165 (which they did because my promotional period expired), my television went completely blank for several months. I called Cox technicians several times in an attempt to fix the problem over the phone, but that didn't work. I then scheduled a service call, but wasn't home when the technician arrived because a work-related emergency came up. Then I got extremely busy and simply did not have the time to wait at home for a technician to show up. All this time, I continued in good faith to pay my bill on time and in full and just hoped that somehow the service would be restored. Of course, it wan't, so I finally called Cox and dared to ask for a credit for at least part of the time I had no cable TV service. They not only refused, but said it was my fault that I didn't sit at home and wait for their technician. They also refused to accept any responsibility for the cable service going down in the first place. Cox's billing people were rude, insulting, and made it sound like it was all my fault that my service was down for months because I didn't make the time to sit at home and wait for their technician. There are many more sordid details to this story, but you get the picture. These people don't care a whit about their customers. When there's a problem, they blame the customer, take the money, and add insult to injury by treating you rudely. I'm done with Cox Communications. Never again.

  • Do
    douglas pu Nov 10, 2014

    your not alone...on mass people should withold payment to these absolute criminals. its left such a bad taste in my mouth i wont come back. i will be spending the rest of days in some other country that isn't full of companies like this...what a shame...i suspect their is a lot of us snowbirds that feel this way. i know i will be posting it all over the sites on how i was treated here . nothing but a bunch of scam artist...i would be better off in mexico,

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  • Do
    douglas pu Nov 10, 2014

    pretty sad..don't even want to deal with another service provider here in the united sates cause all i hear is they are all money will be gone. i came here to enjoy my retirement not argue monthly with cox. innovation, good customer care...i have never been treated worse and i have been all over the world...AMERICA...this is now another person in another country thats not gonna have anything nice to say about you. i'm just one person but i have memberships to site for retirement living. i will be posting my experience . company's like cox will if left alone. make the honest hard working people of your country and state( arizona) suffer because people like me will just go where somewhere else. there lots of warm places...

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Resolved my phone bill

I am trying to get a copy of my bill. I phoned Cox. My phone number was not recognized by the system even though Cox installed it themselves. I tried several times. Same result. I phoned. They said the bill was sent. However, I had ebills so the bills were sent to Bank of America where I had paid them through online banking. I have since changed banks and wanted to let Cox know that.

They sent my bill to my email address, but they will not discuss my situation without a PIN which I will find -- guess where? -- ON MY BILL.

I have asked them to mail my bill to my home address. They have responded that they have to follow FCC guidlines. I wrote back asking if the FCC prevented them from using the U.S. Post Office.

I am so frustrated I can hardly breathe. I actually asked them in my last email if they were ###ed.

I hope you can resolve this problem. All I want is my bill. I can send their emails to you upon request.68dd

Thank you, Judy Mock

Resolved upgrade???

Cox communications is "upgrading" their email service. Therefor I can't get my emails. This started...

Resolved fraudulent installation fee

I specifically told cox that I was doing the self install of wireless internet. The guy came out and brought...

Resolved unauthorized charges

It appears that cable companies have no problem letting anyone open an account in your name. I had a person go to Cox Cable and put my name on the account and them as a secondary person on the account. Of course the person never paid. Now I have to press charges and deal with getting it off my credit when all Cox Cable had to do was ask for a copy of my photo id and call the number that they gave as mine and this would never have happened.

The worst part is that I have never lived in Vegas and the phone number that the person claimed as mine was in Los Angeles. I live in New York. They didn't even run a credit check. If they had, they would have seen that the info given was wrong. Of course, it is the consumer who has to clean up the mess and be inconvenienced. Cox Cable takes no responsibility for it.

Resolved exceptionally poor customer service

I have had a numerous problems with Cox since moving to AZ 3 years ago. It is always a hassle getting anyone...

Resolved hdmi connection

I got a new home theater system, first checked out what my cable company, Cox, would support in terms of HD connections, since I wanted HDMI.

Customer service said that HDMI connection is no problem. Spent a couple of hundred on HDMI cables, picked up the new box with HDMI connectivity in person (4240 HDC), and in confirming the box I wanted stressed that it is the HDMI connectivity I was going for, got it home, set it up, and ... no signal between box and TV. Cable connection worked fine, HDMI did not work at all. Went through the manual and checked everything twice. Nothing.

Called customer service. I was first told that some boxes have a problem with this connection. I said "okay, what do I have to get to resolve the problem?" The customer service rep excused himself for a couple of minutes, got back on and said "Scientific Atlanta (not Cox, oh, no!) does not support HDMI connectivity." Since Scientific Atlanta is the only distributor for their cable boxes, and there are no alternatives, this is a ridiculous statement.

My complaint is that this is ridiculous misrepresentation of functionality by Cox and by their customer support staff, no matter where they get their crummy equipment from.

1) The manual has no disclaimers, when it should, instead waxes rhapsodic about the boxes HDMI functionality.
2) Two customer service representatives, in answering my questions, either stated or implied that I would do fine with my HDMI connection and the new box. This was not true, so they were either lying or that badly informed. The third was not forthcoming about the problem.
3) The box has a connection outlet for HDMI that does not work, so it is basically a faucet with no water pipes behind it. Selling the box as though the outlet works, with no caveats, is lying with hardware.

Would love to hear something snarky and defensive from a Cox representative in response to this complaint - after the money wasted on this, that would be all it would take for me to call the AG's office in Richmond, and start writing my representatives at the state legislature and Congress.

  • Jo
    John300 Jul 09, 2009

    I am having issues with COX and HDMI as well. I live in California and have had them come out to the house several times now because of audio loss and picture freezing. Two of my neighbors have the same issues. They keep telling me that they cannot guarantee HDMI connections to the TV and that only Component is support officially. They have replaced my DVR box three times now and have used several excuses from "found a loose cable" to that it's the cable box software.

    I'm now looking at switching to AT&T or one of the satelitie providers as I'm done with Cox.

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  • Ca
    CableLabs Mar 07, 2010

    I would have to disagree. I'm not a Cox Represenative, nor do I work for Cox...sorry to burst your bubble. I have used Cox services in VA for 7 years now and have had an HDMI Scientific Atlanta Box for five of them. I think you just had some misinformation. If there is an issue or a problem you get a full refund. You can cancel anytime unlike satellite or any other competition. Anyone who spends more than 25 dollars on an HDMI cable needs to rethink their whole agenda anyway. I'm an electrical engineer and have been designing media cables in Alexandria for close to 12 years and know that you will be able to find a great cable for 20 and under and to have service that you can cancel anytime without a contract or get a full refund if unsatisfied is unheard of in this age. Go to the competition...and pay for it.

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  • Ya
    yakabud Mar 21, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Is your cable box a Motorola? Motorola has a problem with 'handshake' on HDMI connection. I called cox and they said they only have Motorola cable boxes which is sucks.
    They charge me with the service call, but they issued me a refund after telling them that the tech didn't fixed a thing.
    I hope they provide different cable boxes.

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  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CableLabs, I have DirecTV and I will gladly sign a 2 year contract and pay higher fees to guarantee that when I'm sold a cable box with HDMI, that it actually works. That is completely ridiculous to deliver a cable box with HDMI that does not work.

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  • Co
    coxhater Feb 21, 2011

    Cox sucks. I have a new TV which works with my playstaion HDMI and my Bose HDMI but does not work with my Cox cable box. Tech support tells me that it is my HDMI cable and I have tried 5 differnt cables and it still does not work. They say the picture quality will not be any different with however I connect it but they are full of it, otherwise there would be no reason to invent the HDMI connection. If you can get Direct TV where you live you should get it. The differnce in picture is HUGE

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Resolved apt burnt down - $475 charge for dvr

On april 11, 2009, my apartment was burnt down. No one was charged for the accident. Luckily I had renters insurance. They settled me with 15k for what my coverage has even though I had well over 28k in housegoods. (My fault!!) anyways, I cancelled all my services, water... Elect... And cox. When I called to cancel, the rep told me that I was going to be charged an $80 cancellation fee due to breaking the contract agreement that I had with them. Bogus... Then... Well cox decided to auto draft out for the month in advance... So $127 was taken out of my account for the billing cycle of april 10-may10... Two days later. My cancel date was three days into the cycle... So naturally I figured I would get billed the pro rated amount... No... They took aout all of it and then told me they would send me a credit. To my surprise, not really, I was sent another bill showing my credit.. Yea... But also showing how my credit went towards the payment of the equipment that had burnt up that I now have to pay for.
So... I have to pay $475 out of the $15k that I recieved so tey can get thier equipment. I think that sucks... I know I should have had more coverage. My question is...
They said they can only charge a price not to exceed the "unreturned equipment" law... Does anyone know that law??
Any comments and suggestions would be nice!!

Resolved raising rates, and transferring rates!

We have the services of cox communications for cable tv, internet and phone services. As most places when we signed up there is a six month "cheap rate" and then it goes up from there, well it kept going up from $96.00, $112.00 to eventually $149.00 a month. Since the other options for our area were not any better we kept our current services. When we moved to another cox supported city we called to transfer our services since we figured it would be the easiest way to go about it. When I spoke to the representative, she was either "misinformed" or flat out lied to me about it only being $12.95 to transferr services. I had to move the equipment myself but someone would be there to hook it all up and make sure everything was running smoothly again. Made sense to me at the time! Got the recent bill and it's now 281.00!!! To transfer the services, they probably had to flip a switch or something like that) was $85.00 alone, phone $14.95. SO DONT USE COX COMMUNICATIONS! If you do, cancell your service and start it back up, it may be cheaper that way. I am WAY beyond upset...

Resolved I need a new hdmi cable box

I bought a 42" HD1080P widescreen TV. My present cable box needs to be replaced with an HDMI box. It took...

Resolved movies I did not rent - ppv

Has this happened to you? I opened my Cox Cable bill last night to find that I was being charged for three...

Resolved big brother or annoying neighbor kid?

I received a phone call at work from my wife stating that when she tried to get on the internet, the browser...

Resolved excessive volume

Audio volume increases during commercials. You turn the volume to a comfortable setting while viewing the program. Whenever a commercial is broadcast, the volume is unbearable and you have to turn the volume down. When the commercial is over and you are returned to regular programing, the volume has to be turned up again. I've worn out 4 remote controls' volume feature!!!

  • Ka
    Kaos Mar 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Buy better remote controls. Go to satellite, see how fantastically crappy the service there is. You'll be begging for Cox in 2 months. BUT, can't get out of that pesky contract with the satellite company. Quit complaining about a bunch of inconsequential crap. STFU and watch TV.

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  • De
    Dewey Hymel Mar 31, 2011

    I have solicited 842 Elderly customers of Cox Cable TV in this city. We aare all in agreemebnt t6hat we have had enough of Cox raising the Service Fe without so0 much as a notice by any means of "Communication".

    We want to know why you can't notify us of an increase! It makes us feel like we just have to take whatever Cox puts out!

    How would Cox like to loose thse 842 customers all at one time?


    A disturbed Elderly Housing lease holder
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Resolved unauthorized charges

Cox sent me an offer for internet services, which I accepted and they sent me a confirmation email with the price of $29.99 for 12 months. They billed me much higher. When I called to complain, they variously said the offer was only good if all offered services were ordered (not true), that it was only good for 3 months (not true), or that I was a current customer and not eligible.

I had previously requested service but had no modem so never had activated service and was not a customer, which they knew. Because they did not notify me that they were reneging on the price they had confirmed to me, they practiced a 'bait and switch'. Despite numerous calls and emails, their terrible customer service never admitted nor corrected this despicable practice.

  • Beth Mar 27, 2009

    We had an awful experience, horrible service, poor customer service, false advertisement, over billing and charges for equipment we did not have. Luckily i saved all bills to prove otherwise. However i believe i should be compensated for what happened. I would like a class action law suit for what we went through. I recently went logged on to look at a summary of past billing activity and it made no sense what so ever and there was even an entire month missing so i could not try to average out the billing. This reminds me of a credit card company i was dealing with. They pulled the same scam on me and i lost about a thousand dollars. Luckily i was not in a contract with Cox or we would have been in real trouble. These businesses need to be held accountable and shut down. It would save the state and local economy billions.

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  • Je
    Jerry Apr 29, 2009

    There is a reason why Cox Communications has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    I have two *SEPARATE* accounts with Cox, telephone and internet. I went online to pay the *TELEPHONE* account. I used a credit card. When I looked at my bank statement, they had made two *SEPARATE* charges to both the telephone and internet, the internet charge *TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED, * especially since I have been disputing their overcharging of the internet for some time. They simply decided to pay off all of the internet charges using my credit card number provided for the purpose of paying the telephone bill. I consider this basically theft.

    I called them about this, and the representative was totally rude. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and he seemed to understand, but said that all he could do was wait for the payment to process and then request (by email) that it be refunded. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I just got a letter saying that they have credited the internet amount back, BUT have charge ME a $35.00 return payment fee!!! How am I responsible for a fee on an amount that was unauthorized in the first place??

    Cox is unscrupulous, and their bad business karma will come back to bite them. Do not give them a credit card number. Pay all bills in cash or check.

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