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unauthorized charges

It appears that cable companies have no problem letting anyone open an account in your name. I had a person go to Cox Cable and put my name on the account and them as a secondary person on the account. Of course the person never paid. Now I have to press charges and deal with getting it off my credit when all Cox Cable had to do was ask for a copy of my photo id and call the number that they gave as mine and this would never have happened.

The worst part is that I have never lived in Vegas and the phone number that the person claimed as mine was in Los Angeles. I live in New York. They didn't even run a credit check. If they had, they would have seen that the info given was wrong. Of course, it is the consumer who has to clean up the mess and be inconvenienced. Cox Cable takes no responsibility for it.

exceptionally poor customer service

I have had a numerous problems with Cox since moving to AZ 3 years ago. It is always a hassle getting anyone...

hdmi connection

I got a new home theater system, first checked out what my cable company, Cox, would support in terms of HD connections, since I wanted HDMI.

Customer service said that HDMI connection is no problem. Spent a couple of hundred on HDMI cables, picked up the new box with HDMI connectivity in person (4240 HDC), and in confirming the box I wanted stressed that it is the HDMI connectivity I was going for, got it home, set it up, and ... no signal between box and TV. Cable connection worked fine, HDMI did not work at all. Went through the manual and checked everything twice. Nothing.

Called customer service. I was first told that some boxes have a problem with this connection. I said "okay, what do I have to get to resolve the problem?" The customer service rep excused himself for a couple of minutes, got back on and said "Scientific Atlanta (not Cox, oh, no!) does not support HDMI connectivity." Since Scientific Atlanta is the only distributor for their cable boxes, and there are no alternatives, this is a ridiculous statement.

My complaint is that this is ridiculous misrepresentation of functionality by Cox and by their customer support staff, no matter where they get their crummy equipment from.

1) The manual has no disclaimers, when it should, instead waxes rhapsodic about the boxes HDMI functionality.
2) Two customer service representatives, in answering my questions, either stated or implied that I would do fine with my HDMI connection and the new box. This was not true, so they were either lying or that badly informed. The third was not forthcoming about the problem.
3) The box has a connection outlet for HDMI that does not work, so it is basically a faucet with no water pipes behind it. Selling the box as though the outlet works, with no caveats, is lying with hardware.

Would love to hear something snarky and defensive from a Cox representative in response to this complaint - after the money wasted on this, that would be all it would take for me to call the AG's office in Richmond, and start writing my representatives at the state legislature and Congress.

  • Jo
    John300 Jul 09, 2009

    I am having issues with COX and HDMI as well. I live in California and have had them come out to the house several times now because of audio loss and picture freezing. Two of my neighbors have the same issues. They keep telling me that they cannot guarantee HDMI connections to the TV and that only Component is support officially. They have replaced my DVR box three times now and have used several excuses from "found a loose cable" to that it's the cable box software.

    I'm now looking at switching to AT&T or one of the satelitie providers as I'm done with Cox.

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  • Ca
    CableLabs Mar 07, 2010

    I would have to disagree. I'm not a Cox Represenative, nor do I work for Cox...sorry to burst your bubble. I have used Cox services in VA for 7 years now and have had an HDMI Scientific Atlanta Box for five of them. I think you just had some misinformation. If there is an issue or a problem you get a full refund. You can cancel anytime unlike satellite or any other competition. Anyone who spends more than 25 dollars on an HDMI cable needs to rethink their whole agenda anyway. I'm an electrical engineer and have been designing media cables in Alexandria for close to 12 years and know that you will be able to find a great cable for 20 and under and to have service that you can cancel anytime without a contract or get a full refund if unsatisfied is unheard of in this age. Go to the competition...and pay for it.

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  • Ya
    yakabud Mar 21, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Is your cable box a Motorola? Motorola has a problem with 'handshake' on HDMI connection. I called cox and they said they only have Motorola cable boxes which is sucks.
    They charge me with the service call, but they issued me a refund after telling them that the tech didn't fixed a thing.
    I hope they provide different cable boxes.

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  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 May 11, 2010

    CableLabs, I have DirecTV and I will gladly sign a 2 year contract and pay higher fees to guarantee that when I'm sold a cable box with HDMI, that it actually works. That is completely ridiculous to deliver a cable box with HDMI that does not work.

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  • Co
    coxhater Feb 21, 2011

    Cox sucks. I have a new TV which works with my playstaion HDMI and my Bose HDMI but does not work with my Cox cable box. Tech support tells me that it is my HDMI cable and I have tried 5 differnt cables and it still does not work. They say the picture quality will not be any different with however I connect it but they are full of it, otherwise there would be no reason to invent the HDMI connection. If you can get Direct TV where you live you should get it. The differnce in picture is HUGE

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apt burnt down - $475 charge for dvr

On april 11, 2009, my apartment was burnt down. No one was charged for the accident. Luckily I had renters insurance. They settled me with 15k for what my coverage has even though I had well over 28k in housegoods. (My fault!!) anyways, I cancelled all my services, water... Elect... And cox. When I called to cancel, the rep told me that I was going to be charged an $80 cancellation fee due to breaking the contract agreement that I had with them. Bogus... Then... Well cox decided to auto draft out for the month in advance... So $127 was taken out of my account for the billing cycle of april 10-may10... Two days later. My cancel date was three days into the cycle... So naturally I figured I would get billed the pro rated amount... No... They took aout all of it and then told me they would send me a credit. To my surprise, not really, I was sent another bill showing my credit.. Yea... But also showing how my credit went towards the payment of the equipment that had burnt up that I now have to pay for.
So... I have to pay $475 out of the $15k that I recieved so tey can get thier equipment. I think that sucks... I know I should have had more coverage. My question is...
They said they can only charge a price not to exceed the "unreturned equipment" law... Does anyone know that law??
Any comments and suggestions would be nice!!

raising rates, and transferring rates!

We have the services of cox communications for cable tv, internet and phone services. As most places when we signed up there is a six month "cheap rate" and then it goes up from there, well it kept going up from $96.00, $112.00 to eventually $149.00 a month. Since the other options for our area were not any better we kept our current services. When we moved to another cox supported city we called to transfer our services since we figured it would be the easiest way to go about it. When I spoke to the representative, she was either "misinformed" or flat out lied to me about it only being $12.95 to transferr services. I had to move the equipment myself but someone would be there to hook it all up and make sure everything was running smoothly again. Made sense to me at the time! Got the recent bill and it's now 281.00!!! To transfer the services, they probably had to flip a switch or something like that) was $85.00 alone, phone $14.95. SO DONT USE COX COMMUNICATIONS! If you do, cancell your service and start it back up, it may be cheaper that way. I am WAY beyond upset...

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I need a new hdmi cable box

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movies I did not rent - ppv

Has this happened to you? I opened my Cox Cable bill last night to find that I was being charged for three...

big brother or annoying neighbor kid?

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excessive volume

Audio volume increases during commercials. You turn the volume to a comfortable setting while viewing the program. Whenever a commercial is broadcast, the volume is unbearable and you have to turn the volume down. When the commercial is over and you are returned to regular programing, the volume has to be turned up again. I've worn out 4 remote controls' volume feature!!!

  • Ka
    Kaos Mar 30, 2009

    Buy better remote controls. Go to satellite, see how fantastically crappy the service there is. You'll be begging for Cox in 2 months. BUT, can't get out of that pesky contract with the satellite company. Quit complaining about a bunch of inconsequential crap. STFU and watch TV.

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  • De
    Dewey Hymel Mar 31, 2011

    I have solicited 842 Elderly customers of Cox Cable TV in this city. We aare all in agreemebnt t6hat we have had enough of Cox raising the Service Fe without so0 much as a notice by any means of "Communication".

    We want to know why you can't notify us of an increase! It makes us feel like we just have to take whatever Cox puts out!

    How would Cox like to loose thse 842 customers all at one time?


    A disturbed Elderly Housing lease holder
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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unauthorized charges

Cox sent me an offer for internet services, which I accepted and they sent me a confirmation email with the price of $29.99 for 12 months. They billed me much higher. When I called to complain, they variously said the offer was only good if all offered services were ordered (not true), that it was only good for 3 months (not true), or that I was a current customer and not eligible.

I had previously requested service but had no modem so never had activated service and was not a customer, which they knew. Because they did not notify me that they were reneging on the price they had confirmed to me, they practiced a 'bait and switch'. Despite numerous calls and emails, their terrible customer service never admitted nor corrected this despicable practice.

  • Beth Mar 27, 2009

    We had an awful experience, horrible service, poor customer service, false advertisement, over billing and charges for equipment we did not have. Luckily i saved all bills to prove otherwise. However i believe i should be compensated for what happened. I would like a class action law suit for what we went through. I recently went logged on to look at a summary of past billing activity and it made no sense what so ever and there was even an entire month missing so i could not try to average out the billing. This reminds me of a credit card company i was dealing with. They pulled the same scam on me and i lost about a thousand dollars. Luckily i was not in a contract with Cox or we would have been in real trouble. These businesses need to be held accountable and shut down. It would save the state and local economy billions.

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  • Je
    Jerry Apr 29, 2009

    There is a reason why Cox Communications has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    I have two *SEPARATE* accounts with Cox, telephone and internet. I went online to pay the *TELEPHONE* account. I used a credit card. When I looked at my bank statement, they had made two *SEPARATE* charges to both the telephone and internet, the internet charge *TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED, * especially since I have been disputing their overcharging of the internet for some time. They simply decided to pay off all of the internet charges using my credit card number provided for the purpose of paying the telephone bill. I consider this basically theft.

    I called them about this, and the representative was totally rude. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and he seemed to understand, but said that all he could do was wait for the payment to process and then request (by email) that it be refunded. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I just got a letter saying that they have credited the internet amount back, BUT have charge ME a $35.00 return payment fee!!! How am I responsible for a fee on an amount that was unauthorized in the first place??

    Cox is unscrupulous, and their bad business karma will come back to bite them. Do not give them a credit card number. Pay all bills in cash or check.

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poor employee communication and customer service

First of all, when you call these people for a service request, make sure you understand that it will be 3-5...

fraudulent charges

After an internal upgrade to their service, I was rendered offline for the most part, for over a week. I could not send anything over 256 bytes in size. It didn't matter if it was email, a post on the internet through a website, etc. I contacted their service department and gave them detailed information. They concluded that I needed a tech to visit me. At that time and all subsequent times they did not tell me I would be charged for a service call. The tech showed up, and I told him about what I found out, that I can surf the internet, even get email, but if I try to send anything (A packet for example) over 256 bytes i'm disconnected. He hooked up his laptop, when nuts on the keyboard, and all of a sudden I had a connection. He was even proud to show that to me, again on his laptop. I was mystified. He told me my cable modem was incompatible or fried. I asked if he had a cable modem I could get and cox could charge me the lease fee. He said no but he could sell me his for $50. I thought that was a little odd so I said no. When he started to leave, I noticed my cable modem was still disconnected so I asked him to look and see if it was working now. He told me he was in a hurry but I insisted. After reconnecting my cable modem, all of a sudden, I was able to email and upload.

What the tech didn't know is that I tried everything throughout the week. Cycling the equipment, even trying a friend's cable modem and calling cox to enable it. Same results. I went online to search this anomaly and found that their upgrade turned off some ports on some nodes, and a tech was needed to turn them back on.

End result, cox charged me a $50 service fee for the visit and never gave that money back. I have been fighting with them about it for almost a year.

I don't know where to go to get satisfaction for this but I wish I did. If anyone can give me some suggestions i'd certainly would appreciate it.

The end result after the visit, the linksys cable modem I was using was working fine but my throughput was slow, so I did go buy a motorola surf modem and the throughput was faster. But... I was totally offline, and after the visit, my so-called incompatible modem was working albeit slowly. They messed up on some ports, and charged me for it.

And the fact that they didn't admit to it or take care of me as a customer makes me feel like I was totally taken advantage of.

  • Do
    douglas pu Nov 10, 2014

    been subject to it all. it hurts you all..being americans cause i will be leaving your country forever and spending my retirement money else where. pretty sad living in this country you cant even get t.v. internet or a phone and not be subject to criminal behaviour..on that night..there goes another snow bird or restuarant cause really i spent 400.00 a month on meals and taxes, the list is endless. sorry i tried to come here and support my neighbour to the south...i just can't do it any longer..i guess all those things i heard about americans are true...guys the world hates you cause your companies do this ### all around the world an were all tired of it.

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  • Su
    susan dettlaff May 14, 2015

    3 months ago cox ruined my credit by placing an unpaid balance of 378$ on my credit report. I have been a customer for over 3 years. I pay my bill on time but they never bothered to contact me for what they perceived as a problem. They went for the I mean credit report. They admit it was entirely their fault, their confusion and promised to remove it in 10 days or less. Needless to say my report still shows me at fault. Never an apology and total rudeness when I if I did something wrong. This last call to them I told them to type this in their notes on me "I fking hate cox" and hung up. I am a disabled retired senior citizen and feel totally raped by this company. If I cancel my service with them now I am afraid this will never be resolved but I don't want to give them another penny. I would rather have no cable/internet than have cox. If this is ever resolved I will cancel them immediately. Shame on you cox picking on little old ladies making these kinds of horrific mistakes! I feel like putting a loaded pistol in my mouth just to make a point. Thanks whoever you are for listening.

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no answers to techinal glitch

Our digital phone which cox insists is the best service out there has been making a clicking noise (similar to someone calling in on the other line) every 30-45 seconds. They have logged my complaint numerous times and have had home tech service at my home twice. After resetting modem and house call was assured problem was fixed. It is NOT. Now they are telling us that the problem is widespread throughout Queen Creek and are fixing it as their budget will allow. WHAT? Oh by the way they just raised rates out here by 3$ per month. I guess they have to pay for all that overtime to fix a problem that probably doesn't even exist. Cox won't say anything else about the issue except to be patient. Hard to be patient when no timeline is given or even a 3rd grade explanation as to what the problem even is.

Completely disgusted in QC
Erik M

awful company

We had Cox Communications install phone, cable, and internet on December 1st. Since that time we had...

mozilla foxfire

We use mozilla foxfire through cox internet. I am very unsatisfied with mozilla foxfire - we continuously get the message - "mozilla foxfire not responding" - I am quite frankly tired of my computer freezing because of this.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Jan 13, 2009

    The problem would be with your service provider and not Foxfire itself.

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  • Ca
    calisfamus Jul 06, 2009

    Cox cable doesn't fix computers, they only provide signal. You wouldn't ask them to repair the light bulb in your t.v. if it goes out? Mozilla sucks anyway. Download Google Chrome browser and call it a day!!

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  • At
    athomsfere Jul 15, 2009

    That has nothing to do with Cox, and everything to do with either your PC or Firefox. Firefox generally is a great browser, but all software has it quirks and issues.

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charging for equipment I have not received

Cox has been charging me for an Equipment that i never received. They apparently claim they had it delivered...

refunds missing

Cox seems to overcharge many of their customers, but in my case they continued to charge me after I closed my account (I was assured by a Customer Rep this would not happen).

That was 4 months ago ... they still have not refunded my money, and to try and make me feel better the latest rep I talked to said that "lots of people go through this, one woman is waiting on a $1000 refund and she cannot buy christmas presents" ... no joke! Like that was supposed to make me feel BETTER!

It takes Cox 4-8 weeks to issue a check despite the fact that they can electronically charge your account in minutes (why not do the refunds the same way like most other companies?) ... then they try to tell you it will take another 4-8 weeks to go through the mail - yeah right, what mail service takes that long?? When I get a supervisor on the phone I am told that is incorrect (obviously).

After waiting 16 weeks, they've made enough money on your refund's interest that it seems like fraud to me. I still don't have a check and now they're saying they will cancel the old one and send a new one - in 4-8 weeks! I bet they never actually sent the first one.

They also tell me they will have people look into the case and call me back. No one ever calls me back. I think they are just blowing me off and hoping I don't keep calling.

But now I feel so bad for the $1000 woman that I will make sure to call them every day. They take people's money when they know they shouldn't, and then wait months and months to get it back to them.

If I hadn't called over and over again, they would have kept my money forever. They might still be trying to, who knows. I may call a lawyer - it's really easy to return people's money to them, but that's not what they want to do.

cable service

I was without cable service this weekend due to a fail cable box. Customer Service and Tech Support told me to they couldn't do anything until next week. I told them that it was are only HDTV and we were having a football party on Sunday. They didn't care or have fix the problem yet. They wouldn't dispatch a tech until Monday late or Tuesday. They wouldn't transfer me to a manager or return my e-mail to their complaint dept. I have never been treated this bad before with Cox's Customer Service and Tech Support Depts. We are still without TV service at my residence and their no reprecussion to them. I paid over $150 per month for cable/internet services. And yet I get treated like a second class citizen to them.

  • Ca
    calisfamus Jul 06, 2009

    Cable is a luxury not a necessity or a priority like a telephone. boo hoo!!

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  • Ka
    Kathrin Jun 28, 2010

    I am a disabled senior who has been having trouble with missing channels from the converter box. I have been calling for over a month, put on hold for almost an hour one day, and then disconnected when it was discovered that I was calling from a cell phone that wasn't on the contract.

    I had difficulties getting up and down the way they wanted me to for the on line digital help line, and when my son came over and helped me to take the box into the COX CABLE service office in Oceanside after another useless phone attempt, I was told that they couldn't replace the box until I went through the on line waiting, ect. again and received an OK from customer service. I've given up even trying any more with these people.

    I would think that there would be more help for people with special needs.

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  • jackedaround Feb 24, 2011

    I've been a cox communications customer since 1997 (14 years). However, it would have ended in 2017 if not for a set of unfortunate circumstances.
    Since then their dvr motorola box has been spotty at best. I've had cox out to service it at least once every 6 months. The following issues have been experienced;
    1. Pixelation.
    2. Poor/no hd service.
    3. Recording error (Too many to list) resulting in no program to watch
    4. Recording quality so poor the show was unwatchable.
    5. Recording quality so poor it was not possible to watch after the errors occurred (Show stops).
    6. Recording doesn't happen. It was scheduled. But, when the show started the recording didn't.
    7. Some channels (Especially hd) experience excessive pixelation causing the entire channel to drop out.
    8. No power to dvr box.
    9. Dvr box required re-booting (At least monthly since jan 2017).
    10. Dvr would accept re-boot and would indicate power on, but would not turn on.

    In short, the dvr equipment (I've had at least 4 of them in the last 7 years) is so unreliable as to be unusable.

    My recommendation: if you like standard box or even standard dvr (Haven't used this so can't recommend one way or, another) give it a try. If you like hd service, try someone else. (I am).

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awful experience

I've been a customer of Cox Communications for Internet service for several years. I used to have but then got rid of their tv service because it was the only way I could protest their ignoring my complaints that they stop sending me giant amounts of postal ads, which is bad for the environment as it is a big waste of paper.

So on to the current problem. The Cox email service has been down at least six times in the past two months for most of a day. Despite their denying this, I know for a fact that this has also caused lost email. They never have any explanation of what is going on, nor any idea when the service will be restored.

The crowning blow for this truly spectacular series of failures was the tech support(sic) guy telling me just now that 'after all, email is free.' Apparently Cox now has the theory that the $40 a month its customers pay suddenly does not include email.

The other major ISP in this area is Verizon FIOS, but Verizon insists on replacing the landline when they install FIOS, which means if there's a power failure you only have 4 hours of battery time for the 'regular' phone. If there's a flood (this is a low lying area), the batteries get ruined and you have no phone service.

Curses. I am nonetheless certainly going to look for alternatives. Cox really sucks. They are technically incompetent, have uninformed and snotty tech support people, and don't give a damn about their customers.

  • Mo
    Mortimer Mar 01, 2009

    Cox sent me an offer for internet services, which I accepted and they sent me a confirmation email with the price of $29.99 for 12 months. They billed me much higher. When I called to complain, they variously said the offer was only good if all offered services were ordered (not true), that it was only good for 3 months (not true), or that I was a current customer and not eligible.

    I had previously requested service but had no modem so never had activated service and was not a customer, which they knew. Because they did not notify me that they were reneging on the price they had confirmed to me, they practiced a 'bait and switch'. Despite numerous calls and emails, their terrible customer service never admitted nor corrected this despicable practice.

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  • Beth Mar 27, 2009

    I agree with you. By not admitting or correcting their errors it is totally despicable. What you have described is nothing more than hustling.

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  • Ru
    runnergurl Apr 06, 2009

    AVOID them at ALL costs. COX could not care less about customers or the environment. I have called them zillions asking them to cease all the paper advertisements. The most recent was a 5 X 6 poster that competes with the size of my kitchen wall. It's disgusting.

    I'm sure that if I signed up with them, the first thing they would do would ask me if I wanted to go "paperless" and have my bill emailed to me to save paper and reduce my carbon footprint. Ha.

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  • Bm
    bm3 Apr 28, 2009

    I agree, they won't stop sending this crap in the mail. I have lived at the same place for over 20 years. I have never had cox and never will. They send me advertisements several times a week. When I called them to my address off their mailing list, they said they can't. They have no way to remove me from their mailing list.

    Doesn't that sound crazy. I have begun sending the stuff back as return to sender. In many cases they send stuff without a return address. Hos is that legal?

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  • An
    And the problem is? Jul 07, 2012

    Oh spare me about the saving the environment statement. I get so much advertisement junk from others just like you that is NOT form Cox, and I don't take it out on anyone. You got a lot of time on your hands if you have nothing better to do is pick on a cable company for ads they send you in the main, when many others are doing the same thing. You should be ashamed yourself.

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over charges

10-27-2008 Better Business burea I would like to file a complaint against Cox Communications based on over...