Countrywide / Bank Of Americalost home/home retention fraud

After a loss of income (sent letter from employer, pay stubs and called home retention every two weeks until june 2009) My wife and I were forced to give up our home, because we were never eligible for any of the programs that were being offered. I never questioned our interest rate, all We wanted was to put past due balance onto the end of the loan and move forward. Up until the loss of income, we had our mortgage electronically taken out every month for two years, so we were always on time. After we were told on June 30, 2009 that our case had been presented to the bank and there was nothing that they could do for us, we were forced to get an attorney, who also tried to correspond with the bank and got no response. Now, I hope that this lender gets everything it has coming to it.


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    pissed off !!! Feb 26, 2010
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    Bank of America Home retention prpgram is a FRUAD!! 02/26/2010

    In the past year my family and I applied for help with our then loan server Country wide, Due to loss of income as a result of my serviced connected disability and job loss. I was unemployed for more than a year and a half. Country Wide was helping us until they sold or were bought out by Bank of America. Once our loan was taken over by BOA the Problems really began, BOA could not pickup were Country Wide had left off. We had to start our Home retention process all over. We provided BOA with all the information that they required for the process. Our counsular's name was Brett Reynolds He said that he was our contact person and referred to himself as a counselor, and that he took our case very seriously, We gave copies of POI, letter of hardship, IRS forms, proof of insurance, and all relevant documentation that BOA requested. After 2 months of faxing and mailing the same information no less than 6 times too Brett Reynolds and the Home Retention dept of BOA;
    Brett Reynolds said that he was more than 99.99% sure that with the information that we provided we would have no problem qualifying for the program and that our reduced payments would not change, At one point he told us that it looked we were accepted and that we would receive a letter and documentation to sign for the loan modification. He told my wife and I to be patient and keep making the reduced payment until we received the docs to sign for the mod from BOA.
    Two weeks later we receive a letter the dated January 29, 2010. The problem was this letter was received Feb 12 2010. The letter stated that we were not eligible for the Government program due to income. They stated in the letter that my income was $8, 091.50 per month.
    I called Bret Reynolds right away to find out what was going on and that my income was no were near this amount. He promptly told me that he could not help us any further and had the nerve to hang up on me. I called back and emailed to no avail. I called the main line and Arlene said that we were turn down due to my income and that was the problem, So I disputed the income, At this time I had my w2 for the last year and told Arlene that I would fax it over and she said that I didn't need to do that and lets go over what we have and find out what went wrong. As she read back the income that BOA had on file, it was apparent that BOA‘s employee Brett Reynolds had Fraudulently falsified my income statement. Arlene took my information and tried to put the account back into review status for the loan mod, She placed on hold so that she could talk to a supervisor to find out how to put the account back into review status. Arlene came back on the phone after a 15 minute on hold and proceeded to tell that she and her supervisor put a request in and that I needed to call back in a few days and check on the status, because it would take the “system” time to reset .I called back on Monday 02/22/2010 and I was told that my account was back in review and we had to wait and to continue to make our reduced payment.
    On that day Monday 2/22/2010 no sooner that I got off the phone with BOA; MY wife calls me stating that we just received a letter dated Feb 12, 2010 that was entitled NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE. The letter states that we have until March 14, 2010 to pay $10, 895.96 to cure the default.
    We again called to find out what was going on and we were told that it was a mistake and to disregard the letter. We asked for some kind of proof from BOA stating that fact and we were told that they do not do that and we would just have to take BOA word that it was a mistake.
    The very next day 02.23.2010 my wife calls me and again said that we received another letter from BOA and this letter said NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE But this time the amount is different, the amount now is $9, 314.96. Again we called back and were told the same thing to disregard the letter and wait until the review was finished.
    I have asked BOA if we could short sale our home and they told us no. I then asks BOA for Forbearance and they told us no. I asked BOA about refinance and they told us no.
    Every time we call and talk with someone we get different answers to the same question that we ask. We want to keep our home but BOA could care less. BOA website says one thing, and then when we ask about all the options that the website says are available to consumers to keep our homes, all we get is; no; you cannot do that or that information is old and the site is not updated. Complete run around. I realize now that BOA stands to make more money to kick us out on the street then to help save our home. I want BOA to tell my children that.
    BOA has no intent to process our claim; BOA has intentionally misrepresented and mislead us about the process and program to us. Brett Reynolds portrayed himself as a Home retention counsular and in fact he is not, and he fraudulently reported my income as much as 120% plus higher than it actually is, and that amount is not what my w2 states that I provided BOA.
    The home retention program at BOA is a complete misrepresentation and fraudulent.
    At this point we have no idea what to do or who to turn to. BOA has completely misguided us and has stalled us in order to foreclose our home, knowing that we could never come up with 9 to 10 thousand dollars in less than 30 days. BOA has planed this from the start and had no intentions in helping us.

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  • Pi
    pintu1 Apr 17, 2010

    Recently I had very bad expereience with Bank of America Home retention department. They are fake and cheating everyone.

    I appiled for load modification in December 2009 and sent all the documents, after that I have not received any letter or any communication from them, later when I called they said you are in 3 months trail period and after that we will confirm the load modification.
    I made all the trail payments on time, they after 3 months they sent me letter thet your are not eligible for loan modification also they reported to credit reporting agencies that I am behind my payment.
    Now they are asking me to pay the late fees and also the different of trail payment amount and my actual payment amount.
    For all this I had to make mutiple calls and evreyone told different answers. CHEATERS.

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  • Al
    alphafuzz Jun 20, 2010
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    Countrywide sold our home right out from under us using a dummy lawyer to funnel paperwork through and deal directly with the court telling the judge we did not want our home. We went to the New Mexico Attorney General and filed a complaint. We have been homeless for three years fighting to get our home back and cannot even get updates from the lawsuit although they did say they are working to get our house back free and clear of the mortgage plus minimal damages. Our house was already sold twice...the first time a subsidiary of Countrywide bought it at the court hearing...the second time a private buyer got it. Now I just found it for sale again. Gee, doesn't seem to me like things are going well at all since BofA refuses to buy the house back and return it. Hey lets wait until it is sold again and have to pay off two people then return it with no mortgage and lose even more money. I do not understand how a family can be paying their mortgage and someone can just show up on the doorstep and say hey your house has been sold and you have three days to get out but that is what happened to us. I don't like what is happening in this country where these large corporations can run roughshod over innocent citizens with no consequences.

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  • Ro
    rodgenju Aug 18, 2010

    We are going through the same thing with BofA and got the same intent to accelerate letter stating that we owe 40, 000 which there is no way possible we can pay. They have used all of the tactics mentioned above and more on us. I wish we could get in on the lawsuit against them. How can they get a bailout from us and then turn around and take our homes without helping to avoid foreclosure and puting good hardworking people and their families in a very horrible situation. Further more the reason alot of us are facing these diffaculties is because of the big bank corrupt practices in the first place and then we had to bail their butts out!! But help good honest AMERICANS who helped them would be unacceptable I guess. Signed One of BofA's many victims.

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  • Jo
    john Aug 18, 2010
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    I am actually in a lawsuit with them right now. They are arrogant because in the original loan documents, we signed that we understood in the event of a modification process, that they did not have to give us a modification. They tried to get my case dismissed based on this fact, but the Judge said that even though he agreed that the bank did not have to give me a loan modification, he also agreed that I might have a case in regards to them hurting me with that process. Metaphorically speaking, they have the right to own the car, but did not have the right to injury me with that car.

    You can find more info regarding my lawsuit at I created for all those who might have been abused by Bank of Threatening America. Please join us :)

    I am John Wright and I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright

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  • Wo
    wolf13 Nov 20, 2010

    I had an approved modification which was notorized and sent back via fedex. It has been 2 years and they still have not corrected the payments to the new payment. If we pay the lower payment we are chareged late fees. I have called over 30 times and spent about 8 hours on hold over that time. I have talked to probably 40 different people and multiple supervisors. Nothing changes and nobody does what they say they will do. This was already approved and processed while it was countrywide and after the purchase by BOFA, they have not honred an actual executed agreement between us.

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  • It
    itswrong Dec 13, 2010

    Bank of America has really ruined people's lives for achieving the American Dream. When I bought my house i was so exited and proud of the accomplishment. I lost my job on Jan. 2010 and they immediately started sending me certified letters to start acceleration proces. I didnt understand why because I had started the loan modification process in May, 2009 and i continued to call to check the status and was told to stop calling because everytime I call I push the process back. So I did what I was told, about Sept. 2009 I called to see why I hadnt heard from anyone about my loan modification and was told that I was denied and the only thing i could do at this time was to pay the five months of mortgage that I had not paid. Now if you applied for this bogus loan modification program then you would know that in order to even be considered you have to be 3 months behind in your mortgage. Believe this when I say I was told in a letter that i kept, that I will need to be 3 months behind to qualify. So what do you think I did, yes became 3 months behind and applied for services. Did the interview over the phone not once but twice and sent all necessary paperwork. After 7 months of no definite answer, they kept stalling and saying they're many people that are applying and my application has not yet been processed. In the eighth month of me sending all documents and constant calls I recieved a letter that said I owe 10, 000 something and the forclosure process will begin if I do not remit this total payment. I know that there are laws to protect us from being railroaded by banks. They harrassed me so much that I left my home just so I didnt have to keep getting these certified forclosure letters. So they did what they set out to do Take my Home!!!

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    PRANDERSON Dec 17, 2010
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    Has Bank of America modified any loans through the home retention program? I would like to know. I am currenting 5 months in the process and would like to know if anyone has been successful with BOA.


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  • St
    Stop Lying BOA Apr 01, 2011

    I've been denied one modification and in the process of trying to get approved for another type of modification. The BOA case worker as been "dodging" my calls; stating in my file that she has not received the appropriate paper-work. I have a file of all documents that were sent to BOA number times and I have the fax confirmations to prove. I currently just sent an email to BOA's president. My next step is to send out emails to my local television stations to see if they can get anywhere. All my husband and I want is for them to say yes, we can do the modification or no, we can't...This has been the most ridiculous situation I've ever been in.

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