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H Nov 14, 2017 Review updated:

Struggling to inform anyone at Costco re my experience with the 'Costco Concierge Service'.
My 55" Samsung TV purchased Jan 2016 began to display a ‘Red Screen' around mid summer 2017.
There doesn't appear to be anyone person you can hook-up with that will be responsible for having your electronic purchase repaired. The 2 year Costco Concierge Service just is not worth the paper it is written on. with all the Costco Concierge Service folks it is like pushing a piece of string several times. totally unacceptable. And if the Extended warranty is similarly run, well G help me.

I initially contacted my local Costco ‘Torrance CA' because of the age they could not help.
Called my Square extended warranty 10/4/17 went thru the self check process, then realized the TV was under 2 years old. (Scott Case # 8996907)
So on to the Costco Concierge Service located in Miami!
Now the frustration starts:
11/2/17 a long wait at 12:00 noon to contacted Lizett, Case # [protected]
Went thru the self diagnosis Lizett to call back—— did not happen.
11/3/17 another long wait at 12:00 noon called Tina ran thru the same self check - could not get thru to Dispatch instructed to call back for Dispatch at 6:00am Monday!
Fortunately TV still works just a red screen at start-up and when switching from WiFi back to cable.
11/6/17 Tried again 6:00am Natasha ran thru the self check (messed up settings etc again) and No Joy could not get thru to Service Dispatch! no call-back!
Last ditch attempt 11/7/17 called back at 6:35am Alysia who finally got thru to Service Dispatch -
Julie Byrd provided new #[protected] and her totally useless ex 79032. (no voice mail etc totally does not work)
Julie went thru the Self Diagnosis one more time! Then requested photos of the various self check screens. So had to repeat AGAIN the self Diagnosis and send via an e-mail then Julie would assign a Tech.There's finally hope..
No contact 11/9/17. So called again, no response at Julie's ext. 36mins calling basic # and contacted Kristina (sits next to Julie) reviewed issue, reassigned to the Tech assignment dept - "I will be contacted to arrange a day and time"
11/14/17 Surprise Surprise No word from 'Tech assignment dept'…. So 7:30am call Service Dispatch luckily got Kristina. Upon checking her status notes Tech had had not arranged to fix TV because of a further question! Turns out the answer was already in Kristina notes to the Tech. So now Kristina has assigned the job of fixing the TV to the Techs at ‘ITA' who now again have the assignment of contacting me.
More to come I'm sure.

For sure me favorite local store has lost my business for any Electrical purchase in the future that I can't afford just to discard if it breaks.
At least with the Best buy Geek Squad I can talk direct with the Service manager and get that person to manage the issue for me. vs the complete Costco Concierge Service run around and around.

FYI a Loyal Costco Customer. You really need to have someone look into how you are managing this "Costco Concierge Service '

P.S. One last thought, All the people I talked to appeared to be genuine and as helpful as your poor process allowed them to be.


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      Nov 14, 2017

    Costco is great for some things. Their two year warranty is worthless.

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  • A
      Mar 21, 2018

    It is just as bad in the UK! I will never buy another electrical product from Costco.

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  • R
      Jul 07, 2019

    I had the worst experience with a Costco concierge agent. Very rude and poor listening skills.

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  • E
      Nov 15, 2019

    Will never again purchase a major appliance with Costco. Their so-called Concierge experience is a sham. Spent over 45 minutes just trying to connect with a rep and then it took over 45 minutes going over the information that already was on the Order form and making joint call to LG to set up an appointment. Over hour and half in just setting up an appointment to service a problem of a 1 yr old refrigerator . In future I will only purchase appliances from a local store or Best Buy.

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  • N
      Nov 20, 2019

    I purchased a $5000 TV on my Costco Citicard, which included extended warranties and Concierge service. I would have been better off paying a higher premium for the product with a more reputable retailer that specializes in electronics.

    The TV broke -- dark spots all over the UHD screen. I should probably blame Samsung for that. But Costco arranges to have it fixed. Repair guys replace a bunch of parts. Great.

    Three months later, the screen is PEELING OFF of the television. Two repair guys evaluated the issue and agreed it couldn't be fixed. They even reported that back to Costco. No joke.

    You know what is a joke? Costco Concierge. They demand we try to repair anyway (mind you, this TV has already been repaired once). It takes six weeks to send busted replacement parts. So now we're waiting again for new replacement parts (hopefully not busted). The TV has been sitting on our wall literally peeled open and exposed to dust, debris, and dander for two months. And the answer is to just tape a new screen on?

    So let me get this straight, Costco -- your solution to this $5000 television is to re-apply some double-sided tape and press? Hold on -- I have some double-sided tape that I bought FROM COSTCO. Why don't I just fix the TV myself? It would be faster!

    The most disappointing part of all this? Costco's service sucks, and I've always been such a huge fan. But there's zero sense of urgency or even human decency. Make this right, Costco. Stand behind the products you bring into the warehouse, and the warranties and service you sell.

    In the meantime -- to all you consumers -- walk right past the gleaming displays of gorgeous electronic devices and head straight to the cheese samples in the refrigerated foods section.

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