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On May 31st 2023 I was approached by an employee of Costco as I was loading items in my vehicle in the parking lot of Costco on Bardstown Rd in Louisville, Kentucky. This person started insulting me due to a sticker on my vehicle that they didn't agree with and continued to call me a nazi, bigot, racist, loser and they threatened to key my vehicle simply because I had an anti Joe Biden sticker. I spoke with the Manager Larry (A Black Gentleman) who said he will address the issue and apologized so I left but felt very uncomfortable about my continuing patronage of this store. I never received a call back as they took my information at the time of the incident to explain what measures were taken. I recently went back to the store to find this person still working there, so obviously nothing had been done to protect other customers from this irrational behavior of this person named Lindsay. I was willing to let this go with the understanding that this person was disciplined and removed from this location but obviously that is not the case, I would like some resolve in this situation. I should not feel threatened while shopping at this location. Damon Proffitt

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