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Costco review: Costco citi card customer service - dispute resolution

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I have perhaps 14 hoses from a vendor that I did not order. I have not opened the boxes so I do not know exactly how many. Costco Citicard sent me a dispute resolution letter I received on August 1 that required a response in mid July. Despite having evidence of cancelling the order by a postcard (the vendor sent this giving that option since the delivery was very very late - this is how I found out they were sending 14 hoses), Costco Citicards did not resolve the issue in my favor. These boxes of hoses have been on my front porch for probably 2 months. Costco Citicards said I did not return the items within the vendor 30 day policy. Hard to return something when I did not even know why I had 14 hoses sitting on my porch. Unfortunately, this has tainted my opinion of Costco and certainly Citibank.

I previously provided a much more detained outline to Costco Citibank dispute department and will be happy to provide it if something is actually going to be done. That submission also includes a copy of the card canceling the order.

Desired outcome: I want to return the unopened boxes of Hydro hoses at vendor expense. I want them picked up and removed and whatever charge Costco Citicards reinstated, I want the charges permanently reversed.

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