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I am 54 year old black man who was hired as a seasonal temp for Costco. I loved my job and received excellent evaluations. I was told during orientation that the ones that worked very hard would be rehired as permanent employees. My wife a federal officer who shops frequently in Costco was appalled by the conversation I had with an employee that stated that they are hiring only caucasion back. My wife and I who are church going people refused to believe this, until several months went by I saw several employees who are caucasion and young. Two of them banged in several times and were late a couple of times. I was always punctual and never missed a day. I was constantly called to come in early or come in on my day off. I was told by several employees that I was definitely coming back. I spoke with the manager today and he told me that they did not hire anyone back. This is a straight out lie. I Have been there numerous times only to see several of the temps who are now back working at Costco. The same ones who came after me and just happen to be all caucasion. There were approximately 8 African americans that were hired as temp to include myself and not one was hired back permanently. I am not bitter but I am appalled that this is going on with Costco. One manager said that know one knows why I haven't been hired. Another said off the record they are saying it could be your color. In society today this is unacceptable. I really worked hard and my evaluations speak for themselves.


  • Do
    Dontlyetome Mar 01, 2009

    I can say from personal experience of someone who knows ALOT about Costco. I don't believe entirely that it's your skin color. It would be more like your AGE. If you observe in most Costco's the employees as well as management are predominantly "young" inexperience "yes" people. The Costco management team mainly consists of young people that do not have a life outside of Costco. They do not know the world. Their world is Costco because they have become "Stepford Wives". Costco pays very well, so therefore the mentality is they stay until they die and continue to think that is the best place in the world to be. Money is NOT everything. Sometimes vast experience elsewhere is more valuable on your resume than to stay at Costco as a manager and treat people below them like crap because it boosts their egos. In NO way would I rule out your skin color...because I've seen injustice being done to people of color weather they were seasonal or permanent.

    Keep on them! Good Luck.

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  • Ne
    neophyte58 Mar 16, 2009

    Not shocking at all, but is this a local management problem more than a Costco problem? I'd write to Costco Head Office in the same tone as you have brought this to light in this forum. If you make your complaint sincere and honestly, I think you may be surprised. Our Costco's in Canada have every race and every age of full-time employees! And the service and morale seem great!

    Don't give up, and yet don't make it a crusade that ruins your life. Good luck!

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  • Va
    Vanessa Jun 17, 2009

    I am an Executive Member at Costco and for those who don't belong that means we pay $100 annually for the privilege of walking in their doors. I have been a Costco advocate for many years, in fact, I used to love them. But the bloom is definitely off the rose.

    I received a HP tx1000z on 2/24/2008 as a gift. Almost a year to the day, my beloved and extremely necessary for my business, laptop stopped booting. It also stopped charging and got so hot I could have used it to fry eggs. HP was absolutely no help because my laptop was out of warranty.

    Costco, however, provides their members with a 'free' second year of coverage. I put the free in quotes because the shop that Costco wanted me to send my laptop to is Cybertest. Yes, THAT Cybertest. I naturally refused and asked for a secondary choice. The second shop, MicroMedics, yes, THAT Micomedics was also nixed with an unsatisfactory. I am getting it repaired myself, out of my own pocket, at a local shop with a 'B' rating from the Better Business Bureau. Costco also refused to reimburse me for the out of network repair; but I would rather my laptop be safe.

    This episode led to some very important information. Apparently, Costco has never received a negative report from a Costco member about Cybertest. I understand this to mean that Cybertest is specifically choosing to be less than careful with PCs from other stores. So, for Costco members, be warned: That 'free' second year is absolutely worthless unless you are willing to risk sending your valuable gear to the Cybertests of this world. And for everyone else, maybe you should try and claim you bought your laptop or what have you from Costco.

    The main thing I got out of this was an extreme amount of disappointment with Costco, but also surprise that they don't vet their business partners. Usually companies with good reputations want to make sure that their business partners are also good to their customers. In this regard, I feel that Costco has seriously dropped the ball.

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  • Tx
    txbruins Jun 18, 2009

    What are the issues with Cybertest and Micromedics? Where are you getting your information about them?

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  • Ki
    king of complaints Aug 28, 2009

    this happen in other companies, like Avis Car Rental . They laid off all, and rehired white people only...

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  • Ki
    king of complaints Aug 28, 2009

    take a cart, put some vulnerable staffs, like eggs, glass, flour in it and vandalize them while u go around in the costco and leave them inside and come out and have a cheap hot-dog and pop and go home...

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  • Mi
    missconcerned Oct 21, 2009

    After learning that they sell black baby dolls named Monkey, I would agree that it's a race thing. I hope your wife and many others stop shopping there.

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  • Qu
    quack Feb 22, 2010

    Perhaps it was your grammar and punctuation that kept you from getting that job.

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  • Po
    poopydoo Apr 18, 2010

    I work in Costco and yes they like'm young and energetic. Keep your mouth shut and work hard and you'll be called back.
    I agree the management team have no life and like to talk with disrespect to as many people as they can. They never tell you that your doing a good job. No pats on the back only tell you everything you do wrong.

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  • Ro
    RocketTurtle May 24, 2010

    You pay $100 a year for your membership and you receive 2% back on all of your purchases because of that. You obviously spend enough at Costco to justify the executive membership, so don't be so quick to complain about THAT. Costco researches EVERY aspect of their business and I would doubt that the repair businesses mentioned are anything less than reputable. If you had your PC repaired with Cybertest or Micromedics and had a problem I am 100% certain Costco would have refunded your money. I am not sure what the problems people have had with these companies, but I am sure that Costco was not trying to scam you. Also, don't whine about a free second year warranty, who else does that? AND when I had a problem with my HP Costco directed me to send it back to HP to get fixed.

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  • those black baby dolls called monkey were sold every where not just at costco.

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  • Di
    DisappointedCostcoseasonal Feb 07, 2015

    I was hired as a seasonal employee at Costco, too, and worked my butt off for them and got an outstanding review from my manager but because I am 49, I have not been called back after the season. They have only called back seasonal employees who are in their 20's. This is not right or fair.

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