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dues invoice-collections

I went to their web site some months ago and was looking around and Filled out a form to join, but I never...

subscription and free gifts

Also got an invoice after I had chosen not to continue subscribing. The telephone number for customer services is correct. Just keep pressing 0 until you get a representative and take no notice of them talking all over you.

  • Tw
    Twila Pierce Aug 09, 2011

    when I signed up, I sent a check for $24, even tho I thought that was a bit high. The day the check was mailed, I recieved another letter from you'll, saying, we heard you loud and clear and you only have to pay $12 to join. I have recieved my first magazine and my first book to preview, but have not recieved my free gifts for joining. Just wondering what may have happened. Was it lost in the mail?

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  • Tw
    Twila Pierce Aug 09, 2011

    When I signed up, I sent a check for $24, even tho' I thought that was a bit high. The day the check was mailed, I recieved another letter from you'll saying, we heard you loud and clear and you only have to pay $12 to join. I have recieved my first magazine and my firt book to preview, but have not recieved my 3 free gifts for joining. Just wondering what may have happened. Were they lost in the mail?

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  • Vi
    Vicki Camire Aug 29, 2012

    I never received my $100 Grocery Coupon card or my free multi-purpose grater that was promised to me when I paid my subscription. I did receive the free knife tho. When can I expect to receive the grater and coupon card??? If you do not want to send the items as PROMISED by Cooking Club of America, the just send me my $24.00 refund Check! ASAP. I will be waiting for an answer.

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  • Jo
    John L. Somers Oct 13, 2012

    My name is John L. Somers and my "inital membership" number is 54951400. I have since become a LIFE member and that number is 20537680.
    When I joined I recieved a ceramic knife and have never recieved either the grater and $ 100.00 grocery gift card nor have I recieved any of the magazines with the exception of the very first "free" one.
    I have talked with customer service on 3 different occasions and was told how sorry y'all are AND was ASSURED that EVERYTHING was orderedand would be recieved in 7 to 21 days.
    My question is, WHERE ARE THEY? How many 7 to 21 days do y'all need?
    I expect a reply at your earliest convenience .
    Thank you
    John L. Somers

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  • Ca
    Carolyn J. Apr 26, 2013

    I'm still waiting for my coupon card. Cooking Club of America should be ashamed of themselves that they associate themselves with a sham company like this. SHAME ON YOU. I've been sick for a long time and just remembered about the coupon card. Now I am upset with Cooking Club of America. They know better. That just goes to tell me that they are not a reputable company themselves. I will never ever do any business with them ever in my life and I will spread the word about the type of companies they contract with to be in their envelope of advertisement and so called special offers. Very BAD PR.

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keep getting bills for books I didn't receive

I have been a life member for awhile and have never received products for testing and keep getting bills for books I didn't receive I did pay the bills after they turned them over to a collection but have written and emailed the company with no answer so if you are smart you will have nothing to do with this company. Big scam.

on-line scams / fraudulent practices

Clicked on 30 day free trial for magazine to cooking club of america, within 7 days prior to receiving magazines I received a bill/invoice for $12.00 for annual dues. Stupid me I paid it!! Then received 2nd bill for unpaid dues of $12.00, e-mailed them with ck #, date received, & date they cashed ck! They claimed to update my account, but did not! E-mailed again demanding membership cancellation & refund. They in turn sent me 3 vouchers ($12.00 ea.) for lifetime membership. Documents stated "I would never pay anything ever again for this offer. They lied again, they billed me $337.00. Tried repeatedly to cancel this membership, but still receiving bills. E-mailed to & fro demanding resolution, on 12/28/2010 it was cancelled (they say). On 12/30/2010 they verified via e-mail bill was removed paid in full, & it would not go on my credit report or collections. I feel this is not over yet.

  • Th
    thought u should know Jun 18, 2011

    I recieved a bill from this company for services I never signed up for. I have never even heard of this company. They were even sending threats to turn it over to collections!! --

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  • Di
    Diana L. Hunt Aug 05, 2011

    I recived membership, cookbooks, magazines, sample supplys, that i had thought were to end after so many recived with a gift. I did recieve the lousy gift, however they stated to send the same ones back to me. I sent them back and they keep coming before i can pay for the first one! Iam getting married in September, and i do NOT have the money to keep sending them back!!! I do Not want to be a member any more and i want my membership funds back. i think that is quite fair after all the crap i keep getting!!!

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  • Pa
    Patricia Oberg Jul 09, 2012

    I received an invoice in the amount of $24.00 for a two year membership to your cooking club. I was not aware I was required to join for two years and therefore want to cancel my membership! Patricia Oberg 54957221 Billing Ref LSFK9737

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never received products promised

I paid for membership in may. Two months have passed and my "free gifts" which were to be sent with full payment were never received. Today I received an offer for a lifetime membership for $350 less the $24 i've already sent them. This is when I realized i've been scamed. I asked them for a full refund, which they claim takes 4-6 weeks. I am concerned I will not receive this given numerous complaints i've read on the internet. I am also concerned they will try and bill me for items i've neither ordered or received, which is apparently what this company does.

  • Me
    melannie Baker Aug 23, 2010

    same thing is happening to me. They promised free gifts after paid two year membership. Havn't received anything except another bill and a lifetime membership offer. They also promised that I could be a product tester with paid membership, have not received anything.

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fraudulent company

Cooking club of america says they will sign you up for a life account, but what you don't know when you sign up is that they keep billing you for life! I have cancelled by mail many times, to no avail. Then I contacted them by return mail (when they emailed me) and there were never any return answers. I don't care if they send me to a credit collector, I will not give them another dime!
They send trinkets along the way, telling you what a great deal it is, but you pay for all of it and more!

I wish the best of luck to all who sign up with this company!

  • So
    sourdough girl Jan 31, 2012

    i am a life member of cooking club of america. after i paid the life membership dues, i have never received another bill... i signed up almost 10 years ago! i have received the magazine on time every time and have tested many products. i'm sorry you had a bad experience, but MY experience has been very good.

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  • No
    Northsidegirl Apr 06, 2016

    I paid cooking club and fishing club of America. hundreds of dollars for life time memberships. At first I received the items they had promised, but since 2014 I havn't received any products or magazines from them when I tryed to call them there is no such number anymore, what I want to know is can we file a lawsuit against them for misleading customers and taking our money...

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  • Na
    Nan Grosser Fuller May 21, 2016

    I have been a lifetime member since 2009 - received magazines until 2014. Have not been able to contact anyone since then. The phone number in the magazine doesn't work; mail is not responded to. VERY DISAPPOINTED as the magazine was good.

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  • Jm
    J Mahoney Jan 23, 2019

    I caught on to their scam right away because they were always promising something big, and sending something small. I wrote to them about themselves and they never responded to my letter, a matter of fact, they ignored it and kept on with their fraudulent scam. I requested my $24.00 dollars back in return, I got another envelope requesting ADVANCE RENEWAL NOTICE for $48.00. I did receive a nice cookbook that I gave to my daughter because she was starting into culinary school, and I thought that would have been some help to her. I just happened to find my letter that I had sent to them on February 7, 2013, and I jump on the computer to see if they were still around. Low and behold, this is what I found, the same complaint letters that I was mentioning. I am not surprised that they no longer exist because it was a SCAM!

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unsolicited merchandise

I have repeatedly sent letters, returned merchandise, e-mailed requests to discontinue service I didn't...

how to get your complaint satisfied

There have been a lot of complaints concerning this company. When checking them out through the bbb I found information that may be able to help you. Here is the web link that shows their address, phone number and other information. The company is national membership however if you scroll down they have many dba names. One of which is cooking club of america. Bbb has helped many people with billing and membership issues from this company. Perhaps they can help you too.

  • Su
    SusanH Aug 10, 2009

    I joined the cooking club of america, and I am currently making payments for my life membership, I am two payments away from being paid off, at which time I am supposed to receive a set of supposedly awesome pots and pans.
    In the year and a half that I have been a member, I was sent a cook book, that I promptly returned, they told me too, that they did not receive the book back, When I called and talked to Jason, He said he would adjust the bill accordingly, and I have not ever received another bill.
    I have been sent only one test product since signing on, and was not worth a nickle.

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  • Wo
    Woveemama Mar 26, 2011

    Wished I would have checked this out before sending in my $24 for my two year subscription. Was going to be a product tester, received only the ceramic paring knife and the first in a series of cookbooks to view for 30 days. I do like the magazines but will not go any further now that I have read all the complaints listed here. I would not even spend the money to become a lifetime member. I want to thank all of you who have listed a complaint. Of course now they are saying I will receive the free cheese grater AFTER I get book 2 in the series of cookbooks. So I know that will never happen and of course I will never see the $100 gift card. Again, thanks to all who listed complaints.

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billing me for a membership I never signed up for

This company sent me a bill a couple of months ago... At the same time thanking me for my membership... On the bill they have my name incorrect, but close enough to make it look as if I may have signed up. The mailing address is incorret, but close enough to make it come to my address (amazing). Now they have sent the magazine, of course with the membership number they evidently want assigned to me. Of course I also received the membership dues invoice. If I visit the sight to tell them I never signed up or even visited the sight before, they will manage to get the correct name and address from the email I send them. What the heck am I supposed to do??? Oh yes, by the way there is of course no phone number for me to contact them on the invoice or any other paper they managed to put into the envelope. Vera (the part of my name they got correct)

  • Be
    Beenu Jul 13, 2009

    I did get a biling invoice from them thanking me for the membership. I agree that I did sign up but that was only for for free magazine. I never knew they will do somthing like this. Now, i wanna cancel it by calling them up but I didn't get their number. Does anyone have an idea what to do with that invoice??

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  • Dh
    Dhs60417 Oct 13, 2012

    Just received a bill for $3 for a "12 month Membership" that I NEVER ordered -- I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in anything related to cooking. I almost called my local state's attorney for advice, but instead I went to their ("Cooking Club of America's") website and found their customer service number - 1-888-850-8202 (7:30am-8pm M-F, 8am-4:30pm Sat.). I had to enter my "Member number", then a couple of menu choices ("invoice", "cancel a membership") and talked to a real person. I told her in no uncertain terms that I NEVER agreed to this and to take me off their list immediately. She assured me I'd receive no more bills, and tried to apologize. I told her, "Good luck working for people like that, " and hung up.
    If I were retired and had a lot of time, I'd report the fraud to my local state's attorney (or whomever they tell me to), ignore all the invoices until they sent them to a collection agency, then I'd sue them and the collection agency in a class-action suit. But I don't have a lot of time, and ### like this isn't worth it.
    Sometimes I think we need to administer a little bit of the old 'frontier justice' when stuff like this shows up...

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promised multipiupose grader

I was promised a multipurpose grater 100 dollar coupon card and other things after I joined. I sent my...


This is an online publishing company called scout publishing or I cannot find a business address for the company.

They have a totally bogus condition in place regarding credits and refunds. I ordered a gift subscription of their online and print magazines called ny jets confidential (football team news). I paid $80 for the gift and charged it to my credit card. At the beginning of january, they charged my card again, without notifying me, for another year’s subscription. I notified them in writing and via multiple (unanswered) telephone calls that I wanted to terminate my subscription, that I didn’t authorize the charge, and that I wanted my money back. Finally today I spoke to a live person, who informed me that they have a no refund policy. He said that I would have had to ask for cancellation before january 1st in order to not be charged and since I didn’t, it was not their problem. He also said that these conditions were sent to me, but they weren’t. The company sent them to the party receiving the gift, not to me who’s the person they’re making pay for the service.

I have a real problem with this. My argument is what good is the law that they have to notify me of their terms and conditions and that I have to agree to them if I never receive and approve those terms? They could have sent them to anyone in the world! The point is, I didn’t have that information and I am the one paying for it.

On top of it all, them man I spoke to was abusive. I don’t think that companies should be able to get away with blatant abuse of “terms and conditions” statements. I want to make this very public and hurt their reputation as I am sure others have had the same experience.

free trial

This company is as unethical as can be imagined. Do not sign up for a "free" seven day subscription, or you will end up being charged. On december 13th, I signed up for a free trial of au., which is a scout property. When I went to cancel my account, you can not cancel unless you talk to a representative. This way, apparently, there is nothing in writing. So, I called their office to cancel, and they were closed that day due to inclement weather. I left all of my information, including my account number, my phone number and all pertinent information, asking for my account to be cancelled. On december 26th, my account was charged. When I called to get a refund, they said their corporate policy is to not issue refunds. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who again told me their corporate policy is to not issue refunds. I asked even when it is your mistake? At this point we were disconnected. When I called back to speak to the supervisor, she was "out of the office."

Stay away from this company!

  • Pc
    pcofield Feb 08, 2016 also scammed me by offering me a Free trail membership. I tried to cancel during the Trial period and they will not answer their phones and they sent me an email later Billing me. I left a cancellation message and they are still billing me. I currently have to dispute these charges with my credit card company. I called the company about 10 times to cancel. They will did not answer their phone. The call is transferred to another and it rolls over to voice mail. I'm assuming its a business decision for them. They probably figure most people are not going to dispute the $9.95 cents. I don't like being scammed. I don't care if its $9.95 or it's $1, 000, I'm going to dispute these charges.

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They send me cook books sometimes 2 times a month. The last 6 months I have returned them. I get the books in the mail and put return to sender and then take them to the post office. Unopened.
Then a month or two down the road they send me a bill for the book which I had sent back.
It's starting to upset me to the point of cancelling my membership. I will do that the next time I get another bill. The books cost a total of $29.95 each. I don't want them anymore that is why I put return to sender. Don't send me anymore books. Please

collection notice

I was a member several years ago member #[protected] and they also had me down for 2 memberships. I liked cooking club at the time, but then I lost my job 07-2007 and canceled my membership and haven't been employed sense. I'm starting over again. I just got a collection notice today 10-14 and I can't afford this and don't feel I owe, because I canceled a long time ago in 2007. The notice is for $248.34. I don't even know if I can pay my home mortgage this month and in the future. What do I do!!!

  • Li
    Little Angel Mar 28, 2009

    I also have had a bad experience with Cooking Club. I purchased a fry pan, granted I was late paying this but, I had financial problems, too.

    Long story short I did pay for the pan and then 2 years after paying the bill, I am being dunned for the bill from a collection agency in New York. Not mention this is the 2nd time, 1 year earlier the same agency try to collect it also.

    I am filing a compliant with NYC consumer's affair as this agency is registered with them.

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  • Pj
    p johnson Jun 28, 2009

    I didn't join the club and receive the bills .

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unauthorized billing

Last month ccoa sent a nasty letter about my so called monthly bill. That bill did have a #, so I called it and thought the problem was corrected. I used 2 addresses to make sure I received the products. When I spoke to them, the billing error should have been corrected. It was not. Now their sending me a bill for products they say they sent. I did not receive any cookbooks, magazines, or gadgets ever from them. Used several e-mail addresses that were posted from their site, only to find out they could not be used the server said it was an invalid e-mail address. I want out of this membership, no future contact from them in any way shape or form. I did not get any thing from them so I will not pay for something I didn't receive. I am seriously considering getting the bbb involved in this. Linda h, e mail this e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need javascript enabled to view it any suggestions?

  • Ju
    julie worley Nov 13, 2008

    I don't guess I should be surprised with all the scams via internet, but I guess once again obviously, I clicked on the wrong website or a legitimate company that I registered with sold my information. I have received a bill from Cooking Club of America for membership fees that are due immediately. I never signed up for this service. I have never received anything from Cooking Club of America other than threatening letters demanding money. The letter states that I still have the chance to settle my account in a positive manner and become a fully paid member in the CCOA. Just pay the bill for my membership IMMEDIATELY. As soon as payment is received, your status as a member in good standing will be reinstated. The name at the bottom of the letter is Andrea Meester, Member Services Director. I am very upset about being hounded for money for something I never signed up for or received. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in reference to this scam. I hope if there is anyone else out there being taken advantage of by CCOA, please file all the complaints possible with the BBB. On this most recent "bill" the toll free number is 1-888-850-8202.

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  • Co


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life member benefits

I have been a lifetime member of this club for several years. Since I joined as a lifetime member I am...

do not accept cancellations

do NOT even think about joining them anymore. It's a total scam. I signed up for the "trial" membership...

scam and cheating

I decided to join cooking club of america because i'm always looking for new recipes and ideas. I was also intrigued by testing products. The products were substandard and the recipes were nothing special. Then I received an item from them in the mail. It was a stupid porcelain basket that I certainly did not want, so I returned it several months ago. I have been receiving invoices from them ever since stating that I needed to either return the item or pay the invoice.

I tried writing them a letter stating that I had sent the box back to them several months ago, and that I am not going to pay for an item I do not have in my procession. They still continue to send me invoices claiming I need to pay the invoice or return the item.

  • Ju
    June R Brown Sep 24, 2008

    I do not have a complaint. I just need a phone number to reach someone to report on an item I have tested. I have Parkinson's desease and it is verydifficult for me to write so I would prefer to report by phone if that is possible,
    Thanks JRB
    Member #52963912

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all they want is your money and to screw up your credit!

I, first of all would like to say that I am appalled at how this so called business is ran. I am an extremely...

false membership and bullying

I have repeatedly told this company that I am not interested in membership, yet I continue to receive phone...

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