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Mar 23, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - lifetime membership not being honored

I paid a lot of money to this company to be a lifetime member and have not received anything from them for years. I can not find a valid website and their phone number does not work. There was never any notice from them about going out of business. Do we lifetime members have any recourse to recoup our losses? My lifetime membership # is [protected].
Thank you,
Michael G. Wood

I am a lifetime member and I can not get on to the web site to find out information, all i see is reply's that they are out of business? if true what do us life time members do now? Sure would like to get information on this? Been a life time member since 2012.
Thank you,
Jerry Ashwell
Life Member #[protected]

Mar 12, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - membership

I paid for lifetime membership.
I received the pots/pans but never received any more magazines or emails.
I really enjoyed the magazines, I even received a couple of testing items. After I paid for the membership, a month or so later all contact stopped I am not sure why. I can't even find the website to sign in. I started a new job and let it go, but now I am on a leave and wanted to continue learning cooking skills... Are they still in business?

What happened?

Kathleen Hardy

member # [protected]

I just found my membership number, what happened! It was a scam I want my money back


Cooking Club of America / - no service phone number disconnected

I became a member of cooking club of america and receive magazines for years but now i'm trying to get a hold of them because I moved and the number has been disconnected please provide a current...

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Mar 06, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - what happened to cca??

Member since 2001... Member #[protected]. Where did they go?? I paid almost $300.00. I did receive some pots and pans and a magazine until 2008. They stopped sending anything shortly after they changed...

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Cooking Club of America / - cooking club of america

Where did they go? My number is [protected]. I paid my membership and received my pots and lids (which weren't very good). I haven't received any thing since 2009 when they asked for more money. I was promised products for testing that I could keep and regular subscription to a "wonderful" cooking magazine. I think we should all receive our money back for not fulfilling their commitment.

I was a lifetime member paid and complete by 2000, i want my money back should be a class action when we all paid ...

I too am a lifetime member of cooking club of America. I have not received anything since 2009 either. I came across my membership folder this morning and tried to contact them. The number now belongs to some scam auto club. I too paid a lot of money for a so called lifetime membership. I too was told I would receive test products. As well as my monthly magazines. As for the pots and pans they were cheap and everything I cooked in the easily burnt. Nothing of quality that is for sure. Certainly not worth the $300 that we paid for the membership. I want something to be done because this organization got a lot of money from people and what did we get but empty promises? I still have my entire Welcome Kit if that tells you anything! Pots and pans are long gone!

V. Bowman
Member # [protected]
Member since 02/2007

I am a lifetime member of cooking club of America I have not received anything since 2009 you call the number and it is disconnected or no longer in service please provide us with a phone number so we can receive our products and our magazines if not reimburse us our money back this is a scam and this is baloney

Feb 15, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - cooking club of america life member

I paid an outrageous up front fee to receive their magazine and "life member gifts and benefits" which including trial of different items and all I had to do is comment and give my opinions and the items for free for me to keep. After paying for life-time membership I no longer received items to try and after a few months stopped receiving their magazine, very disappointed. What happened to this company anyway? Just another scam i've heard!

Feb 01, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - lifetime membership, not receiving services for years

I am a life member of the cooking club of america (since 2006). I received 6 magazines a year, then they reduced them to just quarterly. They might have even then reduced them to 3 times a year. I haven't seen one since fall of 2014. (probably about the time I didn't "upgrade" my life-time membership to a "platinum lifetime membership" for another couple hundred dollars!) I have been busy with a young/active family and hadn't realized they had stopped coming for a while. Then I figured it was too late, but like others have said, based on the amount of complaints, maybe there is something to be done. I really think they should refund "life members" if they aren't going to stay in business, or whatever it is they have done to make it impossible to find/communicate with them.
My life member # is [protected]
My name is caroline mangum (originally received life membership under maiden name; I was able to update it with them after marrying)

Same as everyone else . Paid for a full membership then got screwed out of the magazine! Joined in early 2000 in ontario. Last magazine received in nova Scotia in 2013.

Originally read every month, then every 2months, then every 4 months. Now zip!

Please respond. [email protected]


i have been a life time member since 2009 and haven`t had any comumation for years. I think I should get a refund also. What has happened to the cooking club we joined. I feel that they have scamed us all.

I have been a member for many years and have not heard from them in many years. I need my money returned to me with interest. My name is Patsy Miles. I would like to hear back from you ASAp!

Add me to the list also. Lifetime member since 2007 and have the same story as the rest of you. Last magazine Fall, 2014.


I was a life member of the Cooking Club of America (since 2006). I received magazines and offers, coasters and trinkets, then they faded away I purchased a set of cookware that I have since replaced due to poor quality. I suddenly realized that they disappeared from my life. I hadn't really noticed before this because of some stressful changes in my life, but they are gone and I was wondering what happened to that membership. Please let me know what happened to the membership I paid for!

I can't find anything on them either Lifetime Member #[protected]. Add me to the notify list if we have any recourse please!

Add me as well. Membership #[protected]..Where can we find any info?

I am in the same boat - lifetime member for a LONG time - pre-2000. Membership #[protected]. Tried to change my address, and cannot find their website. is NOT their website anymore, if it ever was, anyway. Add me to the growing list of unhappy "members."

Does adding us to a list of unhappy members help us get any information?

Jan 03, 2018

Cooking Club of America / - a lifetime membership

I contacted them several years ago. They sent me new information, and again... Nothing. Looking to contact them again. Hoping for better results..

Betsy wray, executive director, cooking club of america this is the name on my welcome letter.

I have been a life member since 09/2009. They have killed me twice, the second time was 4/2/2011. When I contacted the company they reinstated me. Contact number [protected] no longer in service. This number is listed with my life time membership information, as to how to contact the company. My membership number is #[protected]. The [protected] number does not work! They seem to have vanished with our money. I have been searching the net, can't find anything that connects back for a valid contact information.

Dec 06, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - lifetime membership to cooking club of america

I became a lifetime member in 2011, life member #[protected], paid my entire $296.00, received my pots & pans and some other small items. I have not, however, had any correspondence from them for at...

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Cooking Club of America / - membership

My name is June Armour and I have been a lifetime member since December 2006 my account number is [protected] after paying the entire amount I received books for a couple of years and they just stopped without warning. I was guaranteed free products and testing nothing happened. I am very upset that there was no warning that we wouldn't be able to access of the site. I paid $300 dollars to become a lifetime member and want a refund. That's not including the books and membership amenities they owe.

Nov 01, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - I have not received anything from them in years!

I have been a life member since 03/2012 and paid for my premier life time membership. I have contacted them several times they would send 1 book and then nothing. It has been several years now and still nothing. This is not right they have my money where is the products they promised. My membership number is [protected]. I would like a refund! I paid in faith that I would get the products they promised. Instead I got the runaround.

Oct 22, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - magazines & services not received.

I am a lifetime member ([protected]) of the Cooking Club of America since 04/2009. I have not received any magazines or offers for a few years now. I did qualify to receive the cooking set after...

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Cooking Club of America / - I have been a paid life time member for a very long time and have not received any benefits.

I am a paid life time member and do do receive any information or benefits. As a home economist I was expecting an interesting and exciting club with many new products to try. This did not happen. I...

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Cooking Club of America / - cooking club of america/unethical behavior

I have been a lifetime member since april of 2007. Member #20236i paid in full $286.00. I did receive the pots and pans and a few cook books. Sincet hen I have not heard a word in the form of email...

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Sep 16, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - memberships that have not performed...

I am a lifetime member of the cooking club of america - #[protected], the gardening club of america - #[protected], the handyman club of america - #[protected]. All of these changed into one site, a...

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Cooking Club of America / - lifetime membership

I purchased a lifetime membership several years ago. I have a lifetime membership apron with my name on it, a couple of cook books, and some magazines that I cherish. I was a product tester for many...

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Jun 20, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - life membership

I have been a member since 9/2005. I have not received anything from them for years. I would like to know what I need to do to get this situation resolved. I have not been able to contact them by phone or website. I would like to receive my membership fee back. My name is venessa lewis member number is [protected]. Thank you advance for your time and help.

I have been a Cooking Club of America, I am a Life Time Member for over 10 years. I too got an apron, some magazines, some knives and a pan. I received the magazines for about one year and then nothing. I finally sent them a letter, then am email, then I tried to call them and got a recording. I wonder if anyone has called the BBB. I wish I had the number I would call them myself. With all the money I paid I should have been sent the things I was promised. How do I charge them with a crime? Bobbette Brezonick, Schlimmer, Burlington, WI

May 22, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - lifetime membership

I am Grace Finkbeiner lifetime membership since 2009 member #2339539. I paid for a lifetime membership and never got anything in return so I would like to have my membership fees refunded, now. I am...

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Cooking Club of America / - lifetime member

Have not received any publication in quite a few years. Member number [protected]. What happened. I paid for a membership, I am still alive. I guess lifetime doesn't mean lifetime! I am very disappointed with this service. The phone number is no longer in service. Is there a new number so that I am able to contact someone to get this resolved. Either start sending books or refund me my money. This makes customers very leary of joining any type of group, especially when a large amount of money is concerned. Who do I call!
Gwen carrigan

Feb 18, 2017

Cooking Club of America / - magazine and membership

I paid over $300 for this lifetime membership, never hear from them anymore and never get the magazine. What the hell?. I really enjoyed that magazine now never get bit anymore. Was this another scam to get peoples money and than never hear fro you again. Also the phone number you provide does not work, am I suppose to be surprised. I nhate crooks.

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