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I ordered Continental Master Card on line on December 8,2006 and received the card shortly thereafter. I received a notice of charges and payment due of $50.00 before I activated the card. There were $247.00 in set up and other service charges on the card leaving $53.00 available credit.

I made a purchase of $47.08 at office depot on 12/30/06 and no other charges. I called the Continental Finance on 01/03/07 to make a payment of $50.00 via check card. I spoke with someone named Rose Spears who advised me that I could not make a payment as I had already made an online payment for the month. I informed her that I had not done that and she still refused to take a payment.

On 01/05/07 i went on line to check my account and found the following fees added to my account:
$30.00 returned payment fee
$30.00 overlimit fee
$30.00 late fee

These fees are not possible as I had tried to make a payment 2 days prior. Also with the total set up fees $247.00 and the purchase charge $47.08 totals $294.08 on a $300.00 limit card. This is a rip off and is the reason I am reporting this company to you and to the Attorney General of California. Beware of Continental Finance and any other companies that offer a risk Master Card with high set up costs, there are greater costs than you know.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 18, 2019 4:40 am

WORST CREDIT CARD COMPANY EVER! I have never in all the cards I've had ever had them call me 4 days before my account is due. I have asked and asked that they stop calling in early morning hours, as it conflicts with my job and sleep. They are doing it just to be a holes now. Will be paying them off so they can go f themselves .

Dec 20, 2016 1:35 am

I have had this card for a year and a half and have had no problems, it has took my score from bankruptcy to almost 700. They must have changed because I make online payments from my bank and although it takes 5 to 8 days to reflect it is still posted the day I tell them to take the money from my account. Now that I have better credit i have 4 other cards and no longer need the Verve Card and am going to cancel it because of the high fees.

Dec 17, 2007 12:00 am

I have tried on several occasion to speak with a live person in reference to a payment as well as information they retrieve about my social security number and it being incorrect in the system. After reading the complaints below and starting to wonder about the validity of this company.

Dec 01, 2015 4:43 am

1. YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS PAYING FOR BILL EVER MONTH (every month it have been something)
5. YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WILL TAKE A HARD HIT TOO..WELL, MINE DID(I am still trying to wrap my head around why none of my bills got paid even tho the funds was there which the bank took as well)

Sep 21, 2015 12:21 pm
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Kay..i just entered my complaint -however my phone number was accidently entered incorrectly...I would like to correct this

Sep 21, 2015 12:16 pm
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I emphatically agree with all complaints regarding continental is a scam credit card company...attempting to rebuild credit with this credit card will never happen, if anything, it places a negative comment on your credit report; I seldome have ever used this card..and was shocked when I checked my credit report and for this credit card was listed that I was 30 days late! I had been paying on the very low balance I had and as jpreviously stated nnot knowing that paying online takes up to 2 weeks to post my payment was labeled "late:. This company does not hesitate in reporting this to the credit bureaus and then in addition charge outrageous lalte and service fees..penalties for fraudulent practices by continental finance..I WOULD SUGGEST ALL OF US WHO HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF THIS SCAM START A PETITION ONLINE AND SEND TO ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE IN THE STATE WHERE THEIR CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IS (PROBABLY DELAWARE) SINCE THIS IS THE BEST STATE FOR CORPORATIONS TO REGISTER THEIR COMPANIES. UNFORTUNATELY I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO START A PETITION ON LINE SINCE I AM NOT TH AT COMPUTER LITERATE BUT IT IS TIME FOR THIS FURTHERMORE WE HAVE TO HAVE A MECHANISM TO CORRECT THIS ON THOSE OF US WHO ARE TRYING TO REBUILD CREDIT!

Sep 19, 2015 8:05 am

I can't believe these people. They don't pay bills on time, then when someone (Continental) does risk their own money to help, these people complain! Here's a news flash for you.. just pay your bills you deadbeats. Stop blaming others and take ownership for your failures as human beings.

Jan 28, 2008 12:00 am

My niece called to have a card activated, prompted to enter 16 digit acct #, before getting number completely entered prompter said cc# did not match anything on file.

Oct 05, 2007 12:00 am

In early 2007 I applied for a credit card with Continental Finance. At the onset I was slammed with charges equaling $225 and had available credit of around $60 dollars. I made charges of $66.23. I called several times to dispute my statement and could never get a live person on the line. They would tell me my information which is in black and white on my statement did not match the information on file and would hang up on me. I tried emailing a response to payment requests from them and it was returned undeliverable. Today October 5, 2007 I once again attempted to find out if someone else had used my card, changed my information, and to find out why I now have $195.12 in new FEEFIN charges added. AGAIN, NO LIVE PERSON TO TALK TO! I WANTED TO MAKE MY MINIMUM PAYMENT AND DISCUSS THE ADDITIONAL CHARGES BUT THEY WON'T TALK TO ME. I want Continental Finance to accept payment for the charges I do not dispute in the amount of $66.23 and close this account in good standing. What a rip off... I charge a total of $66.23 with$1.37 in finance charges and they say I owe them $534.86. How can they do this to middle class people living week to week and trying to build their credit. I am the only person working in my home, my husband is disabled, please help me fight these rip off artists. There are several other complaints against them.

Beware people!

Oct 23, 2013 8:39 am

This company is s joke they want to charge you 12 dollars a month after a year to just have there card for a maintenance fee so it is $75.00 a year for annual fee and $144.00 a year for maintenance fee. That is illegal in a lot of states and you need to get a hold of a attorney general's office in your state to find out. I am not going to pay the $12.00 a month fee it is a rip off. I do believe we need to get together and file a class action law suit against against them .

Jan 08, 2008 12:00 am

I applied for a Continental Master Card online in October 2007 and was approved. Immediately upon approval, I received notification that my card limit was $300.00. Shortly thereafter, I received additional notification that certain charges were being debited to my credit card (i.e., set-up fee, etc.), leaving me with a very minimal balance.

Since receiving the card, I never used it and have thus far paid $110.00 in payments. I had spoken with a representative from Continental over the weekend and was informed that my available balance was $106.00; leaving a balance due in the amount of $194.00.

Today, I attempted to use the credit card for the very first time and was informed by a merchant that the card had been rejected. When trying to contact Continental to inquire as to what the problem might be, I only was able to get through to an "automated voice system" and never was transferred through to a customer service representative. I also learned through the automated voice system that my credit limit has been reduced to $250.00 and that I need to make another payment in the amount of $66.00.

I am immediately canceling my card, reporting this to the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and as I work for a law firm intend to pursue the legal remedies available to me to have the monies I have thus far paid returned to me immediately.

I would not recommend this card to anyone trying to re-establish their credit.

Apr 17, 2012 4:54 am
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I just filed a complaint with Continental Finance with the FTC, The office of Attorney General in my state, The Consumer Complaint Department in my city, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Some how I find it odd that this company can get away with charging someone $680 in fees, then have them pay it off, use the card once after that and then all of a sudden sell your card to some random fraudulent debt collection agency who tells you, you owe $1500 on a $375 debt. yea right!

Jul 22, 2011 12:10 am

WARNING; Continental Finance IS a complete scam...not sure how in the world their still getting away with this. I, unfortunantely got this card several yrs. ago. and everything negative anyone had to say in all these comments are very real, very true. i went through all of it for 2 yrs. Eventually it was making my credit much worse nothing better. I, cancelled the card and I, too could not get a cancellation notice.. and so be it I, received a call today from the credit bureau today. yr.s later saying that I, owe this horrible bleeping place around $1200.00 =-O say what!. F.U... continental finance. anyhow this is not most definantly not! the place to go too for rebuilding credit. exact opposite in fact. and just incase anyone is wondering, yes I, did pay all fees and everything everymonth on time. soo no i did not bring this mess upon myself except for the mistake of getting this card in the first place.

Jul 07, 2011 6:25 pm

Continental finance is a complete RIPPPPOFFFFFF! There fees are ridiculous i have been paying on this card 4 years and it seems that all i am doing is paying them fee's they sneak in fee's and annual fee's without notice charge late fee's after they have charged you there fee's and say that you didn't have enough credit to cover all the fee's LIKE REALLY? Lawsuit in pursuit believe me! HATE this Ripp off company terrible customer service non professionalism not to mention i was cussed at yelled at by a customer service rep. Please never buy into this ever ever ever its a SCAM PEOPLE HELLLLOOOOOO!

Jan 07, 2011 3:01 pm
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This company is a crock ! I got the card back in August of 2007 trying to repair my credit...same as all the other complaints...300.00 limit almost 300.00 in fees and only a very small amount to charge with...after making 1 charge for and calling to try and make a payment...couldn't get an absolute dollar amount about how much i fact called on a friday and was told i didn't have a payment due at that monday they were calling and threatening me with bad marks on my credit reports if i didn't make a payment right then...fees had hit my account over the weekend and made me over my limit which assessed more fees. i made a final payment of 200.00 and told them to cancel the card, even faxed them a letter requesting the same...they would not cancel the card and marked all 3 credit reports negatively - i sent the same letter to all 3 credit agencies and opened disputes - they are a 3 years later i get a threatening phone call at work yesterday from an attorney who is representing them out of california...that 300.00 has now turned into 3354.64 and they said they are sending a process server out today to serve me papers for a lawsuit - this is ridiculous...consumers should have more rights than this

Sep 29, 2010 7:13 am
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I'm 23yrs old with soo much debit because of these scams, continental finance, discount advances & Titan group LLC. Everyday I have illegal debit collectors calling trying to scam me also, I've lost soo much money & my credit is so bad. I have 7month old babyboy & he's the best thing that's ever happen to me, I almost lost my life giving birth to him & I'm so greatful & truly blessed God gave me another chance, so I can be with my son, but due to these scams, it's been so hard and I'm soo overwhelmed & stressed that I won't be able to give him a goodlife. So if anyone knows where I can get help. Please email me at [email protected] thank you

Jul 19, 2010 6:08 pm
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Write your congressman. Demand that this sort of scam be outlawed.

Jul 19, 2010 6:07 pm
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Write your congressman.

Jun 29, 2010 1:11 pm
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I activated the card in 2007 that continental finance had sent to me in the mail. When i called to activate the card i was able to use 50 dollars then when i made my first 50 dollar payment then i was suppose to be able to use the 300.00 dollar limit but that wasnt the case. I was never able to use the 300.00 limit so i stoped paying now here we are years later the had sent the police to by old job thank god and gave them the phone number to i guess was the collection department and they say that i owe 543.00 dollars and they can split it up in 2 payments. This is crazy can they make me pay for something i didnt even get use.

Mar 05, 2010 6:20 pm

I have had my account with Continental Finance since 08/08 > I kept the card just to have some type of credit line open.. This year was it for me I am bein charge 18.00 a month for mainatnce fee, and 50.00 for an anual credit card fee. My credit card limit is 300.00 so if I pay all these fees a year I am paying a total of 266.00. Why do I need a credit card with a real limit of 34.00. I called and talk to a supervisor and was told the fees is for sending me my statements, and sending my payment information. I have never heard such foolishness. I called and ask them to close my account and they told me even if it is closed they will stll charge me 18.00, until it is paid in full. So I told them let me pay it in full now, I do not want to NEVER be bothered with this bank again First Delware Bank are hustlers, No matter how bad a person credit is why would I pay 266.00 a year to have 34.00 credit limit ?

Feb 07, 2010 3:50 pm

Totally agree with all I read...wish I saw this before I got the card. They actually tried to debit $180 from my credit card that I did not authorize over the phone, mail or process on-line. I will try calling that 302 number to see if I can get fees reversed then make a payment via credit card and close this horrible account! They are awful awful comapny and should be shut down. I reported them to the BBB and also to my bank who is investigating.

well iam being sued for 528.oo because they did the same thing to me and i refused to pay them all the fees that they add on to your car that sucks rose reed

Aug 12, 2009 4:22 pm

I hate their hidden fees: I mean you have to pay nearly $250 to set it up, plus you must make yor first payment by checking account- I mean why does that matter to be automatic? and there is a $15 monthly maintanance fee I mean come on: what am I made out of money?!

Aug 12, 2009 4:19 pm

I had the card for about a year now and have mever had any problems with it... tyes- they set up feels are a total rip off plus you must set up a first payment with your bank account over the phone which is kind of B/Si mean you got to have an option on how you want to pay the bills but over all it's been a good experience

Aug 07, 2009 11:04 am

I agree, I've had my card for 1 year this month.Have never been late but one time and that was only a couple of days. I've never seen such a company. The most I can charge on my card is maybe $26 sometimes it might be $50 .I've even been refused when trying to use it, Reasons are insufficient funds. Crock of bull! What kind of Credit Card is that? Whats the use of having A card you can't use.

May 24, 2009 4:40 pm

I had the fees also but at the time no one else would give me a card.I paid my balance in full every month but still had service fees to pay even though there was no intrest.My complaint is that if you need to get a live person on the phone its hard.I also believe they are required to post payments within 24 hours of reciept, I dont believe they do this.Some of my payments have taken as long as 10 business days to post from processing (paid via online bill pay).In all honesty they helped me when no one else would and I thank them for that.However I am no longer willing to pay fees for cards with small limits and am closing my account with them

Apr 28, 2009 11:39 am

I got this card to help improve my credit score, i paid all the upfront fees so that it does not report with a high balance owed, however it doesnt matter how early i pay the current balance it still reports with a $20 balance to the credit beareu, which is their monthly fees and internet payment fee. I understand that to improve your score its best to have a $0 balance, this card will never do that

Apr 02, 2009 3:06 pm

You are all a bunch of whiners. I bet none of you read any of the fine print or the paperwork that comes with the card. I'm sure the other cards you defaulted on were not your fault either. Grow up and take some responsibility for your actions.

They charge me 5 bucks to pay online----send a check in stupid!
My wife lost her job so I stopped paying----Duh. You didn't expect to get late fees if you didn't pay?
I got a return check fee---Was your payment returned?
There were fees on the card--- Would you lend you money with no fees?

Give me a break people. Grow up

Apr 01, 2009 7:22 am

This Company is a fraud. They state that they are supposed to help your credit, but their fees and outrageous rules make it almost impossible to help your credit. After getting this card, my wife got laid off and sorry, my my priority is the mortgage and utilities, since I am the only income. I have incurred late fees, monthly participation fees, which then caused over the limit fees, all without even using the card. Well, they sure helped my credit, since getting this card, my credit score has dropped 20 points. Oh, yeah, let me not forget to mention the constant harrassment at teh end of every month with the constant emails and phone calls to every point of contact that I have provided. Then we you speak to these people, they are very rude and act extremely uneducated. i'm sure when I am ready to pay it all up and cancel the card they will probably charge me a cancellation fee as well.

Mar 26, 2009 6:55 pm

I would like to know why I am paying $5.00 to pay online with no paper? We are all suppose to be going GREEN? I am not very happy to pay a bill early or on time then be charged extra money for doing so! It bothers me that i can call with my atm/debit card and no charge (but the phone call from cell before 7pm) but if you go online and pay it cost $5.00 to do so. I am checking with a legall person to see if their is any recourse? seening they just made a mistake and over charged finannce charges to some accounts? I was very happy with this account untill talking to a person that basicly told me that he agresse that the charge is bull sh**t. I hope someone at the company can get on top of this!

Mar 11, 2009 10:29 am

I just received the card and all of the above happened to me. I got the card for my daughter and once I realized they charged me for a "return check" fee -- when I did an online payment, aside from the woman being extremely rude, I was able to cancel the card before I incurred any additional fees.


Mar 11, 2009 5:44 am

continental finance co. sucks PERIOD their customer service sucks PERIOD...their nothing but a bunch of ### ripoffs PERIODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Mar 10, 2009 9:23 pm

You know..I was reading a lot of these complaints and I don't really agree with you people. I have had a Continental Finance credit card for about 1 1/2 years now. Whenever I call with questions or concerns about my account I have always encountered pleasent customer service people. Maybe the reason why the cusotmer service people are nice is because I am nice to them when I call them, I can't get mad at somebody else for my mistakes that I have made with my credit. I understand that a lot of you may disagree with me but take into consideration what this card is meant for. All of us that have this are utilizing it to help us "rebuild" our credit..why? because our credit is not that great. These fees may be high but that is the price you pay for letting your credit go. We can't blame this card for having high fees we only have ourselves to blame for not keeping our credit in good standing! The Terms and Conditions of this card explain everything about the card. I am greatful to have this card, I have made all of my payments on time and have gotten all of my credit limit increases due to this. Also, my credit score has increased by almost 100 points because if this card and my "track record" with it! Make payments on time, keep a low balance and try to pay off every month that is how this card and any other credit "rebuilding" card works. This card isn't meant to be used as an everyday card. I recommend using it a couple times a month and and then paying it off! This is just my opinion.

It seems like all of you that are angry are just sue happy! Suck it up! You ruind your credit somehow deal with the pain of getting back on track!

Mar 08, 2009 11:06 am

I totally agree with all the comments posted..THE CARD IS A RIP-OFF!If you can go with other cards definately do so, but unfortunately, for me, all those bridges were burnt!So I was forced to roll with the bad guy and after receiving my first statement with over the limit charges, I vowed to outsmart these crooks!I worked for Providian back in the day, when the were doing the same B-S, and quit my job because I couldnt understand how they could expect me to explain to a customer that their payment took 2 weeks to post when they mailed it from directly across the street!So with these guys, I had to vow not to use the card (which meant redefining Emergency Use Only), and set them up on Automatic Bill Pay from my bank and send weekly payments. I was still shocked to find out that it still takes weeks to post, excuse me, become available (oh yeah, their customer service SUCKS!), but at least my payments are on time, and I dont have to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get my payment in! Just remember if you pay on time and more than the'll be alright! Obama's in we gotta get our credit right!
-Buzzin N Cali

Mar 04, 2009 12:09 am

I got a card and right away there were fees on it. Is this company still in business. I tried to activate it and it wont let me. Please help.


i got the same card the first payment of 35.00 dollars was made then they hit me with the over drawn card my limit was 300 charge went up to 344.52 they charge 225.00 on when it gets attivated sent a minuim payment of 147.56 and paid by check account 2/14 and got a confermation number 4 days later they called and said did not recieve there payment so i sent another over the phone got another confo number then they called a week later said my payment was late and they need a nother so this time i paid whit a debat card and it went thru but they said it takes 2 days to post then they hit me with a returned check fee on my credit card from them that they recieve 3 payments on even before the payment was due this card is a rip off and would cancel but th'll figure a way to make my credit worse then what it is for canceling on them

I have been having trouble with this company too. I got my first payment due after 22 days of having the card. I told them I didn't even have money in the bank until after the 1st. I sent them a post-dated check and they still cashed it causing me to overdraw on my account. I wanted to cancel the card but they told me I'd still be responsible for the processing fees. I am on a disability and with this card and it's costs of NSF and one other credit card that is basically no good, I was charged $95 for two cards that are basically worthless. I had to go to the foodbank because of no money at the end of the month. I can't afford this card.

Feb 18, 2009 6:35 pm

I just recently activated my Continental Finance card. I made a payment right on the phone through my checking account when I called to activate, and that was last Monday, 2/9/09. Just yesterday I got a receipt in the mail from WESTERN UNION for the amount that I agreed to pay. Apparently they take payments through Western Union and then send ME the receipt. I have never paid ANY bill to a company that uses Western Union.

Anyone else have this issue? Also, my payment made last Monday STILL hasn't posted to the card, and I don't plan on using the card until the payment posts. If anyone has any information that you feel I should be aware of regarding this issue, please email me at [email protected] and let me know because I've had a bad feeling about this company since I got that "You're Pre-Approved!" letter. Seemed too good to be true. I do not approve.

Feb 11, 2009 5:22 pm

hey guys. i just applied for this credit card

and waiting for my card in the mail..

now after reading all of this, i dont think i want the card anymore..

so how do i cancel it? even though i havent even recieved the card or activated it?

Feb 06, 2009 2:32 pm

Guys - this card is only issued to people with BAD CREDIT. I've had this card for over a year - no doubt its a rip off but you are complaining about things (most people here - not everyone) that you should have been aware of before you ever activated the card. Of course you only have $50 available to start - it tells you that in the paper work. There are ridiculous fees but we all agreed to those and if you didnt you didnt read the terms very well. Having a card like this is part of rebuilding your credit. I have had mine for long enough that now I will pay it off and close the account. I should be able to get a better card. I knew what I was getting into and you should have also. Yes the customer service reps as rude but they are usually not dealing with the most reputable people. If we'd paid our bills we wouldnt have to have a lousy card with lousy service reps. The moral of the story is READ BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR THINGS!


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