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Continental Finance Companybill collector

My husband keep getting calls from Continental Fiance they say I owe 1000 I got the card back in 2010 I dont remember also she said I put his number as a contact person not true at all any credit card u will put your own phone number then said they going to take our taxes idk what's going on. They said they have send me letters in the mail first of all if you sending me letters in the mail with my name on it then why you have not contacted me about the credit card..Really fustrated cause my husband is thinking I put a card in his name

Continental Finance Companya debt i'm not even aware of

So I have "legal services" from California calling me about this unknown bill that was charged off in 2006. They said they're going to sue me for this debt in which I never had credit. These legal services said for me to get access to a printer before the end of tonight and print out whatever it is they were going to send me and told me what I had to pay today and thereafter to resolve this debt. The legal services that are handling this are extremely unprofessional if that's even what they are. They said they're going to garnish mine an my husband's wages, so on and so forth.

Continental Finance Company — fraudulent charges to credit card

Continental Finance Company tried charging $500.00 to my credit card with the hope of my credit card company accepting this charge. No luck for this company who tried to issue...

continentalfinance.netcredit card

I closed my card about 13 months ago due to extremely high yearly fee. Since then I have been focused on paying the balance off at 30% interest. They have been charging me a $5 monthly maintenance fee ever since I closed the card. I asked that they remove the $5 monthly fee because card is not active and they refused. I want the $5 monthly fee removed foe the past 13 months.


To rebuild my credit I allied for a MartiX Discover card finance by Continential Finance. I understood the set up fees and annual fee and paid them. They gave me a credit limit of $350.00, paltry, but understood. I keep the account at least $100.00 below the credit limit and paid $62.50 by-weekly keeping the account more than current. At the end of a 12 month period, they increased my credit limit to $400.00, then turned right around and charged the $75.00 annual fee, (was prepared for that), and a $12.00 monthly maintnance fee, (WHOA, had not seen that fee the 1st 12 months)). In short, they wanted to charge me $219.00 annually for an account with a $400.00 limit. That is twice what I paid to open the account! So by keeping my account current, and being responsible with my card, I was to be penalized an additional $144.00 a year! (BS) I called them, requested some of these fees be waived. Got it reduced to a $65.00 AF, and $10.00 MMF, (BS) I closed my account, and my pre-scheduled bi-weekly payment will have this BS account paid off by 11/01. If you are looking to rebuild, use Capital One. I have 3 of their cards and will use them to continue to rebuild. No annual fee after the 1st year, no "monthly maintenance costs", and higher credit limits. This card was a true rip off .

  • Re
    rebekah Aug 07, 2008

    I received a statement in the mail about owing this company $250.00 DOLLARS and didn't even order a card. I don't have any credit cards and don't want any for that matter my question how can you owe something for something you didn't receive much less order. Please beware of this company.

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  • Th
    The Truth Sep 15, 2008

    Credit cards are not sent to people without asking for them. Either you, or someone with your information applied. Stop lying.

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  • Sn
    s.newsome Jun 03, 2009

    I never applied for a credit card, and believe that someone has used my information to get a line of credit. I told them that I would like to dispute it, and they demanded that I pay. Instead of trying to help resolve the matter, they just told what I was gonna do and that was that. I would lust like to receive some sort of assistance to resolve this matter.

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  • Ps
    Pston908 Aug 17, 2010

    This company is threatening to take me to court to collect money owed.I would like to know if this is legal or is this a way to make you pay the money.

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  • Cw
    Cwat Mar 21, 2012

    I recieved a call from Continental Finance at my work to get me to make a payment of a credit card they said was mine.. I dispute it and they told me to go to the police and get a police report and fax it in.. My sitiuation is a little different I found out who opened that account using my info.. Cops arrested him, I faxed the police report to Continental and told them to get back to me when they figured something out.. I never got a call back from them except only every other day to pay the credit card off.. I told them repeatedly that is was under fraud investigation why are you calling me?? Their response was "Oh!! I dont see it in the notes.. Did you send a police report?" Well that went on for 6 MONTHS!! I finally spoke with a "supervisor" and he tells me that the police report I sent in was incomplete and had to go back to the police department and get it fixed.. I call the officer and he assures me that, that police report is not incomplete.. So, I called Continental and told them what the officer said and they said they"ll make a note of it and review the account again.. I didnt hear from them again until 2 months later when a collection agency called me and said this account needs to be resolved.. I explained to him what was going on and I wanted to know why he had it.. He seemed confused as all hell why they would do that.. He sent the case back to them and Continental gave it to a different agency.. Its been 4 years its on my credit report still.. I get harrassed only once in a blue moon now.. I believe the guy is still in jail.. And Im still in proverty because our goverment wont lift a fingure to help you unless ur someone important or make enough money for them to benefit you.. A lawyer told me I was better off paying it myself or paying to go to court to try and take care of it myself.. Because!! He says no one steps in to prosecute unless $40, 000 or more has been stolen, used however you wanna put it.. Thats pretty sad.. Makes me wonder what the hell are we really fighting for.. I thought it was land of the home the free and the brave? Not the home of the wicked the twisted and the rich!!!

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Continental Fincance — fraudulent company

My ex-girlfriend was able to open up an account in my name with a 300.00 credit limit. After receiving the card, the 300.00 credit limit was reduced to approximately 80.00 due to...

First Bank of Delaware/ Continental Financeharassment

That phone number is for process servers out of California who claim that I owe this stupid credit card over $1600. If I did have this card, which I cannot recall that I ever did for sure, my limit would not have been that amount due to my poor credit. This "finance" company that the bill has been referred to is also threatening to serve me with papers to sue me! I have no idea what is going on. ###. They don't even talk to me like I'm human.

  • Yd
    YDH Sep 18, 2011

    If they haven't served you with the papers yet, write a letter asking them to validate the debt. It will buy you some time at the very least if you can get it to them in time. Look up "Debt Validation" in google

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  • Ca
    carolsweet Sep 19, 2011

    well i got the same call, my friends told me it might be a scam. Now Im being garnished and on top of that, I already had a garnishment. My call was about some HSBC card I didnt even remember I really remember it !!! sux

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recent credit report

I applied and received a credit card through Continental Finance earlier this year, and since I was starting school, I decided to pay my student fees with the card. Since the fee...

First Bank of Delaware Continental Finance — fraudulent practices

This financial institution has fraudulent, unfair practices. I was one day late on making my monthly payment when a phone call was received by a representative of The First Bank...

Continental Finance Company — settlement and no luck with csc

After falling behind in my payments and after closing my account back in March I have been getting charged late fees and when I stated numerous times to there customer service...

continental finance/mastercard — the password question was changed... I do not have a father and he died and he did not have a middle name


Continental Finance Credit Card — has me in tears

Got this card to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. Have had it for at least a year. How sad that this means I can be constantly harrassed by email and phone, regardless of...

Continental Finance- Mastercard — a terrible company!!

Where do I start? First of all, by the time you receive the card in the mail they have already tacked on almost $225 worth of senseless fees. Then when you make your monthly...

Continental Finance LLCtheft, fraud, scam, dishonest

I am a single mom with 3 kids who is owed $ by a dead beat father over 100K. My credit was ruined by him as all bills & credit cards were in my name. I received an offer in the mail for a small secured credit card that insisted it would help me establish better credit & they would report to all 3 bureaus. I'm very skeptical over things like this so I called 1st to make sure it was a legit company & it was after doing extensive research with the BBB. They convinced me my credit rating would increase after 3 consecutive payments. I understood the 50.00 processing fee so I agreed to pay it. I needed to start somewhere to repair my credit. After paying the 50.00 that I didn't even really have to spend I received a bill in the mail that i found a bit odd. I hadn't even used the card yet & had given them $50.00. I had a bill saying I owed $247.00 yet I had not even used my card yet. I called & they told me which they failed to tell me from the beginning that since it was secured this would have to be paid in order for me to have a $350.00 limit. After reviewing the bill I also noticed all kinds of $35.00 late fee charges, $19.00 monthly charge and serveral other taxes & fee charges. A week later I ended up in the hospital having 3 major surgeries. I missed 7 weeks of work & had medical documents stating this that I faxed them to show why I couldn't make a payment. (I had already said with the monthly fees I wanted to cancel my card but they said I couldn't do that until my balance was paid off!) Not to mention I'm on the do NOT call list & they call my house starting at 7:30 am and don't quit until 9pm daily. After i returned to work & recieved a small check i sent in a $95.00 payment. (It was all I could afford) Last week I received a bill in the mail & it now shows that my balance is over $900.00, I paid 50.00, spent only $13.00 & it's over $900.00! I paid $50.00 to get a credit card, I made one charge of $13.00 for my daughters school pictures and now my credit is way worse & I'm over $900.00 in debt with this company. Isn't this usery? How is this legal? I have saved & recorded messages & voice clips from them threatening me saying they are going to garnish my hard earned wages & I can barely even afford to feed my children on my fixed income. When I try and work something out with them which I don't even feel like I should have to they disrespect & degrade me. They are inconsiderate & are extremely rude & hurtful. This company has seriously ruined everything for me. I was in way better shape before they came along and now it looks like i'm going to be involved in a law suit as they keep threatening me with one. If anyone has dealt with anything similiar please post a message. They need to be put out of business. It's unfair, dishonest & pathetic they'd take advantage of innocent people who are truly trying to repair their credit. Someone please help me. I'm begging anyone to speak up and tell their experience. There has to be a way that we can put them away and not be taken advantage of. Thank you to anyone who will respond to me or help. I truly appreciate the good & honest people in this world.

Continental Finanace MasterCard — returned payments

Like others, I've made an online payment ($40.00) and had it returned without any record of it ever being submitted to the bank - I was also charged the $35 returned payment...


I have been a cardholder since 2006. I have always paid at least the minimum due and my payments have always been early. Imagine my surprise when receiving my Feb. 2009 statement...

Continental Finance Master Card — high fees

I received an offer to apply for this card. Once I received it, I was told that there was a 150.00 processing fee along with a monthly fee of 50.00 every month. I knew of the...

unauthorized charges

A few months ago I applied for this credit card in hopes of rebuilding my credit. Although I knew about the initial fees, I did not realize their unethical methods of charging...

no card ever received and I got a bill before it was activated

This is truly some b.s., I applied for a MC with Continental Finance in the beginning of December 08 and still have not received a da** card, however...guess what I did receive, a DA** BILL. I've tried to call all contact numbers but have not been able to get through to anyone. To top it all off the credit limit is $300 and like $250 in upfront fees...this truly got to be a joke. I will never deal with these people ever again and wait until I get done with this company, they are going to wish they never played games with me or anyone else for that matter.

harassing calls

My bill is up to date, i have the statements to prove it. i have never been late.. On thanksgiving morning, i got a call. Woke me up at about 8. i didnt pick up because i had no clue who it was. after about 4 or 5 more calls i finally answered. They said that they were from continental finance, and were trying to collect my "nearly due" payment. She said the payment was due on dec. 22, and asked if i would like to make a payment over the phone right now. I told her i dont give financial info over the phone, and that they would get there money before the due date. She said thank you have a nice day.

Since then i have been getting 10-20 calls per day. every day. The telemarketrs are threatening, and VERY rude. over this "nearly due" payment. They have been asked to stop. they claimed that they would take me off the list. But 20 minutes later. i got another call.

My thoughts are, I think they are harassing people, hoping that they will pay the card off and cancel. Because with the $250 worth of charges they apply before you even use the card.. They get people to cancel the card out, They just made $250 for doing absolutely nothing.

Another thing. i would always make my payemnt at the begining of the month. the due date is on the 22nd. And no matter if i pay it on the 1st of the month, the payment doesnt show up in my available balance until a week or 2 after the due date. And from what i have read they do this to everyone, And its usually the time that they take out any fees or charges, So that they can hit you with an over limit fee and all that crap.

These people are con artists of the lowest form and should be stopped. I will be contacting my attourney general on the matter. I have been recording the phone calls and will use their own tactics against them.

  • Sa
    SarahMarie Mar 01, 2009

    Sweet! tell us what happens when u really plan on doing it!

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I am filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Continental Finance Credit Cards. I double paid my bill in October because they said that they had not recieved the payment (which had...

rediculous cs & fraud

I applied for this card to establish credit. Even though they had these rediculous fees I was willing to start somewhere. I call the number to activate the card and spoke with...

Continental Finance card

I received a confirmation of approval from this credit card company and when I received my card, decided I did not want to have any more credit cards at this time.I did not activate that card nor did I make any purchases.I cut the card up the moment I opened the envelope. I am being sent a bill for charges for activation and annual fees when the card was never activated.I have no way of activating the card either, as I cut it up into about a hundred pieces as soon as I received it. What course of action do I take so this will not ruin my credit?

  • An
    Anthony James Wheeler Oct 16, 2007

    I sent my payment on time but was still charged a late fee of $30.00. This is scam!


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  • Ke
    Kendra Oct 28, 2008

    Continental credit card was the was credit card that I ever had in my life. As the person said above I never even activated my card and they are still billing me. First of all when I applied for the credit card online I entered all of my information correctly and when I call to activate my card they customer service rep. tells me that I entered in completely different information. So supposedly they got all of my information correct and told me that I had to wait until the next morning to activate it. The next morning I call them to activate it and they tell me that they never received any calls from me from the day before (need I remind you I call called a total of three times the day before to make sure they had the correct information). Basically they were calling me a liar and I had to speak to the supervisor and yes you can already guess they were rude as hell and were literally yelling at each other and calling each other names. And there are so many other things that happened I just don't have time to write it. So if you know someone who is applying for this card PLEASE tell them not to apply.

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shameless, unapologetic thievery

Did anybody see the "Frontline" program on PBS last month entitled "Poverty, Inc."? This card is what these shameless exploiters of the poor cheerfully call a "fee-gathering"...

Continental Finance Master Card — rip off

I have tried to get hold of them to find out my blance and why i can't use the card..i get that the card does notmatch there system.they don't show your balance online...

Continental Finance Master Card — fraud


online scam

I received an offer for a credit card and figured why not. I Received my card and tried to activate it. To my surprise for whatever reason they had the wrong home number for me. Ok i did it while at work maybe i keyed in the wrong number on the application. I called to number to speak with a representative and she verified my information and still would not help me to activate the card.

Continental Finance Gold Mastercardcustomer service/card activation

I just wanted to say that I am a Continental finance customer, and luckily my only complaint prior to being upgraded to their gold card was that it took two weeks for them to post my payments. Even though the payment had already been taken out of my bank account, it seemed to take forever to become available on my credit card account.
Once I received the gold card and tried to activate it I was very disappointed. I called a total of four times (during different times of the day/week) and was on hold for more than an hour each time. I was very frustrated and even calling the regular customer service number on the back of the card got me nowhere at all!!!
I looked on this site, and found an alternative number for them. I just wanted to let everyone know that:


After calling that number, I was helped by a very polite woman in less than a minutes time. She activated my card for me.

Continental Fiancefraud and misrepresentation of services

I opened an account with Continental Finance hoping to improve my credit and credit score. To make a long sotry short, they ripped me off for $300.00 of "start up" fees and then call my house 6 times a day to harass me about when I am paying my bill. The entire time I had the credit card, I made a $15.00 purchase and a $9.00 purchase on the card. I get a phon call from Continental Fiance asking me when I am paying $272.00. When I ask them for what? The rude ignorant woman on the other end of the phone said, "for the $9.00 purchase last month on your credit card". I informed this rude, ignorant woman that I was NOT paying $272.00 on a $9.00 purchase. She stated, " well that's the balance, you knew when you opened this credit card that it was a high finance card and that is the balance due". When I received my income tax refund, immediately I paid off Continental Finance. I sent them a check for $272.00 with a note on the bill and a seperate letter attached stating, "CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY"!! 2 months have gone by and just this past week, every day 6 times a day someone from Continental Finance calls my home and asks me when I am paying my bill. The one day they called supposedly I owed $52.00, the next day they called, I supposedly now owed $112.00, the next day they called, I supposedly now owed $94.00. I spoke with 4 different Supervisors with Continental Finance and yesterday(4/24/08) a Supervisor by the name of Mark told me he would straighten this all out, zero out my balance and this account would show "PAID IN FULL" on my credit record. Just this morning Continental Finance called here again asking me when I am paying $172.00 due on my account. After I lost it on the woman and screamed in her ear regarding this disgusting daily BS with Continental Finance, she told me, "there was no documentation in my file from Supervisor Mark that the account is zeroed out and closed." There is no documentation on my file period of the letter I sent in and no documentation from the 4 different Supervisors I talked to regarding this matter. I am filing harassment charges among other charges against this rip-off, fraudulent comapany. I will not be harassed and ripped off any longer.

  • Cl
    clay May 15, 2008

    so lame, you knew the terms when you signed up.. they explain it to you 2 or so times very clearly, and wlays ask if you fully understand.. if they did not do this for you(very unlikely) then simply call them and ask for the transcript of that 1st phone call.. they always record it so white trash like you do not slander them.. it is a costly card for people with bad credit, it is pretty much your only choice for a credit card. The only reason your credit would be so poor that only continentall would give you a small credit line is becuase you owe somebody a lot of money and never paid... if companies would come out and post crap about their ### clients then there would be 100's of post calling you a scammer, etc..

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phone calls

Everyday and sometimes twice a day I receive calls from this company looking for Teshia. We have no one by that name in our household. I have ask to be taken off of their call...

Continental Finance Mastercard — 2 1/2 months and still won't close paid off account!

I had a $300 Continental Finance Mastercard. We paid off our account and had a credit of $33.03. We immediately called on Feb 8th to close our account, they charge a rediculously...

Continental Finance Company — credit card fraud!

Do not bite! I was desperate for money, and decided to go for the Continental Finance credit card for those with bad credit. I got 50 bucks! They promise a 300 dollar credit...

fraud and harassment

First of all what kind of credit card company charges you to make a payment? This company has been nothing but problems. After a bad divorce, my credit like a lot of people hit the skids. I signed up for this card with the promise of outstanding customer service and rebuilding my credit. The first couple of months went fine. However I noticed that when I made my payments, they charged me EXTRA to make them! Things got worse and I lost my father and daughter in a car wreck so needless to say some things slipped my mind. Once getting back on track with bills on my own I noticed that I had neglected this credit card. I attempted to make amends and set up a payment schedule with this company. The woman, LaQuisha that I talked to on the phone said that I was full of crap and it's people like me who make her hate her job!!! I asked to speak to her supervisor and was called a deadbeat ### and hung up on. Upon calling back I got another person who did not care to hear my complaint but instead took my information. I have been making automated payments since to get this paid off but still get harassing phone calls from this company. My suggestion to anyone who is considering this card is to NOT get it. They are rude, unthoughtful people who obviously all hate their jobs.

  • Jo
    Johnny Bravo Feb 27, 2008

    First off I am sorry to hear about the accident your family members were in. No one can deny the stress it puts you under.

    However, I do not know of any credit card companies, or utility companies or any other places that do not charge to make payments over the phone. If you know of any, please clue us in. Why didn't you just mail a check?

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Continental Finance Co,LLCbilled incorrectly!

Attempting to repair credit rating, company advertised on Experian Credit Report, so I believed company was legitimate and applied for credit card. card sent i did not activate after reading all the terms and excessive finance charges. I was sent a bill for $250.00. I want this acct closed since i did not activate card. Continental Finance Co used name of Delaware Bank which is the only reason i trusted applying believing they were sincere and trying to help people.

  • Jo
    Johnny Bravo Feb 27, 2008

    The fee structure of the Continental finance MasterCard is stated at time of application and activation. It must be accepted by the consumer twice. Its not fine print, so I find it difficult to understand how it came as a shock.

    Consequently, we have a 30 day closure policy that states if you do not want the card and have not used it, we will close it and remove any up front fees that were billed to the account. I would call that pretty fair.

    First Bank of Delaware is our issueing bank which is why it is listed on our material.

    Your account has been closed per your request


    Continental Finance/Corporate office

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Mar 10, 2008

    I to have a complaint, i actually paid my bill with direct pay and they still reported it to my credit report as a chargeoff, I am so outraged I didnt just pay the min. but the entire card off. Now I am contacting the betterbusiness, this is terrible you wait so long to get your finances in order and they just ruin it for you

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  • Cr
    Crystal Cosgrove Apr 12, 2008

    They put my wrong telephone number on my account. Then customer service dude said i had to close my account an re apply. The nest day i call and woman says the manager just updated the system with my new phone number. STILL CANT ACTIVATE IT! Seriously this card is ###. If anyone has the activation number email it to me at [email protected]

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  • Rl
    rluci Apr 28, 2008

    I changed cell phone carriers and after i recived the card called from my new cell phone number they told me that i needed to call from the number i applied with and then they told me that there was nothing they could do and for me to Throw the card away, I spoke with several people on this matter including a manager that was rude and arrogant, i should have read the reviews befor i applied for this horrific card, i am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau.

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  • An
    annarizona Mar 26, 2015

    I electronically submitted a payment for may card account on the 16th of the month. My bank card was debited for the amount. Seven days later, Continental finance called me wanting to know when I was going to pay. I gave them the confirmation number and the amount from the transaction. They insisted they did not have the payment. I checked with my bank and they told me the amount was submitted electronically and we verified the card information. The bank said it was paid electronically on the 19th and received by Continental Finance. When I tried to explain this to the customer service rep, she put the manager on the phone. He insisted that my bank was wrong. I called the bank back and they are running a check on the transaction and will have information for me tomorrow. Continental Finance has a terrible payment processing solution. I think they do this so they can charge fees. This should be illegal.

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misleading information!

I started out looking on the comp. trying to find a company that would in some way help me start to regain good credit. I found continental finance and I went with them. When I...

Continental Finance Master Card — bills before I activate a card!

I received the card with a $300 limit and a bill the same day for $250 and I have even activated the card. How is this, you can't get a hold of anyone to cancel your card!

Continental Finance Mastercard — rude customer service, bogus card

This company is a rip-off and a scam!!! Their cust. service is a joke and a complete waste of time because in their own words-"we dont have a customer service!!!" they harass you...

Continental Finance Mastercard — fees charges on account!

I would like to know where Continental Finance Credit Company finds the people that work for them. Ever since Septembe my husband has called to change the payment date on hi...

scam and cheating!

I filled out and application for a continental finance card,on they website the card came seven days later. The first time i charged was for twenty four dollars. The next week I...

unauthorized payment

Please be aware of this company... On 8/17, i was given authorization from a friend to use his checking account to pay my credit card first initial payment to your company. The...