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Update by pat g
Jul 29, 2008 6:31 am

We order a credit card and recieved a few days later. They require a minimum $50.00 a month payment which is very iffy.
We authorized a bank payment of $50.00 which they claim was
processed but never happened. We verified with the bank and
also with the statement which showed no debit was ever attempted. They said the payment was insufficient funds and
then charged an additional $35.00 charge for thier failure
to do the job they get paid to do. I sent them an email and letter
which they did not respond to telling them to cancel this fraudulant card. They still did not respond but keep billing
with more late charges stemming from thier negligence. I would recommend that no one sign up for this trash.

Update by pat g
Aug 10, 2008 8:43 am

Recieved notice that they cancelled the card and all debt since the card was never used. Took an act of congress to get it done though. And that wasn't by the current do nothing congress.

Update by pat g
Jul 29, 2008 6:36 am

This complaint was also sent to the Attorney General and I would fully suggest that all complaints on this fraudulent company be
sent there also.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 03, 2009 2:33 pm

Why does anyone have this card! I've receive horrible phone calls from this company which sound unbelieveably fraudulant! They are rude when I ask them to put me on their do not call list, they say we already have a card and are past due (we looked our credit report and do not have a card from them) and they yell at us saying to pay our bills then they hang up on us. I can't believe they actually send out cards! They sounded to me like they are just a company trying to get personal information from people.
If anyone gets a call from this company just HANG UP!

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Dec 19, 2008 2:33 pm

I recently received a Mastercard from Continental Finance. Card came quickly opposed to other cards I have received. I think my avaiable balance was 40.00. A bill came as soon as I made first purchase. Minimum payment is 35.00 I paid the 35.00 through my bank because their web site does not work, ;nor their phone system would not take payment. They charged me a late fee. I called and was supposed to have received courtesy because of this. Paid my bill again, 35.00, through my bank elctronicallu. I deal with Chase Manhatten Bank. Continental Finance states they did not receive either payment. I give confirmation numbers etc. Pesky calls from call center operators with very bad disposition with threats of if you don't pay us we will put your name in credit bureau. GUESS WHAT, Credit Bureau already knows me by name. Calls continue to come, spoke with a manager named David Jenovese, who did nothing but talk, and did not resolve problem. I finally ask him to give me the person who pays him. He gave me an address: CARD SERVICES, ATTENTION OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, P.O.BOX 30034, TAMPA FLORIDA. PLEASE EVERYONE WITH A COMPLAINT WRITE TO SEE IF THERE IS ANY RESOLVE

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Aug 17, 2008 2:33 pm

I think its asham that they put all these fees on this contintial finance card how do you suppose to enjoy using the card with them putting all the fees on the card and they put those fee's on soon as you activated it and you barely can buy anything with the card $50.00 avaiable to me wtf is that going to do for me or for my bills? Huh?{ what you gonna do with $50.00 go to mcdonalds and use it buy a meal and get a cup of coffee and the money that was avaiable to you is already just about gone}. You know why you cant buy to much with the card? BECAUSE WERE TO BUSY PAYING ON THE FEES ON THE CARD and even if you pay it in full you still cant go over $300.00 so lets say for example I paid $314.00 they will take the money accourse but put it as a credit for my next bill FOR EXAMPLE IF MY BILL IS $50.00 A MONTH IT WILL BE ONLY $30.00 FOR THAT ONE MONTH THAT I PAYED OVER MY LIMIT. I mean in my opoion your just better off using cash I mean I understand this helps your credit but the money you be paying just to have this card and to say Hey I got a credit card you mind is well get a prepaid credit card I heard that helps your credit as well because this is ridiculous and wit bad credit you cant even get a good bad credit card because all the companies label you as a liability and ppl dont want to give you and chance because they feel they dont want to lose money if they feel like that! they shouldnt give credit cards to bad credit ppl at all becasue its not fair that as a consumer we half to pay out all this money and cant even use the benefits of the damn card you barely cant use the damn card because its only $50.00 and I laugh sometimes because im like where human we make mistakes and we learn from them and when we get another chance we fix the problem and not do the wrong again but in there eyes there like nope its are way are NO WAY thats it you want are card and benefits you gotta pay us all out first . Creditors treat ppl with bad credit really bad and its asham because things happen in the life where you might just cant pay and thats when the calls starts and being hasseled into court ( CAPITAL ONE )its wrong how they treat us as ppl but imma have the last laugh at the end and I did a test I just wanted to see can I overdraft and I tried to overdraft by a quarter you know the card said DENIED im like wtf is this prepaid card are something? its only a freaking quarter smh I cant wait to get my credit back on track because I got something for these ppl they make me so angry literlaly just how they treat ppl who barely making who works so hard to make a living and they not even trying to work with them. REVENGE IS MINES just site back and watch because when my credit get right they gonna be on my ### sending me applications for award cards and everything and imma simply be like NOPE because when I was down and out they wouldnt even look at me but now that im back and free of debit now you wanna come crawling back na you good lol but just alil advice to ppl who wants to apply for this contintial finance card DONT DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT beleave me your making a big huge mistake!

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Aug 13, 2008 2:33 pm

this is the worst credit card i do have. My complaints are, when you make a payment and has cleard the bank it takes 6 business days before it appears avaliable to your card. And also, each time you swipe the card it is a finance chage. I dont even understand their credit increases. But the way the card works, i dont even like to use it. The fees are tremendious. I have not closed the card at this time but it is a VERY bad credit card fee after fee. Finance chages, a monthy fee and even charges to pay the card. Soon i will be closeing this card out.

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