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i am waiting for a transfer to my account since 3 weeks now, communication with viabuy is basically useless as whether there is no response or the response just ask you to wait for solution. not really very satisfied anymore, as i had previously quite good experience with the company, but since they moved from uk to luxemburg due to the brexit issues, their services seems to drop to standard eu-level (virtually non-existent)

my cash withhold

My names are Ajayi Bimbola Esther. Account number: [protected]. I recharge my account few months ago and am yet to receive the funds in my account. I was told that i needed to update my information using my id card or permit. I have done that severely but, kept rejecting it. I sincerely wish that the money be returned back to my account which the money was transferred from. The said recharge was 50€. Thanks.


I´ve sent 160 Euro on august 27th to my own Viabuy account so that I could pay a trip. Viabuy informed that could not accept the value due to their own regulations and that I should indentify myself in order to proceed the process. I´ve uploaded my personal nation identification, and then Viabuiy informs me that document was not accepted by them. Since my national identification card is the only and valid document I have, i asked them to return my money. After more than a week i´m still waiting and the company doesn´t reply to my emails. I need my money back, could someone help me?

account closed

As I settled from Germany to Indonesia, I was changing my addresse and telephone number. I was told from the customer service, they would close my account because I settled in a not European Country. My credit card was closed as well my online account.
In my account are about 900 Euro. I wrote emais every day to the customer service but no answer.

  • Je
    Jeffrey Joemman Sep 26, 2019

    Because you really don't know how to speak with them
    I'm just 21 year and I know how to deal with them to give you the money back
    Please contact me on my email [email protected] and I will help you to get the money back from Viabuy because I really hate them too

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prepaid debit card

I had close to two thousand Euros stolen from my ViaBuy account through fraudulent withdrawls from India. I...


I ordered viabuy around two months ago, I did not use it because when I found out they charge 90 euro fees for just setting it up I said to myself I don't want that, unfortunately I did not react in time and it was too late for me to cancel the account without being charged. So I did send to them cancellation fees and expected my account to be closed... What they did they just set it up as new... I have sent already three emails to customer service to close the account they did not reply.. So frustrating.

blocking and stealing 500 euro worth transactions

Keep away from this company.
1. on 16th march 2018 they stole 200 eur incoming transaction from bitcoin exchange company (coingate)
2. On 22nd March 2018 they stole 300 eur transaction via Bitcoin instant load for account.
In both cases got standart copy-paste message like:
"Loading method Bitcoin
Transaction number [protected]
Amount EUR 300.00

To release your load, we need certified documents for verification of the payment. For example:

Sale of goods or services: Invoice, purchase agreement or contract
Social care, unemployment or child benefits: Notice of approval
Person to person loans: Loan contract and valid government-issued photo ID of the sender
Insurance disbursement: Insurance policy for respective dividends or disbursement after cancellation
Deposit dividends: Statement of your deposit
Succession: Certificate of inheritance for respective payments

Your documents should be certified by a notary, lawyer, bank-employee, tax counsellor or public authority. Please note the following requirements:

Document is clearly marked as"certified copy of original"
Document is stamped
Document is signed by the certifying party
Date of signature, and name and position of the signatory

To verify your documents high-resolution colour scans or photos are required. Please send your documents via email to service. [protected] including your account number xxxxxxxx.

You can also send your certified documents via post to our German service centre. Please ensure that you include your full name, email address and account number xxxxxxxxx."

In first case I provided link to bitcoin online transaction on axchange and to blockchain transaction.
I second case I sild 300 eur worth BTC to viabuy.

viabuy mastercard de

I avail this card, unfortunately I did not receive any card and then after a month I received a letter from...


viabuy mastercard

Hi I'm very angry frustrated and annoyed I was charged 90€ for my the card I did not even use I'm shocked I was scammed I rang the police and got into a solicitor I put €91.27 exactly into my viabuy card and it took it I was charged for not using it!!!i want my money back now please it swallowed all the 91.27€ when I loaded it onto my card from visa AIB it's not good enough now I want it put back
into my card or I'll have you put out of business for good, iv no money my children are starving iv no money to feed them because all my money is gone!!

  • Do
    Doreen50 Jul 29, 2018

    When I got this card I was delighted until I lodged 100 euro and when I checked on line they had taken €85 out of my account they said it was fees for the next 3 years also ever time you make a transaction your charged, my own bank doesn't even do this so it's bye bye Via buy

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  • Vi
    Virgilia Riva Sep 27, 2018

    gros problème avec cette carte je reçue une carte et le nom pas le mien par contre il voulez que je charge 90.€
    chose que je pas fait et plus eu de nouvelle c'est des escroc.

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prepaid card

I got through the rituals of getting the Viabuy card, and whether I mistook 1 year for a month, my money is blocked, as for the past three months I have been sending every document, government, bank, you name it, if it had my name, a picture of me, and my address, it was send off as an attachment, and without kidding I must have sent in different form these 30 or so documents to be told by their 'service' who can't even write (purposely I go to gather) english. To be told they can't open a PFD attachment ... you name it I was told the most ridiculous excuse not to unblock my money ... I filled in a form claiming back my money and forgetting the 90€ to get the card. that too Viabuy does, and threatened to go to the cyber police, Viabuy don't care a dam ... I went to the European commision ... called Europol ... no luck and that over a period of 3 months now ... I just want to forget this experience and doing anything over the internet! I have a stack of email to no avail.

has I write this I received a an email: Your VIABUY MasterCard®: IDV2 Upgrade Confirmation
I thought of sending it anyways, there is a serious problem with these people!

[Ticket#[protected]] why are you holding my funds

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website not up to date and no proper customerservice number

I have a viabuy card and have tryed loading it with paysafe but only comes up with option of ukash wich is now safepay in the UK tryed emailing and got and aoutomated response that some one will assess and get back to me no say of how long hours days weeks ? Found a number on hear for viabuy that someone els who had problems with them posted saying went to a secutery that said she could not help and to email viabuy for help I rang this number today and spoke to a lady from a different company who deals with quearys on behalf of viabuy she took the details of my problem my number and email address and said its being passed to viabuy and that she has marked as urgent for them to contact me in response to my problem but that it might not necessarily be today and then said just to be safe to email them myself as well wich I explained that I had and have had no response so far wich is why she marked it as urgent for response back to me as well now I am awaiting to see what. Happens as I have already bought the paysafe card not knowing viabuys system was not up to date and am not sure that I can get them refunded and will be a lot out of pocket if a can not get this sorted with viabuy or get my paysafe cards refunded will update on this subject once has progressed further

they asked me to pay for the fake bill

I got card from the company Viabuy. I needed to transfer $90 in order to activate and use this card, but I...