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Continental Finance Company Customer Service

50 Reviews

Continental Finance Company, LLC

121 Continental Drive, Suite 108
United States - 19713

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 449 4514(Customer Service (24/7)
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+1 800 518 6142(Payments)
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+1 800 556 5678(Lost / Stolen Card)
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+1 866 665 7967(Continental Credit Protection)
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Inquiries and Security Deposits
P.O. Box 8099, Newark, DE 19714-8099

P.O. Box 31292, Tampa, FL 33631-3292

Continental Finance Company Complaints & Reviews

Continental Finance Company / fraudulent charges to credit card

E White on Sep 25, 2018

Continental Finance Company tried charging $500.00 to my credit card with the hope of my credit card company accepting this charge. No luck for this company who tried to issue fraudulent charges to my credit card. Please stop these crooks from victimizing individuals and stealing personal... / credit card

Madmast on Sep 14, 2017

I closed my card about 13 months ago due to extremely high yearly fee. Since then I have been focused on paying the balance off at 30% interest. They have been charging me a $5 monthly maintenance fee ever since I closed the card. I asked that they remove the $5 monthly fee because card i...

Continental Finance / Fees

Unhappy With Fees on Oct 16, 2013

To rebuild my credit I allied for a MartiX Discover card finance by Continential Finance. I understood the set up fees and annual fee and paid them. They gave me a credit limit of $350.00, paltry, but understood. I keep the account at least $100.00 below the credit limit and paid $62.50...

Continental Fincance / Fraudulent Company

Firefighter1517 on Jan 3, 2012

My ex-girlfriend was able to open up an account in my name with a 300.00 credit limit. After receiving the card, the 300.00 credit limit was reduced to approximately 80.00 due to fees associated to the card. Payments to this card had a 7-12 day holding, which in turn only realistically...

First Bank of Delaware/ Continental Finance / Harassment

LBCell on Aug 3, 2011

That phone number is for process servers out of California who claim that I owe this stupid credit card over $1600. If I did have this card, which I cannot recall that I ever did for sure, my limit would not have been that amount due to my poor credit. This "finance" company that the bill...

Continental Finance / Recent Credit Report

I applied and received a credit card through Continental Finance earlier this year, and since I was starting school, I decided to pay my student fees with the card. Since the fees were only $48.00, and I remember this because when I initially recieved the card, I was told by a customer...

First Bank of Delaware Continental Finance / Fraudulent Practices

This financial institution has fraudulent, unfair practices. I was one day late on making my monthly payment when a phone call was received by a representative of The First Bank of Delaware Continental Finance. They informed me that I was "seriously past due." i stated, it was only one day...

Continental Finance Company / Settlement and no luck with CSC


After falling behind in my payments and after closing my account back in March I have been getting charged late fees and when I stated numerous times to there customer service reps they informed me that they could not offer me a pay off amount and that I need to continue making my payment...

continental finance/mastercard / the password question was changed...i do not have a father and he died and he did not have a middle name


Continental Finance Credit Card / Has me in tears

Got this card to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. Have had it for at least a year. How sad that this means I can be constantly harrassed by email and phone, regardless of IF I HAVE PAID ON TIME. Payment due in a week? Here's an email. Already paid 2 days ago? Their absolutely...

Continental Finance- Mastercard / A Terrible Company!!

Where do I start? First of all, by the time you receive the card in the mail they have already tacked on almost $225 worth of senseless fees. Then when you make your monthly payment only 50% goes towards the principal balance because they have more monthly senseless fees and this is what...

Continental Finance LLC / Theft, Fraud, Scam, Dishonest

I am a single mom with 3 kids who is owed $ by a dead beat father over 100K. My credit was ruined by him as all bills & credit cards were in my name. I received an offer in the mail for a small secured credit card that insisted it would help me establish better credit & they would report...

Continental Finanace MasterCard / Returned Payments


Like others, I've made an online payment ($40.00) and had it returned without any record of it ever being submitted to the bank - I was also charged the $35 returned payment fee. After lengthy conversations with the Continental Finance customer service and the EZ Card Info technical...

Continental Finance / fraud


I have been a cardholder since 2006. I have always paid at least the minimum due and my payments have always been early. Imagine my surprise when receiving my Feb. 2009 statement and seeing that not only was I overlimit, but that many other charges were applied to my account. I had a "late...

Continental Finance Master Card / High fees

I received an offer to apply for this card. Once I received it, I was told that there was a 150.00 processing fee along with a monthly fee of 50.00 every month. I knew of the processing fee. I am trying to reestablish my credit. I did not know of a 50.00 monthly fee. My first bill was due...

Continental Finance / Unauthorized charges


A few months ago I applied for this credit card in hopes of rebuilding my credit. Although I knew about the initial fees, I did not realize their unethical methods of charging late fees on your account. When I first activated the card, I was contacted by a very rude employee asking that I make...

Continental Finance / No Card Ever Received and I got a bill before it was activated


This is truly some b.s., I applied for a MC with Continental Finance in the beginning of December 08 and still have not received a da** card, however...guess what I did receive, a DA** BILL. I've tried to call all contact numbers but have not been able to get through to anyone. To top...

Continental Finance / harassing calls


My bill is up to date, i have the statements to prove it. i have never been late.. On thanksgiving morning, i got a call. Woke me up at about 8. i didnt pick up because i had no clue who it was. after about 4 or 5 more calls i finally answered. They said that they were from continental...

Continental Finance / SCAM!!!


I am filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Continental Finance Credit Cards. I double paid my bill in October because they said that they had not recieved the payment (which had already posted to my bank account). I faxed the bank statement and was told that the charges would be reversed and...

Continental Finance / Rediculous CS & Fraud


I applied for this card to establish credit. Even though they had these rediculous fees I was willing to start somewhere. I call the number to activate the card and spoke with the CS rep. She immediately asked me for my banking information to my checking account so they can "go ahead and...