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I opened an account with Continental Finance hoping to improve my credit and credit score. To make a long sotry short, they ripped me off for $300.00 of "start up" fees and then call my house 6 times a day to harass me about when I am paying my bill. The entire time I had the credit card, I made a $15.00 purchase and a $9.00 purchase on the card. I get a phon call from Continental Fiance asking me when I am paying $272.00. When I ask them for what? The rude ignorant woman on the other end of the phone said, "for the $9.00 purchase last month on your credit card". I informed this rude, ignorant woman that I was NOT paying $272.00 on a $9.00 purchase. She stated, " well that's the balance, you knew when you opened this credit card that it was a high finance card and that is the balance due". When I received my income tax refund, immediately I paid off Continental Finance. I sent them a check for $272.00 with a note on the bill and a seperate letter attached stating, "CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY"! 2 months have gone by and just this past week, every day 6 times a day someone from Continental Finance calls my home and asks me when I am paying my bill. The one day they called supposedly I owed $52.00, the next day they called, I supposedly now owed $112.00, the next day they called, I supposedly now owed $94.00. I spoke with 4 different Supervisors with Continental Finance and yesterday(4/24/08) a Supervisor by the name of Mark told me he would straighten this all out, zero out my balance and this account would show "PAID IN FULL" on my credit record. Just this morning Continental Finance called here again asking me when I am paying $172.00 due on my account. After I lost it on the woman and screamed in her ear regarding this disgusting daily BS with Continental Finance, she told me, "there was no documentation in my file from Supervisor Mark that the account is zeroed out and closed." There is no documentation on my file period of the letter I sent in and no documentation from the 4 different Supervisors I talked to regarding this matter. I am filing harassment charges among other charges against this rip-off, fraudulent comapany. I will not be harassed and ripped off any longer.

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May 15, 2008 5:50 am EDT

so lame, you knew the terms when you signed up.. they explain it to you 2 or so times very clearly, and wlays ask if you fully understand.. if they did not do this for you(very unlikely) then simply call them and ask for the transcript of that 1st phone call.. they always record it so white trash like you do not slander them.. it is a costly card for people with bad credit, it is pretty much your only choice for a credit card. The only reason your credit would be so poor that only continentall would give you a small credit line is becuase you owe somebody a lot of money and never paid... if companies would come out and post crap about their ### clients then there would be 100's of post calling you a scammer, etc..


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